星期五, 7月 31, 2009

Dance With The Rain

Before coming to NZ, I thought I just need to cope with the cold. Now I realized I need to cope with the storm and rain too.

I've left Greymouth, left the cheerful family of 3 and a dog.

There was once I was sleeping warm enough in the house with glass rooftop under millions of stars.
There was once the dog Cashew ran with me around the housing area in the chilling wind.
There was once I visited the kid's Grandparent and they served me a cup of tea.
There was once I saw the mixture of mercury and gold pieces turned into GOLD nugget.
And there were many nights I slept under strong wind and storm outside...

Angel and I been traveled south via west coast, passed and stopped at the glacier village, waterfalls, lakes, snow mountains, etc... I must learn to dance with the rain, it has been raining so much.

Take a walk in the rain, smile to the ferns and the trees in the track walk. This is how to dance a Waltz with the rain.

ameba at Wanaka (windy lakeside township and now I need to learn how to dance with the wind)

星期五, 7月 10, 2009

Moving to the West

Today is my last day at Oamaru. I'll miss this place, the old buildings, victorian bike, bush walking, penguins, Empire Backpackers, Ticker (the cat), scones, oat cookies, coffee, etc...

Nothing to worry while staying here, just have to beware of snack-thief. My chocolate and self baked oat cookies was stolen! So beside cash, snack must not be visible by others.

I'm moving to west coast, Greymouth soon, will be staying a Kiwi's family house and do some housework and have experience and culture exchange.

星期四, 7月 09, 2009






Good Run!

Today's weather is really nice, fine weather, clear sky and sun up. I smile and changed to my running attire, with a map to follow another walking route I've not make. The route called Skyline and it is about 5km. It passes through farms, facing snow mountain and coast at the back, turns to bush, and comes out to residential area and repeat. It was about 12.45pm, according to the clock at Waitaki District Council building.

I ran up the hill beside the farm, said hello to the snow white sheeps. They looked fat but in fact they are not. Beware of sheeps dung but can't avoid, too much... I navigate and run at the same time, sometimes I thought I lost the way, missing some turnings and made lots of U-turns. Running up and down with nobody except sheeps, sometimes horse, then passed a bush area, follow the track again uphill and downhill between green and blue. It felt like a horse running free, and an eagle soaring in the sky. Breath is fresh, and feel the freedom.

This is what I'm looking for...

Nothing is even better than having a nice hot shower and a delicous meal after the workout :)

星期三, 7月 08, 2009

Some Photos

Stayed at Rolleston YHA Christchurch, opposite is the Art Gallery. Suddenly I feel myself like a poet in England :P

Kaikora, a very nice and peaceful place. but I just stopover for twice 20mins each. I hope i can come back... and sail out to look for dolphines and whales.

Bush walk at Oamaru, nice feeling and nice view.

Yellow-eye penguin going back at sunset. It is so close to me, passing by and said 'hi' just 5m in front of me :)

Lazy seal doesn't eat penguin, they are penguins' colony neighbour.

Wine tasting at Whisky house, there is a special Whisky with berry flavor, nice! I bought a 50ml 15-yr old normal whisky to warm myself in the freezing night.

星期日, 7月 05, 2009

Victorian Bike

Oamaru is well known a Victorian Heritage, some of the buildings were designed and built in mid-1800s. The hostel I'm staying now was built in 1867. I see the clock and hear the clock everyday where it is the former Post Office in 1883, now the Waitaki District Council Offices which just located opposit of my backpacker hostel, Empire Hotel Backpacker. There are other great historic buildings have been well conserved around the town center.

The Victorian Bike is another thing that caught my interest. I was wondering how they climb up the seat and where is the break... After a while, I realized there wasn't anything called 'break' for a Victorian Bike, if you like to stop, just hold the pedal and press them backward, that's the 'break'! I feel it when I rode on it, it is pretty dangerous going down the hill and it can never climb a steep hill as there is only 1 speed :P

Above is the one we saw displaying in front of the shops. We could only ride on the Victorian Bike like below which look similiar to our 'old black bicycle' with $5/day rental. Good workout! I sweated the most since I came to New Zealand :P

星期六, 7月 04, 2009

A Gift from Rainbow

Rainbow, here I mean a girl from Hong Kong who stayed at our backpacker hostel for two days. I've been staying at Oamaru for more than a week, and I already visited all places that a visitors would go. I was her 'personal' tour guide to watch blue penguins near by our hostel.

Many guests came for penguins viewing, yellow-eye penguins and blue penguins. They are really cute :) Blue penguin is the smallest penguin among all kind of penguins in the world, an adult blue penguin is roughly about 1 feet height; where yellow-eye penguin is slightly taller than the blue penguin. The best time to view the blue penguins are about 5.30pm (around sunset time in winter) where they finish hunting in the sea and back on shore to go home. So you see them swim near to the coast, then stand up and walk slowly to up to the shore towards their home at bushes on land. When they back to home, sometimes will come out for a walk. So do the yellow-eye penguins.

I led Rinbow to the blue penguin colony where she lost her way the nite before. How kind is she when she got to know that I didn't have a sleeping bag, she left her sleeping bag to me before leaving the hostel. It is such a warm gift that I first got from a stranger where we just met for less than 36 hours. Of course I didn't except anything when bringing her to view the penguins (but it was really a chilly nite). This is just something that I always believe and have been praticing, be sincere when you make friends.

Thanks Rainbow, and thanks the penguins :)

星期四, 7月 02, 2009

Cooking and Baking

Weather is always around 5 to 9 degree celsius. Sometimes it was drizzling, unlikely to have clear days now. The wind always strong and freezing.

The daily routine is almost the same. Wakeup by the natural alarm, an 100 years old clock tower just opposite of the backpacker at 8am. Make myself a cup of coffee, slices of toast with jam and then enjoy my breakfast. It always a cherish moment to have a cup of hot coffee in the chilling morning and look outside the window hoping for a clear blue sky.

Now I enjoy cooking, even it is just simple, simple yet delicous and nutricous meal. I baked scones at one of the nights :) yummy... Next few days will try out some potato recipes and New Zealand most famous beef pie. Kitchen facilities are excellent, full equipted with baking oven, microwave, etc... Ingredients for the beef pies and potato recipes are not expensive, like milk, cheese, potato, flour, onion, all can be found in supermarket with reasonable price.

So now I can sharpen my baking skill here even it's already been so good :P