星期一, 3月 30, 2009

Next LSD

This week (4-5 Apr) I do not practice LSD in KL, I'm going back hometown to celebrate my dad's birthday. I have not been visiting my parents since CNY in January, I miss them so much!

LSD resume on 12/4 (Sun), 40km, 5am.

Estimated Route:
Bkt Aman - Hartamas - Padang Merbok - Hartamas via Bank Negara -Hartamas - Bkt Aman

星期日, 3月 29, 2009

What a Mess!

I'm supposed to feel thankful after completing my 30km long run 5.30am in the darkness alone safely on Saturday. There’s another thing made me feel miserable afterward.

I’ll never ever take any PowerBar products anymore. It has been proven that the gel and bar is not work for me, so I was giving a hope to ProteinPlus. Unfortunately, the effect is even worse than the gel/bar. I got the feeling of vomiting after taking 3 quarters of it, but I managed to get hold of the vomiting feeling throughout my 30km workout. After my run, I couldn’t have any appetite at all to fill in anything to my stomach beside very light meals. Until the lunch time when stomach started to feel hungry, for whatever taken just throwing out from my stomach few minutes later, and lastly followed by the diarrhea. I have no choice to seek for doctor’s help as I was so weak by then, and I got an injection at my butt!!!

The whole story: the tiny bar messed up my stomach, body, and my training. Definitely I skipped my 20km run the next morning.

星期三, 3月 25, 2009

Very Long Run vs Back-to-Back

Surprisingly I was recovered pretty fast after a full day rest on Sunday after the 38km LSD. I was able to do a 30mins recovery run without having heavy/sore legs, and then carried out an 11.5km tempo run in 1hr with relaxing mood the next day. So I have no excuse to skip the 30/20 B2B this weekend (except for I need to support the US folks on Friday till 9.30pm... sucks!)

I can only explain all these by ‘There is a Will, There is a Way’. When the force is being with you, any possible obstacles will give you the way to pass. I hope so… in fact is thank to the slowliness la, haha!

After running for a Very Long Run and a Back-to-Back, I feel them differently. Both cannot be running away from the ultramarathon training, but I'd also higly recommend for marathon training (when you are ready)! Just that the mileage/running hours don't need to be so long.

Very Long Run

  1. Need more time, says 4-5 hours in a single run
  2. Just suffer for 1 day
  3. Need more support such as water, supplement and courage (I drank 1.45l water & Gatorade in total, too much??)
  4. Have better simulation of how your body deals with the stress and long hours
  5. Muscle tissues damage more if you over push by running too fast
  6. Support Gears: Nathan Speed 4 (fuelbelt with 4 bottles, 295ml each), cap

Remarks: Dehydration was serious after 30km, water needed averagely 2km from 30-38km. It might/might not because of consuming Gatorade (which suppose to be rehydration isotonic drinks but I found it gave me more thirst after drinking it)


  1. Just need 2-3 hours in a single run but got to hold it for 2 days
  2. The first run might be relax, but need to be prepared for the next suffering session
  3. Minimum water support needed, but courage is important for the 2nd session
  4. Not really have the effect as you have full day rest after the first run
  5. Less chances of injury because the stress is split to 2 sessions
  6. Support Gear: 500ml water bottle by hand carry or Pacesetter’s bottle pouch

What in common are: Both workouts also tough if you are not ready for the distance; Both workouts tune your muscles that works for long distance running and enhance your endurance;
Recovery period is depending on how much effort you have put in the run(s).

I think Very Long Run has better and more benefits than Back-to-Back, but it is not a good idea if you do Very Long Run too frequently unless you are fit and free enough. I definitely prefer combination both workouts every 4-week period, either 2 x Very Long Run + 1 x B2B + 1 x LSD or 1 x Very Long Run + 2 x B2B + 1 x LSD, depend on physical fitness on the week.

星期日, 3月 22, 2009

Longest LSD So Far…

What: 38km LSD (4:17:38)
When: 22/03/09, 5.15am
Where: Bukit Aman – Hartamas x 2 (U-turn at Bank Negara at 2nd loop)

Only 1 word to say, TIRED!

Next weekend will be back-to-back training, hopefully 30/20 if my legs, body and mind can recover on time.

星期四, 3月 19, 2009

Very Long Run

After enjoying two community runs with my usual training gangs (pacemekers and bukit jalil running club) which gave me a lot of fun time in the gathering, I should have start back my long run training. I do not think the two community runs have mess up my training, honestly I need some rest. Although my training mileage is still looked pretty mild for a 52-miler ultramarathon preparation, but I have to take care of my body and health too. Most of the time I running under the sun, I see my shadow, it doesn't look like a human's shadow but a skeleton is moving, LOL!

I feel good to start my Very Long Run, which is the distance I've not covered before in my usual weekend LSD. I feel fear of it, but this is challange I must overcome.

When I achieved 20km, 10km become easy, but 30km is fearful.
When I achieved 30km, 20km become easy, but 35km is terribly long.
When I achieved 35km, 30km is my cup of tea, but 40km is horrible.
If I cannot do 40km, what happen to 84km?

I got to remind myself, do it slowly although it might be too slow to get to the target, but never push myself too hard until breaking down and never achieve the target. For the 40km Very Long Run, I'll bring sufficient water or at least some extra money for water but not for cab, some supplement e.g. energy gel or banana, and I need motivation to keep me going even if the sun is bright up there.

May the force be with me!

My LSD log since Jan'09
03/01/2009 - 30km
10/01/2009 - 25km
18/01/2009 - 30km (GE 30k)
08/02/2009 - 20km (B2B)
09/02/2009 - 20km
15/02/2009 - 28km
22/02/2009 - 21km
01/03/2009 - 35km
22/03/2009 - 40km

星期一, 3月 16, 2009





Larian Amal Seri Sinar

What: Larian Amal Seri Sinar
When: 15.03.2009
Where: Bukit Jalil
Category: Women Open 10km
Result: 54.xx (3rd)
Photos: http://www.pmtey2.multiply.com/

Photo by Frank, L-R: Lynn, Pui San, Siok Leng, Shih Meng, Ameba

Without much sleep the night before, i was really hate to wake up at 5am, and delayed on the bed until 5.30am. It took me about 20mins to get to Bukit Jalil Park, my weekday's training ground. I thought I could have more time to go to the starting point, but it was just on time. Flag was off when i was walking and squeezing myself till the middle of the pack, this was so regreted, i was left so behind...

The course was truly hilly, although most are gentle one but they are many and long enough to make you huff and puff. I tried to keep up my pace with Gaby, who running beside me most of the time, but I was dropped at last 1km.

Finishing at the uphilling road, said thanks to the volunteers who passed me the goodies bag coupon. She congrated me for getting 3rd position, I was happy with it, and I know everybody also happy with me with this position.

Hang around at the finishing point for too long, I was almost missed my turn at the prize giving ceremony. Rushed to the podium from changing room, I was few seconds late. The cup of the throphy was so HUGE! The prize come with a bag of PowerBar products and a RM100 Brooks cash voucher.

After this, I will enjoy my LsSD (long long long... LSD) all next coming weekends...

星期四, 3月 12, 2009

You're Invited: Standard Chartered KL Marathon Opens Registration!!!

Dear Runner

Octagon, a division of CMGRP (M) Sdn. Bhd and Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad are pleased to commence the official registration and website for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, the biggest and most rewarding marathon to hit Malaysia.

To commemorate the start of the registration tomorrow, we are having some activities in KL to kick off the registration. We would like to invite you to come over to Pavilion KL to join in on the festivities. Lucky runners who sign up tomorrow at Pavilion KL will stand a chance to win thumb drives, free registration and a grand prize of 2 VIP Access Passes to attend the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 (great gift for your friends and family).

When ? 10.00am to 1.00pm on 13 March 2009 (Friday)
Where ? Espressamente Illy Café
Lot 310, Level 3, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur (facing Bintang Walk)

Or if you’re unable to come over to Pavilion KL, no worries. Just log on to http://www.kl-marathon.com/ from tomorrow onwards to register! Also, tomorrow we will be sending you the official press release announcing the start of registration to post on your blog.

If you need more info about what is happening tomorrow, please do not hesitate to contact:

Weber Shandwick Malaysia, at 03-7843 3100, or;

Alina Morais amorais@webershandwick.com (017 323 3078 / 03 7843 3125)
Norhayati Malek nmalek@webershandwick.com (012 713 2770 / 03 7843 3129)
Marc Ng marc5133@yahoo.com (019 3196032)


星期二, 3月 10, 2009

First Woman?!

What: Wild Wild Run
When: 8th March 2009 (Sunday)
Where: Zoo Negara
Category: Women Open 34 & Below
Distance: 7.4km
Result: 36’36 (1st)
Average pace per km: 4’57
More info: http://www.pm1.blogspot.com/

Do I consider fulfilled my dream, to be the First Woman?

I got the 1st position in Wild Wild Run Women Open (age group 34 & below) last week. As every run I did, I just care to run my own pace.

Without spending any efforts in speedwork for past three months, this is the result I’m satisfying with as I’ve been concentrating on slow and steady long run. I heard someone said that, “You able to get No. 1 that because those strong women runners were not there.” In fact this is true, but this is irritating where it actually hurts and shows no respect to me. Well, may the force be with me...

Through the running path, I’ve built up my immune system against all the negative influences, sadly said that it is even worse than my colleague commented ‘What for to be so suffering? I rather watch TV at home…’

Running supposes to be simple and enjoyable, but competitive run is poisonous and some people remain to look down on you no matter how hard you've tried. No matter what others said, I keep my faith, and only one thing can stop me from running which is death.

Anyway, the event is so interesting that I saw those big guys (bulls, tigers, lions, giraffes & elephants), fast guys (leopard, puma & ostrich) and adorable guys (deer, baby hippo) who rarely come in to my life. The race was welcome by the tigers’ roar in the darkness, and I was cheered by group of volunteers, also the long necked creature, giraffe and the shy hippo soaking itself in the water. Thanks to them they made my run so cheerful!

As I’ve promised and ‘approved’ my own vacation leave, no long run in Sat/Sun/Mon. WT and I off for a trip to Fraser’s Hill after WWR. No work, no run, just eat, sleep and relax. Good time always short, now I’m back to the track to keep up my trainings.

星期日, 3月 01, 2009



终于在三月的第一天‘啃掉’那片‘土司’。35公里,真的跑到脚要断掉!这个长跑,我用了3:30完成35公里,总算达到目标,但一点成就感都没有,因为后半都是很勉强地撑过去的。不过确实很有满足感,终于达到另个里程碑,为新的里程碑杯做准备。下个星期决定放自己一个周末的假,不做长跑睡饱饱 :)

lausai感(闹肚子的感觉)是阔别已久的感觉,在星期六的double hills又来了,那个10.8km是好不容易才跑完的。真是的,要ban掉mamak食物和tomyam了!

1.3.09 Tea + Toast Run (35km)
Bukit Aman – Hartamas – Bukit Aman (20.8km) + Reverse Double Hill (10.8km) + Lake Garden (3.4km)
2:02:23, (1'41), 1:05:02, (1'16), 19'53

Total week mileage: 70.4km