星期五, 12月 04, 2009

Blessful Days

Although the job has been tough, but I was blessed, and now I was placed under the shed to pack capsicums, chilli and eggplants and no longer work outdoor under the heat with flies around doing picking. The most important thing, I'm working with a really good employer who protect us from the harmful contractor that we were working for before.

It was a dramatic incident, in fact it is really scary. I never know that I had been working for a man who was put in jail for 3 years due to aggressive rape! And this man is so violent and talk aggressively. I'm so glad that I left there and came to a safe place.

Thank God that we are safe although our money was cheated by the terrible man. I believe, he will fall one day with no mercy.

星期四, 11月 26, 2009

Working at the Farm

Picking capsicum and chili. It is hard work. Please bless the person who pick it or pack it whenever u eat the capsicum or chili.

星期四, 11月 19, 2009

Malaysia Blast

I got to see this news from an Australian paper and classed it as 'Malaysia Blast'.

English at work is weird
Malaysia's deputy education minister has said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the culture and identity.

Mohd Puad Zakashi said employees in the private sector used English 99 per cent of the time and should switch to Bahasa Malaysia in order to show pride in the national language, the New Straits Times reported.

Little Wishes

"I wish to stay at a place without flies."

"I wish to taste Coke."

"I wish to have a dress."

These little wishes seem like will only be coming from a poor little girl living in Africa. No, these are my 'little wishes' in Australia.

星期六, 11月 07, 2009

Moving to Melbourne

This is a little unexpected to be moving to Melbourne so fast. It should be my last destination before heading back to home country.

I'm leaving Queensland without much exploration. Too much people too little work, and I've too little time and too little money.

I must learn to TRUST, although I can't feel the ground. Hope the Melbourne Move is a better move.

星期四, 11月 05, 2009

Healthy Breakfast

How much time do you spend on your breakfast everyday? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Not at all? Or do you munch your bread while checking your email in your office? That was what I did for the past few years, but now I always have plenty of time for my breakfast. Of course the main reason is I'm still remain jobless in Australia but this is so fortunate that I discovered the benefits to spend longer time for breakfast. Perhaps that is the highest quality time I have everyday.

You must be thinking what kind of BIG breakfast I have daily. But to be honest, there isn't bacon & egg, cheese & ham, etc. What I have is only coffee, toast and cereal with milk, plus a copy of 'The WORD for TODAY'. Below is the words for today (5/11/2009).

'...God will help her at break of day.' Psalm 46:5 NIV. Day break, a symbol of new beginnings, gives you confidence that beyond this time of trouble and testing, a new day is at hand. 'Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.' (Lamentations 3:23 NLT)

I always enjoyed my breakfast during weekend after running workout when I was in Malaysia, that simply an award. Since I've been traveling, I simply so grateful to have cup of coffee, toast and cereal with milk while I've no income at all. Financially stress can be depressing, but your strength will always be regained as described as above.

It's the best time we appreciate food after fasting for the whole night, and while we have not been interrupted by any other daily issues. And it is also the best time to have your soul food fed beside feeding your stomach.

Thanks to the farmers who grow wheat/grain/cocoa, thanks the rain and sunshine. Above all, thank to God.

Spend a little time and pray, hope any other hungry children can share your breakfast. Sometimes you'll find a minute or couple of minutes for peace, and it is the time you can see reflection of your past and direction of your future.

If you are always too rush for work or family stuff for the breakfast in weekday, find a personal lunch, or dinner, or perhaps anytime during your weekend. It is good for health, beside running :)

星期五, 10月 23, 2009

What a Laugh

I'm looking for bike, to be more specific, it should be a bicycle but I just tried my luck to search on a website selling used bike (motorbike).

In the search criteria, I selected price Max AUD$500. Guess what I got from the search result?

A Number Plate!

星期四, 10月 15, 2009

1st Week in Australia

You must be expecting me to compare Australia and New Zealand. Well I'd say that's too early, but from the realistic matters, I can eat cheaper in Australia but not accommodation and transport.

When I say eating, means self-catered. Buy food at marker/supermarket and cook at the hostel. I'm not sure how much the meat cost in Australia, so far I've no interest in looking at them but I assume they should be about the same between OZ and NZ. The vegetables and fruits can be far more cheaper and can be far more expensive than NZ. That's depend on what/where you buy the veggie/fruit.

Watermelon - cheapest fruit. Only max $1 per kilo
Banana (one of the names is Lady Finger) - EXPENSIVE. $4.00-$5.00 per kilo. But I saw $1/kilo at the market (pasar)
Apple - more expensive that NZ.
Avocado - MY FAVORITE and it's CHEAP. I had avocado sandwich for lunch for my entire week. It only cost $1 each averagely (depend on size). It is $2.50 in NZ.
Lettuce/tomatoes - quite cheap if you buy at market compare to supermarket.
Paw Paw (it's Papaya) - Very Expensive than Malaysia. It cost $3.50/kilo

So for my lunches for the week, it was about $12 in total.

But two things, that's bored to eat the same meal for a week. I bought avaocado in bulk for better bargain, there are heavy stuff!

Most important, I feel good and satisfy with the simple, fresh, healthy and nutritious meals.

Accommodation is much more expensive than in NZ! I've to pay $21/night in a 30 bunks room, but I can enjoy a bed in 8 beds dorm in NZ for the same price. You can imagine, 30 bunks room is just like refugee camp, everyone from everywhere with their own behaviour will live in the same room. So you must not be fussy to survive in this kind of environment. Sometimes the room stinct, cocroaches wandering on the ground....

And you must not complain for squeezing in for a space for cooking your dinner. If you wait for low-peak hour, that would be supper.

What I do is to adapt and adjust. I can't be the same like I live in NZ, there are lots more tolerant needed here. The simpler your meal is, the less frustrated you have. Pass by the partying bars and let it be, I will find a corner for my reading. (1 thing I won't adapt to is Party. I hate that)

Now.... I'm still stopping at Brisbane, a city just like KL, nothing attracts me here. I just need to look for job opportunities in elsewhere, station for a while will save more. I got to move wisely here because there is no cheap intercity bus in OZ like nakedbus.com in NZ.

If you watch the movie Australia, that's what I'd like to be. But in realistic, I know I can't, not because I can't ride a horse (in fact I can), but I wont want myself to drove the cattles to die.

That's all for my first week...

星期六, 10月 10, 2009

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Here I am at a place with heaps of sunshine and able to run in singlet and short!

That's Gold Coast. I had been running at 6am the day after I touched down, because I have 3 hours jet-lag, that was 9am in New Zealand. Well, Gold Coast here sunrise at around 5.15am and sunset at around 5.50pm. I expected some 'culture shock' but it was not that much after traveling to Aucland.

I've never seen a busy city with so many people sine I came to New Zealand. I saw that at Auckland.
I've never seen a sexy woman walking on the street to party since I came to New Zealand. I saw that at Auckland.

And now, I saw all these Gold Coast, Australia.

Truly, I miss New Zealand's peaceful life. Because I'm a peaceful person ;P

I been to surfing today, it is tough. very hard especially walking againts the before surfing the wave. I was exhausted for the 1st few times and getting better. Practice makes perfect, nothing too hard if you willing to learn.

星期一, 10月 05, 2009





星期四, 9月 10, 2009

Working at Cromwell

Hello dear friends, no worry about me I'm working at a fruitstall as a retail assistant. Everything is settled now. Cheers and thanks for those who prayed for me.

May God bless you.

星期四, 8月 20, 2009

Hit the the Trail and Touch the Rainbow

Arrowtown, a town which is 20km away from the happening Queenstown but apperently, it is so beautiful and peaceful. It is such a lovely place...

I walked up the snowy trail. Whole track was full of snow and some of the snow was as soft as powder until you wouldn't want to walk on it and spoilt the beautiful snow track. This was the second time I was so close to snow, to so much snow.

I walked up the trail beside the river, then the strem, then the ridge. I ran through the same path again and again which I love so much. It is a wonderful breathtaking open space that you truly feel the freedom and ready to take off and soar like a hawk.

I passed the gateway to Paradise and saw the rainbow, it was so amazing and I could feel like touching it. Everything is so wonderful and it touched my heart. I spent most of the time walking with the wonder of nature, I appreciate they are so graceful that made my hard time passed peacefully.

星期二, 8月 11, 2009

Rainbow over the Meadow

It has been not too good till now. This is first time I feel stress of applying a job and being unemployed. I have never face this problem at all in Malaysia, either our economy is still good, or my profession in Malaysia is good. When I came to New Zealand, I have 0% successful rate for job applications from factory worker, cleaner, cafe assistant to carnival crew...

The most popular job for working holiday visa holders is fruit picking. Unfortunately, it is only available during Summer. Don't forget there are two seasons aways from now. The people have been told seasonal work in New Zealand is all year round, but there are hidden clause behind and you have to pay the price.

Even a local is unemployed, what do you expect for a foreigner? I've been stressed out for failing getting a paid job. That might be the person is placed at the wrong place and wrong time, or the piece of gold is hidden behind a rock.

This path is harder than running an ultramarathon.
I was in Queenstown the beautiful lake district, but I did not enjoy much. When I recall the moment in running the ultramarathon, although it was suffering but it was a beautiful journey and I enjoyed so much. So it is about your mind, body and soul, not just the surrounding.

My working mate drove me and few of the backpackers mates to Paradise. Yes, the place is called Paradise at Glenorchy. It is real cool and as beautiful as Paradise. It had been drizzling, but rain and sun did a very good job as they made beautiful rainbow. We saw a few of rainbows over the meadow. Rainbows always show after showering, hopes always there as long as not giving up.

May force be with me.

星期五, 7月 31, 2009

Dance With The Rain

Before coming to NZ, I thought I just need to cope with the cold. Now I realized I need to cope with the storm and rain too.

I've left Greymouth, left the cheerful family of 3 and a dog.

There was once I was sleeping warm enough in the house with glass rooftop under millions of stars.
There was once the dog Cashew ran with me around the housing area in the chilling wind.
There was once I visited the kid's Grandparent and they served me a cup of tea.
There was once I saw the mixture of mercury and gold pieces turned into GOLD nugget.
And there were many nights I slept under strong wind and storm outside...

Angel and I been traveled south via west coast, passed and stopped at the glacier village, waterfalls, lakes, snow mountains, etc... I must learn to dance with the rain, it has been raining so much.

Take a walk in the rain, smile to the ferns and the trees in the track walk. This is how to dance a Waltz with the rain.

ameba at Wanaka (windy lakeside township and now I need to learn how to dance with the wind)

星期五, 7月 10, 2009

Moving to the West

Today is my last day at Oamaru. I'll miss this place, the old buildings, victorian bike, bush walking, penguins, Empire Backpackers, Ticker (the cat), scones, oat cookies, coffee, etc...

Nothing to worry while staying here, just have to beware of snack-thief. My chocolate and self baked oat cookies was stolen! So beside cash, snack must not be visible by others.

I'm moving to west coast, Greymouth soon, will be staying a Kiwi's family house and do some housework and have experience and culture exchange.

星期四, 7月 09, 2009






Good Run!

Today's weather is really nice, fine weather, clear sky and sun up. I smile and changed to my running attire, with a map to follow another walking route I've not make. The route called Skyline and it is about 5km. It passes through farms, facing snow mountain and coast at the back, turns to bush, and comes out to residential area and repeat. It was about 12.45pm, according to the clock at Waitaki District Council building.

I ran up the hill beside the farm, said hello to the snow white sheeps. They looked fat but in fact they are not. Beware of sheeps dung but can't avoid, too much... I navigate and run at the same time, sometimes I thought I lost the way, missing some turnings and made lots of U-turns. Running up and down with nobody except sheeps, sometimes horse, then passed a bush area, follow the track again uphill and downhill between green and blue. It felt like a horse running free, and an eagle soaring in the sky. Breath is fresh, and feel the freedom.

This is what I'm looking for...

Nothing is even better than having a nice hot shower and a delicous meal after the workout :)

星期三, 7月 08, 2009

Some Photos

Stayed at Rolleston YHA Christchurch, opposite is the Art Gallery. Suddenly I feel myself like a poet in England :P

Kaikora, a very nice and peaceful place. but I just stopover for twice 20mins each. I hope i can come back... and sail out to look for dolphines and whales.

Bush walk at Oamaru, nice feeling and nice view.

Yellow-eye penguin going back at sunset. It is so close to me, passing by and said 'hi' just 5m in front of me :)

Lazy seal doesn't eat penguin, they are penguins' colony neighbour.

Wine tasting at Whisky house, there is a special Whisky with berry flavor, nice! I bought a 50ml 15-yr old normal whisky to warm myself in the freezing night.

星期日, 7月 05, 2009

Victorian Bike

Oamaru is well known a Victorian Heritage, some of the buildings were designed and built in mid-1800s. The hostel I'm staying now was built in 1867. I see the clock and hear the clock everyday where it is the former Post Office in 1883, now the Waitaki District Council Offices which just located opposit of my backpacker hostel, Empire Hotel Backpacker. There are other great historic buildings have been well conserved around the town center.

The Victorian Bike is another thing that caught my interest. I was wondering how they climb up the seat and where is the break... After a while, I realized there wasn't anything called 'break' for a Victorian Bike, if you like to stop, just hold the pedal and press them backward, that's the 'break'! I feel it when I rode on it, it is pretty dangerous going down the hill and it can never climb a steep hill as there is only 1 speed :P

Above is the one we saw displaying in front of the shops. We could only ride on the Victorian Bike like below which look similiar to our 'old black bicycle' with $5/day rental. Good workout! I sweated the most since I came to New Zealand :P

星期六, 7月 04, 2009

A Gift from Rainbow

Rainbow, here I mean a girl from Hong Kong who stayed at our backpacker hostel for two days. I've been staying at Oamaru for more than a week, and I already visited all places that a visitors would go. I was her 'personal' tour guide to watch blue penguins near by our hostel.

Many guests came for penguins viewing, yellow-eye penguins and blue penguins. They are really cute :) Blue penguin is the smallest penguin among all kind of penguins in the world, an adult blue penguin is roughly about 1 feet height; where yellow-eye penguin is slightly taller than the blue penguin. The best time to view the blue penguins are about 5.30pm (around sunset time in winter) where they finish hunting in the sea and back on shore to go home. So you see them swim near to the coast, then stand up and walk slowly to up to the shore towards their home at bushes on land. When they back to home, sometimes will come out for a walk. So do the yellow-eye penguins.

I led Rinbow to the blue penguin colony where she lost her way the nite before. How kind is she when she got to know that I didn't have a sleeping bag, she left her sleeping bag to me before leaving the hostel. It is such a warm gift that I first got from a stranger where we just met for less than 36 hours. Of course I didn't except anything when bringing her to view the penguins (but it was really a chilly nite). This is just something that I always believe and have been praticing, be sincere when you make friends.

Thanks Rainbow, and thanks the penguins :)

星期四, 7月 02, 2009

Cooking and Baking

Weather is always around 5 to 9 degree celsius. Sometimes it was drizzling, unlikely to have clear days now. The wind always strong and freezing.

The daily routine is almost the same. Wakeup by the natural alarm, an 100 years old clock tower just opposite of the backpacker at 8am. Make myself a cup of coffee, slices of toast with jam and then enjoy my breakfast. It always a cherish moment to have a cup of hot coffee in the chilling morning and look outside the window hoping for a clear blue sky.

Now I enjoy cooking, even it is just simple, simple yet delicous and nutricous meal. I baked scones at one of the nights :) yummy... Next few days will try out some potato recipes and New Zealand most famous beef pie. Kitchen facilities are excellent, full equipted with baking oven, microwave, etc... Ingredients for the beef pies and potato recipes are not expensive, like milk, cheese, potato, flour, onion, all can be found in supermarket with reasonable price.

So now I can sharpen my baking skill here even it's already been so good :P

星期日, 6月 28, 2009


I'll be staying here at the hostel as a cleaner for 2 weeks. My daily tasks include housekeeping, vacuum, toilet/shower room/kitchen/living room cleaning. Busy from 9.30am or 10am after guests checking out till 12 noon. Does this sound like the maid of your house?

I met few Asian friends these two days. 1. Angel from Taiwan, also a cleaner as me. 2. Sunny from Malaysia visited Oamaru with Tomo. 3. Tomo from Japan going to Wanaka for snow boarding next day. 4. Jim from China (NZ citizen) coming to Oamaru for Bachelor Degree industry training...

4 of us (except Jim) went to observe blue penguin last nite just couple of minutes walk from our hostel, but it was in the dark and in the chilling night. We saw few but they refused to came out for a walk and just stayed near the bush. They are cute, a bird swims with wing and they can't fly :P

At least now I can relax for 2 weeks, then I have to worry about my next move and getting a paid job. Everything is back to basic, a shelter and enough food. Although the chocolates, potato chips, milk, cheese & wine here are cheap, but buying them are considered luxury.

My lunch & dinner are very simple, white rice, bowl of mixed vege (with soup/gravy), eggs that's all. Sometimes I share my cook with my workmate. Breakfast always have toast with jam & coffee that provided by hostel. When you are here in this condition, you will just treasure every single rice and appreciate any happy and safe moment.

星期五, 6月 26, 2009


I've made my trip back to Christchurch from Blenheim, then headed to Oamaru at south east. I wonder is this a wise move? Nobody tells me the answer and I've to make the desicion. When I was about to leave Blenheim, surprisingly the hostel owner told me there're a lot of jobs now and it was easy to get a job. I was like unbelievable, it was totally different from what I heard from other people. Anyway, I've made all my arrangement to Oamaru for the cleaner job to exchange for accommodation. And that was really a messy day and messy trip for me. I have never had a trip without itinerary, don't know what, when and how's next. The feeling is sucks!

Now I realized what kept me going to the south instead of staying for a chance to work in vineyard and stay in the messy workers hostel. There is a call from south, from the wilderness. I'm going one step closer to the beauty of nature and to the peaceful places with snow mountain, lake, coast and wildlife. Although I'm getting risk of running out of money faster, but I think that's the main purpose of my trip. I started to have some plan in my mind, once I make it solid, I believe it will come true.

Life is wonderful, human can do wonder.

星期三, 6月 24, 2009

Blenheim and Leaving

Came to this place at north of the south island called Blenheim. It supposes a place all year round with seasonal jobs. Perhaps demand is too little and man power is too much, everyone looks so uncomfortable at their face because the difficulty for getting a job in vineyard.

I founnd this place a hell instead of a haven for most. I was suppose to start work as vineyard pruning but came to know that the contractor that willing to take me is not trustful. The only thing I love here is the year round SUNSHINE :) So, I'm leaving this bloody place, I hope I don't have to return and as desperate as most of them... Pray hard.

So I'm leaving here and move to a more peaceful place call Oamaru. This definitely a U-Turn because I'm going to south now. It cost more now. I need to plan well for next move as transport and cost of living is high... and it is really chilly and I expect much more freezing at Oamaru :(

and.. I'll work as hostel cleaner to exchange for free accommodation and food. Save some cost :)

My NZ handphone (64)0210696187, feel free to text me but I won't be able to reply. I'm turning off my M'sia line.

星期六, 6月 20, 2009

Acclimatization at Christchurch

Everyone says Christchurch is an England liked city, but I thought it looks like US too, until the 2nd day's morning, I do feel it just like London although I've not been there before because it was raining.

I'm spending my time for weather acclimatization and get familiar with everything here, like shopping, eating, internet, phone, banking, public transport, etc. I need to spend wisely as everything is expensive. Lucky that their pipe water is safe to drink so I don't have to buy drinking water. Hostel comes with kitchen and all cooking facilities, I just need to shop for vege,, eggs and rice and I can cook my own lunch & dinner for less than $5 a meal, otherwise it is at least $10 if eating at restaurant.

Weather is cold, but if wearing enough warm clothes, that's fine. I've bought a kid's fleece vest with just $19.90 (the cheapest I found where it normally cost around $40 and above)

Internet is expensive, $3/hr, so I can't spend too much time in writing here, i need to find a job ;)

Take care, DO YOUR BEST IN SCKLM. Taper well, eat well, rest well, and you'll feel amazing that will ease your run!

星期四, 6月 18, 2009

Take Off, Touch Down

I was really busy in packing and settling official issues past few days. That's how I lost my chance to write in Chinese, and perhaps that going to be long time for not writing blog in Chinese. Well, I'll still be writing my dairy in Chinese, let's see is there any fate that it can be shared in a book in future :)

I'm at Changi Airport now, waiting for my next take off at 7.50pm. There is no turning point and this feeling is exactly the same as when I stood in front of a Marathon staring line. That recall Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2005, I was not quite sure what was I doing there and why did I do that? And now, I'm also not quite sure what am I doing now and why do I do this?

Well, make things clear... I'm departing for New Zealand, for Work and Holiday. How long? I'm not sure and it depend. It is winter now, the city that I'm touching down, Christchurch having temperature range from 0 to 10 degree celsius, it should be fine as I've stayed in this freezing weather before at Everest Base Camp. But this time is different, I got to stand it for entire winter till after August. My family is worry about me, can I stand the cold? My boy friend is even worrier, with my no-fat body and still hoping going outdoor for cycling.

My dream plan is to cycle touring around NZ from North to South or the other way. But now I've to keep this plan aside, and I feel sucks about it because I'm missing Buck. I've no idea what will the condition be of riding in winter around the wild NZ? To be short, I'm, chicken-ing :( I normally don't afraid of challenges, but one thing I always respect to is the Power of Nature, weather is one of them. The realistic told me to hold on my cycling plan until I'm prepared technically and geographically (I think just an excuse la... hehe)

Anyway, even just traveling, it took a lot of courage and consideration to make the decision. It is a totally change of lifestyle, and everything, You need to put everything aside and do something unpredictable that might cause you loose those hard earning career and existing lifestyle. Some people (I mean most people) think this is crazy! For a 31-years-old woman, she should be married and having a happy family and grown career, but now she quit her job, going to a stranger's land and live there alone.

I do not know is this called crazy or there is another more suitable term/description to describe this. What I knew is, a new chapter of my life has just began, I need a change, to see the world, and let the world see me!

星期日, 6月 07, 2009

Farewell Ride

What: Cycle to Ulu Yam from Batu Caves (59.4km)
When: 07.06.2009 (Sun), 7.30am - 11.30am

A free-lady riding with a just-married man. She rode with a touring bike named Buck and wore like touring, the helmet is non-certified's one and the pair of glove is totally out of shape. He rode with his road bike and wore like racing with clipped-shoe, arm-warmer, perfect helmet and perfect glove. Sigh... this is the difference of a free-lady vs a married-man!

It was a hazzy morning, sun kisses at 10am onwards. We rode in tortoise speed at all the uphills (7-12km/hr) but fast and furious at all the downhills (45-60km/hr). We cycled the same route 2 or 3 times, everytime also suffering a lot because of the no-mercy long uphill. No talking just huff and puff.

The journey always rewarded us with YUMMY loh-mee ;) This time we not entering Ulu Yam Lama but had a try at a restaurant near the market. The taste was fabulous, we added 2 half-boiled kampong eggs and he had a set of toast, mouth watering...

This going to be my last ride riding with my cycling buddy for a long period, perhaps the last one for Buck's wheels rolling on Malaysia's road in 2009. Either it will be resting at home or will be traveling with me to New Zealand next week... can't decide, kind of worry because it going to be sub-10 degree celsius at noon and sub-5 at night. But without Buck, I'm sure I'll feel lonely...

星期一, 6月 01, 2009

Sundown Marathon 2009

Completed: My first ever ULTRA marathon, 84km on 30th May 2009 started at 7pm in 12 hours 24 mins.

Result - official
Rank: 22/65
Chip Time: 12:20:08
Split Time: 1st 42km: 5:22:42 2nd 42km: 6:57:26 (Pit stop: 0:23:00)

Before the Ultra - JUST LOAD-LA

Had plenty of carbo-loading, beer-loading, love-loading, support-loading, energy-loading, joy-loading, etc etc…

Enjoyed the XO fish soup dinner with OX ambassadors in Singapore very much at China Town, yummy yummy ;) Thanks dudes!

The Ultra - JUST RUN-LA
1st 42km
I’ve been looking forward this moment to arrive, like a big day of my life with early and plenty of preparations. So lucky to have Tey, Farid and Ida to take MRT and taxi together to the starting point. We had our last preparation: put our baggage to baggage store, special need bag to ultra pit stop, drink some water, eat something and go toilet. Then, waiting for 7.00pm at the ‘starting point’. Tey and I were so blur to stand at the 42km starting line, no wonder not many people there, the crews just informed us to move to another starting line at very last minutes, I can only join in the pack about few minutes later.

I moved slowly, from sunset to sundown till totally dark, and the feeling of running an ultra marathon was getting stronger per every distance I ran. I kept reminded myself, slow is beautiful, keep the manageable pace so I could finish strong. There wasn’t any breeze, or just a very light one until sweat washed my vest, then I decided to take it off, wow, so refreshing!

My pace was so consistently *slow*, averagely 1:15 for every 10km. Good job, that’s my target pace. I had electrolytes replenishment from 5km onwards, all sports drink powder were filled in to all 4 fuel belt’s bottles without water, then asked water station volunteer’s favor to fill for me one a time. This seems to be a good strategy as it reduced the weight I carried and I was guaranteed to have enough electrolytes replenishment.

My feet started to give me problem not even to half way. Both feet were so pain, pain until I need to find soft ground to run. When I see green grass, didn’t care about the uneven surface and just ran on the softer ground. This pain led me to my knee pain. Sigh… I have to hold it for 21km till the pit stop at 2nd loop. I realized it was shoe matter, it was the same sign when I had my 46km training with this pair of shoe, Asics Cumulus 7.

As expected, if I can finish the first loop around 5:30 without much exhaustion, I was most likely to finish the ultra.

photo by adidas Singapore

Pit Stop
When I came in to the ‘finish line’, the clock showed 5:23:50. I still moving slowly, no rush, the journey was still long. After getting my special need bag, Frank and Tey waved to me, wow… so happy to see familiar faces there. I took my time to eat (GU gel), drink (Red Bull Gold), change (short & shoe) and refill, ended up too much time was spent.

Thanks Frank for having his camera at pit stop and snapped this memorable photo

2nd 42km
‘The actual race starts here’
This was how I told myself. I was so happy to put my feet again on the track with Asics GT2120, nice! Feet pain was significantly reduced, mood was remained high and even higher. I was very excited to run beyond 46km which was my longest distance during training. Basically, my form was extremely better than I’d expect.

I moved on with slightly slower pace, about 8’30min/km and kept talking to myself:
‘Keep going, don’t stop, journey is still long.’
‘You are executing your dream, at the same time it might be other people’s dream. So you can’t fail!’
I must ensure my mood remained good because the feel-good endorphin could reduce suffering. So I tried to sing, thought of few motivating and relaxing songs that I used to sing in my youth, recalled the sweet memories when I was the cadet reporter of Sin Chew although it was more than 10 years back.

That was left brain’s job when I recalled the memories, then I switched to right brain by imagination, any kind of imagination, scientific, funny, heroic, etc… as long as it filled my mind by keeping the suffering away.

The feeling of passing the 50km was so GREAT! I gave myself two thumbs up :) But in realistic, feet and knees pain raise to another level.

‘That’s OK, the pair of legs are not yours, so never mind.’ This was what I could tell myself.

When sleepiness came attacked, I took few sips of Red Bull Gold which contain very high level of sugar that can keep me awake, otherwise I had Pocari Sweat and GU2O as electrolytes replenishment and GU gel and Endurox as energy replenishment.

Entering Bedok Reservoir was what I had been expecting because I like running on the trail with a thin layer of sand. It makes the ground softer, and I feel like Kevin Lin Running The Sahara… :P

After Bedok Reservoir, I was about entering 30km mark (72km), wow… I couldn’t believe that I was still running and not walking (of cause with some walking breaks in between especially at water stations). Another two thumbs up for me. 31km… 32km… 33km… 34km… phew… I strongly felt that I’m going to hit the wall. In fact, my pace dropped much from 34km onwards, every km took so long to cover, and can’t even smile and can’t entertained myself anymore.

Courtesy of Onn & Tey for the picture

34km (76km), here’s where I running with extreme suffer. Still running slow or walking fast when legs were really tired, then run again and refused to stop. Because I found if I run after totally walk, my feet taking off and touching down the ground very painfully.

‘Ameba, you can’t fail, this is your 1st ultra marathon, and could be the one and only one ultra, so do it beautifully.’ I told myself.

It was dawn. The sun slowly rising up but I couldn’t see the beautiful sun rise. I was glad I finished 84km before the sun heating up the air. Finishing strong with the cheers of all people around there especially my beloved OX friends. Thanks dudes!

'Ultra Woman coming back!' Shouted Chong Wah loud and clear. Photo by Miow Chin

After the Ultra – JUST SLEEP & EAT-LA
I was so happy, although it was not a good timing or position, but I’ve achieved my target, and I fulfilled my dream. I couldn’t think much, just felt my feet and legs were so painful, whole body’s blood flow to the legs muscles instead of brain, so I was like walking like a zombie. After taking pictures, the 42km finishers enjoyed their breakfast while I have no appetite at all. Just finished the protein shake my recovery drink, then followed by a sandwich and egg tarts an hour later.

After getting back to hostel at Bugis, there was a lot of clearing and cleaning to do. Surprisingly I didn’t really feel sleepy. I think it was due to over limit until brain can’t function as normal and everything gone haywire. Anyway I still slept for 4 hours in the noon and 10 hours at night.

My feeling: Satisfaction and Happy. It's a mental thing :)

Congrats to all my buddies 42km finishers in the pictures, they have been waited for me for hours. Well Done!
Miow Chin, Rho Wen, Ameba, KL, Sam & Chong Wah holding the camera

星期三, 5月 27, 2009

Packing Checklist

Asics Cumulus
Asics GT2120
Shoelace lock (to be bought in SG)
Nike dryfit socks
Under Armour tights
NB short
Mizuno top
Adidas top
Nathan fuel belt
Dryfit cap
Knee guard
Casio sport watch
Phiten tape
Phiten necklace

Race Supplements/Food
Endurox x 3 servings (1 scoop each)
Pocari Sweat powder x 4 sachets (200ml each)
GU Gels x 5
GU Electrolytes supplement x 2 sachets (600ml each)
Red Bull x 2

Pre/Post Race Supplements
Glucosamine Sulphate
Berroca Vitamin C
Protein shake

星期二, 5月 26, 2009








星期日, 5月 24, 2009




而是Mental Power




冒险三部曲的Dream it. Plan it. Do it.
就只剩Do it!









星期三, 5月 20, 2009

Running The Sahara Trailer

《決戰撒哈拉》Running The Sahara

Running The Sahara
Finally the movie (documentary) is available and is on the screen NOW in Taipei. Kevin's book regarding this Running The Sahara is also available in Taiwan, but not sure in Malaysia.

About the Run

On February 20, Charlie, Ray and Kevin touched the Red Sea, just a few hours before sunset. Their quest had lasted 111 days and taken them through 6 countries: Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, and Egypt. By the team's daily GPS record, they had traveled over 4,300 miles (6,920 kilometers). They fought through injury and extreme fatigue to reach their goal, which changed them forever.

These last days of the expedition were emblematic of the entire expedition, with highs and lows, camaraderie and solitude, and encounters with both the natural wonders and teeming societies of Africa. Over their quest, the runners learned that it was necessary for them and their team to avoid fighting against the elements served up by the Sahara, because the immeasurable power of the continent will always win out. Instead, they learned how to adapt to their climate and surroundings as best they could, in order to make the steady progress that each of the 111 days required of their minds and bodies. Thus, they were able to save their energy for their physical achievement, which led to success as measured by their achievement and the depth of their experience.

Whether it was encounters with the Tuaregs of Niger or running through the wondrous Pyramids of Giza, the experiences endure. The children that received them with shouts of greeting and ran alongside them refreshed and renewed their vigor in every country. The lands they visited mixed natural beauty with the harshest living conditions: from the solitude of the Tenere Desert to the bustling heat of Dakar, Senegal, and the overwhelming crush of Cairo, Africa's largest metropolis. Every location along the way provided its own challenge and held a unique reward for the three explorers and their team.

And now the expedition has concluded.

Incredible, but true.

More than ever, the runners and their team are committed to the land and people they visited. The international media has turned its eye to the expedition's achievement, including the attention and support that they are bringing to the water crisis in Africa through H2O Africa. This fall, the film Running the Sahara will premiere to tell the story of this unprecedented quest. Until then, come back to this site to see more about the runners' story.

Map: Northern Africa. Track the Journey

星期二, 5月 19, 2009











Sundown Ultra Marathon












星期一, 5月 18, 2009


由于趁着身体不适而提早进入Taper Zone,所以就称这为偷懒。

常常在回乡后就懒得跑长的,因为那儿有个更另人喜爱的练习场地,Bukit Pelindung。我一直都有在部落格里提起过。那是一座铺了柏油路的小山路,斜度大概有10-20%不等,总长只有2公里。快步上山大概费23分钟。我曾经挑战自己用跑的上去却未能做到。当时心想用跑的上去真辛苦,要是我真的做到了全马肯定做Sub-4!


星期二, 5月 12, 2009


For the statement of "By comparison, the trek up Mount Kinabalu was like a walk in the park, she pointed out", I must apologize and explain further here.

I think I was misunderstood the question of Yeh Ern when he was asking me if compared to Mt. Kinabalu. The correct meaning should be: to EBC, it takes 2 weeks, to KK, it takes 2 days; this is the comparison I meant, the duration not the difficulty level.

So sorry about that and I don't mean to offend Mt. KK and my great outdoorers.

星期一, 5月 11, 2009










Ameba in NST Tech & U Blogger's Say

Great outdoors, in experience and in writing
by Lim Yeh Ern

CHAN Chui Miew’s obsession with the great outdoors started with some gentle persuasion from well-meaning friends on an innocent cycling trip.

It eventually led her on a journey of self-discovery.

At a time when many of her peers are slowing down due to family commitments, Chan is just warming up in preparation for an upcoming ultra-marathon, training up to 42 kilometres on her “long run” during weekdays.

“Once I have set a goal in any running event, my schedule is just sleeping, eating, working and training. When I don’t set any goal in running events, I go backpacking, touring by bike or trekking,” she said.

Despite having cycled almost the entire country and even to southern Thailand from Alor Setar, her most memorable trip was a solo from Shah Alam to Port Dickson, camping overnight at the beach and back the next day through Sepang.

Her only company was her custom-assembled mountain bike adapted for touring duties which she called Buck. Along the way, she met curious locals, asking the usual questions such as where she’s from and how far she has cycled.

Apart from solo bicycle rides and marathon events, her travels even took her through a month-long solo backpacking trip to Nepal and all the way to the Everest Base Camp.

“I got to explore both Nepalese and Tibetan cultures and see the famous mountains at the Himalaya Range and Everest,” Chan said.

The 5,360-metre hike up to the Everest Base Camp took two weeks.
“The journey inspired me to help the undeveloped region, but I’ve yet to find the chance,” Chan said.

By comparison, the trek up Mount Kinabalu was like a walk in the park, she pointed out. (Ameba note: Actually I've never been to Mt. KK, I don't really mean that... I do respect the Mountain! So please don't misinterpret, same as I'll never say 'I conquered' a mountain)

The 30-year-old data analyst blogs mostly in Mandarin simply because she expresses herself better in the language. Sometimes, she adds entries in English for the benefit of a wider, like-minded audience.

The name of Chan’s blog, Blue Ameba (http://blueameba.blogspot.
com), is derived from her nickname, Ameba, which she explained, brings about a meaning of change while “Blue” describes how she felt when she started her blog.

“Most people I meet during my runs only know me by my nickname,” she said.

While Chan thinks having a handheld GPS receiver and a waterproof outdoor camera would add more value to her travels at more cost, she’s currently making do with her existing camera along with Google Maps and a physical map.

While many of her peers regard her as odd, she doesn’t worry too much about what people think about her lifestyle.

So, why does she keep doing what she does? “I like ‘reasonable’ adventures, and I always like to break the barrier in any activity. It’s a challenge to me. If I did it, it’s a credit; even if I failed, at least I’ve tried. There is no regret. I just want to paint my life in colours, and do it when I'm still able to."

Availabe at NST Online and New Straits Times today's (11th May 09) paper (Tech & U)

星期日, 5月 03, 2009

Finally, it is 100km

This is the 5th week to Sundown Ultra Marathon.
This is the 20th week since my training began.
It is 101km weekly mileage, for the first time, and perhaps the last.

With Chen the flying pig's advice, it is just a nice timing to hit 100km weekly mileage one month before the race. Then follow by a lower mileage, says 60-70km for next two weeks before actual taper down. It is not recommended to taper down too early because body will get lazy.

This morning's run is just fantastic. I had 26 hours rest (the feeling is just like jet-lag) to let my body recover from 46km finished on 2/5 4am. I woke up later than planned and I reached Bukit Aman at 6.30am on Sunday, 3/5. I started my run at 6.40am which is quite late as I'd ended at 9am.

The weather was superb nice in the morning which is totally different from past few weeks' morning which are hot and humid. The air was so refreshing and the 6.45am sky was clear and as blue as saphhire. My legs were set off with a little heavy move, but all soreness gone after 2km warm up. I did a 21km easy run and returned to Bukit Aman by 8.45am.

Yeah, I logged 86km from 1/5-3/5 three days in a row, but I'm still pretty sure that it going to be painful to run a 84km in one stretch!

Just smile, even it is painful.

星期六, 5月 02, 2009

Keep Healthy to Be Fit

I was just too tired in writing anything when my body was not feeling well. I was attacked by serious throat infection and minor fever for twice in 2 weeks time. I felt weak after taking all kind of medicine and antibiotics from 13/4 to 24/4.

I suddenly realized that having a healthy body is much more important than having a fit body. Well, some say ‘Keep Fit to Be Healthy’, but I’d think that, ‘Keep Healthy to Be Fit’. Once your body is weak, there is no way to be fit at all!

I did a 42km LSD on 25/4 (Saturday), when I finished my last pill of antibiotics on Friday. However, my body was mad of me. I started my run 4.30am at Lake Garden, then WT joined me for 30km at 5.45am. I’ve never experience this kind of tiredness before where I started walking before reaching Jalan Duta. I was hoping for a de tour but WT and Malvin who started together with us were far ahead. Malvin was waiting for me across the road. So I have to keep on but with very slow pace and walk for couple of times. I felt good again after boosting by Endurox at a very early distance.

Eventually I just continued and kept moving forward with own pace for the remaining distance till back to Bukit Aman. There’s a feeling of disappointed. I upset with my body condition, and my body was upset with me too! I called the week off and took full day rest on Sunday to rejuvenate my body and mind.

Still feeling weak when the week started. Only a recovery run and a tempo run had been carried out before coming to 1st May.

Total Distance covered on 25/4: 42km
Time: 4.30am – 9.40am

I gotta prepare for my 1st nite run at Putrajaya organized by Terence, and I aim for above 42km (50km was in mind). There was a Circuit Run organized by Pacemakers at Lake Garden in the morning, I company WT for his extra miles before starting of the event. Thanks Tey who has number of years and experience in running ultra for giving lot of useful tips while waiting for the CR to start. I head for Double Hills where WT joined the CR pack. I was making sure to get a lot of rest and sleep before 4pm to simulate the Sundown the day where Ultramarathon starts at 7pm.

The nite run started at 9pm in front of Palace of Justice. There were a lot of great runners turning up. Thanks Victor and Frank for the information. It is 11.5km per loop, our car is the support station at half way mark. Everything just behaves differently when running at midnight. I started to feel tired (or sleepy) when I was going 20km, it was between 11pm-12am. Running at my usual sleeping time is not an easy task. Again, I guess my body was upset with me :P

I refuel myself with water and Endurox. I have banana, raisin and sweet potato for food, but ended up sweet potato remained untouched.

All runners were still in group for the first few kilometers, slowly all were separated with distance. I did it alone until 35km before meeting Alex and a lady called Michelle. Alex has been training hard to make sure he complete the ultra because he is running for charity.

I called it off after 46km, 6 hours. I was going slow and there was significant drop of performance after 42km, and both knees were stressed out and painful at my foot. I dragged myself for the next 4km and luckily with Alex’s companion. That’s all I can do, but quite worry because of not hitting 50km till now. Next, I need to depend on my HEALTH, only healthy body and healthy mind can make me complete the 84km. FITNESS level won’t improve much now as it’s coming to taper period.

Total Distance covered on 1/5 - 2/5: 46km
Time: 9.00pm – 3.00am

Bless us.

星期四, 4月 23, 2009

Dream Run

这一整个星期没办法做Tempo Run
星期一跑了7.7公里Recovery Run

那晚我只能在梦里跑,从Bukit Aman开始,跑到Double Hill的转口,再到回Bukit Aman。这样的路线有10公里。

这大概就叫。。。Dream Run!


星期一, 4月 20, 2009

Bonus 10k

Saturday 30k, 5.30am
It was a tiring run, tired as in my heart refused to work extra. I just felt the heart pumped with extra effort even not yet up to 10k. The course ended tiredly, no knees pain, and felt drowsy in the afternoon. I took a long nap for recovery to prepare for B2B tomorrow.

Thanks CW for pacing whole 30k.

Sunday, 20k + 10k, 6am
It was a 20k plan with CW. Somehow I was 'fooled' by the 'feeling good' after running the first 10k, and next 10k after returining from Hartamas. So I thought to do additional 10k at Double Hill, and I started to feel regret after few kilometers, actually I was quite tired. It's ok, it should be a good training session to learn how to run under stress and get along with tiring body and sore legs. I guess I was a bit dehydrated, ICE COLD COKE was in my mind :P

I ended the course happily although it was quite late where sun was bright up there. It's another breakthrough :)

Ameba go go go!

星期三, 4月 15, 2009





星期日, 4月 12, 2009

Weekend 50km

40km LSD, 11.04.09 (Sat)
Route: Conventional 30km + Double Hill
Time: 5.15am – 9.45am

I found a suitable refuel strategy with water and Endurox only throughout the 40km slow and steady run. I took few sips of water every 5km and 150ml Endorox at 20km & 30km. This is good enough to keep me going.

I felt pressure on my right knee started 20km, followed by left knee at 28km. Suffering with both knees pain whenever there is downhill at Double Hill. I got them relieved by changing the running style to lift my knees a little higher on flat, and walk fast on downhill.

Beside knee stressed, I don’t feel other discomfort, and even no serious stiffness at any muscles.
Thanks WT for pacing with me first 30km.

BHP Orange Run, 12.04.09 (Sun)

I was worrying about my knees the moment I woke up. Luckily they did not turn badly. So I headed to The Curve with a relieved mood.

I pace myself slow and steady, pick up some speed slowly, and I came back in 57’03, 11th in my category without huffing and puffing and without knees pain. Had a wonderful time hung around at The Piazza with many runners from all over the places.

Previous BHP Orange Run Records:
2006 (9km) - 56'29 (15th)
2007 (9km) - 1:03'40
2008 (9km) - 53'37 (16th)
2009 (11km) - 57'03 (11th)

星期六, 4月 11, 2009

SCKLM Running Clinics

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009
Calling all new runners!
Join the Running Clinics to help get you started!

Kuala Lumpur, 10 April 2009 - The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 is proud to bring you the first in a series of clinics to prepare participants for the big event. The Marathon plans to host 3 clinics and they will be run in partnership with Pacesetters Malaysia. These running clinics are designed for all levels of runners and will cover all aspects from training, diet and nutrition to injuries and safety tips.

The first clinic, “Back to Basics” is designed for beginners and will be, led by elite runner and coach, Mark Williams, who is well-known in the running community. He will lead runners in a practice run at Lake Gardens whilst sharing his insights with the group. The Q&A session will address topics such as pacing, hydration, stretching, and specific goal setting among others.

Come and join us at these clinics to pick up valuable tips from elite runners, coaches and other industry specialists as they present informative and useful topics at the sessions. Details of the first session as below:

Date: Sunday, 19 April 2009
Venue: Tapak A, Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens)
Time: 8.00am-10.00am

Attendance is free but you will need to register beforehand. The clinic will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 200 participants so hurry and email us at: klmarathon@webershandwick.com. Please be sure to include your full name, age, IC number, contact details and your registered race category.
At the same time, mark these dates in your calendar for the next two running clinics happening on 24 May - Injury Prevention and 14 June - Countdown.

For more details or to register for the marathon, please log on to www.kl-marathon.com

星期五, 4月 10, 2009


Finally I got a bib for Orange Run, thanks to the Bukit Jalil running folks :)

So, I'll have my long run (hopefully is a very long one) on Saturday, then take Orange Run as my recovery run. I'm not going to target anything (although the prizes are so attractive :P) and just run to feel the fun atmosphere. It's has been a long period I run lonely and toughly in the dark. Just like a bat, a vampire, an evil, only active in the dark and die at sunlight...

So, see ya!

星期五, 4月 03, 2009

Hard Earned Rest Day

Today is my REST day! :D

Last time, I wish to have more days for workout, because I hardly have time or energy to run after work or even before work.

Now, I wish to have more rest, because I hardly have enought rest time now. Work + Workouts + Prepare running gear + Prepare pre run snack + Wash my post run clothes + Wash my long hair, all these enought to made me exhausted already, not yet plus other common task in daily life.

This week I've a very satisfied workouts in the weekdays, total milage from Monday to Thursday has achieved 49.9km in 4 tempo runs without injury or soreness. Althought the milage is not a woohaa, but consider very good for me already as a office lady and lone runner. Tiredness is not an issue, but patient (耐心)and time (时间)are the issues, these are the key for CONSISTENCY & DISCIPLINE.

Don't know can I maintain this consistency and discipline next few weeks??? It is hard to do (for me!) especially if there is a Very Long Run or B2B in the weekend.

p/s. I'll join pm1's group to do a super fast 20k on Saturday, because need to rush back to go back hometown.

adidas Sundown Marathon Race Pack Collection & Race Expo

adidas Sundown Marathon Race Pack Collection & Race Expo @ Millenia Walk
Date: Apr 3, 2009

The race expo will take place from 22 - 24 May 2009 at Millenia Walk...
All participants must collect their race kits during this time. At the expo, our sponsors and partners will also be present to excite you with the latest gadgets, running gears and tools. So bring your friends and running buddies down to the adidas Sundown Race Expo for some great deals!

Participants are required to present your ID or Confirmation Slip.

Race Expo Information – Preferred Mall: Millenia Walk
Address: No. 9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596
Website: Click Here
Date: 22 May (Friday) – 24 May (Sunday)
Time: 11.00am – 9.00pm

To ensure a smooth collection of your race kit, we advise participants to collect during off-peak hours (Please try to avoid lunch and dinner hours).

-If you are unable to collect your race kit personally, the person collecting your race kit on your behalf should provide
1) Your confirmation slip and
2) A letter authorization signed by you, authorizing the collection. The letter of authorization should contain your full name, IC/Passport no., signature and details of your friend.

Overseas Participants Only
Only participants who are non-residents of Singapore, who write in to the organizers personally can collect their race pack at the following address and times apart from the Race Expo. Participants are to take note of the collection time and location to avoid disappointment and missing the race.

Training Partner: Athlete’s Circle
Address: 27 Boon Tat Street Singapore 069623
Service Desk: +65 63725388
Website: Click Here
How to get there: Click Here
Date: 28 May (Thurs) – 30 May (Saturday)
Time: 28 May – 29 May: 10.30am – 7.00pm
30 May: 10.30am – 12.00pm

星期三, 4月 01, 2009

Orange Run 09

I'm so sad that I've skip this event as it is my favorite road race and I've never skipped once since 2006 because I need to practice long run, sob sob... :(

Don't know registration still open or not, otherwise I can do my LSD on Saturday then go for Orange Run on Sunday :)

星期一, 3月 30, 2009

Next LSD

This week (4-5 Apr) I do not practice LSD in KL, I'm going back hometown to celebrate my dad's birthday. I have not been visiting my parents since CNY in January, I miss them so much!

LSD resume on 12/4 (Sun), 40km, 5am.

Estimated Route:
Bkt Aman - Hartamas - Padang Merbok - Hartamas via Bank Negara -Hartamas - Bkt Aman

星期日, 3月 29, 2009

What a Mess!

I'm supposed to feel thankful after completing my 30km long run 5.30am in the darkness alone safely on Saturday. There’s another thing made me feel miserable afterward.

I’ll never ever take any PowerBar products anymore. It has been proven that the gel and bar is not work for me, so I was giving a hope to ProteinPlus. Unfortunately, the effect is even worse than the gel/bar. I got the feeling of vomiting after taking 3 quarters of it, but I managed to get hold of the vomiting feeling throughout my 30km workout. After my run, I couldn’t have any appetite at all to fill in anything to my stomach beside very light meals. Until the lunch time when stomach started to feel hungry, for whatever taken just throwing out from my stomach few minutes later, and lastly followed by the diarrhea. I have no choice to seek for doctor’s help as I was so weak by then, and I got an injection at my butt!!!

The whole story: the tiny bar messed up my stomach, body, and my training. Definitely I skipped my 20km run the next morning.

星期三, 3月 25, 2009

Very Long Run vs Back-to-Back

Surprisingly I was recovered pretty fast after a full day rest on Sunday after the 38km LSD. I was able to do a 30mins recovery run without having heavy/sore legs, and then carried out an 11.5km tempo run in 1hr with relaxing mood the next day. So I have no excuse to skip the 30/20 B2B this weekend (except for I need to support the US folks on Friday till 9.30pm... sucks!)

I can only explain all these by ‘There is a Will, There is a Way’. When the force is being with you, any possible obstacles will give you the way to pass. I hope so… in fact is thank to the slowliness la, haha!

After running for a Very Long Run and a Back-to-Back, I feel them differently. Both cannot be running away from the ultramarathon training, but I'd also higly recommend for marathon training (when you are ready)! Just that the mileage/running hours don't need to be so long.

Very Long Run

  1. Need more time, says 4-5 hours in a single run
  2. Just suffer for 1 day
  3. Need more support such as water, supplement and courage (I drank 1.45l water & Gatorade in total, too much??)
  4. Have better simulation of how your body deals with the stress and long hours
  5. Muscle tissues damage more if you over push by running too fast
  6. Support Gears: Nathan Speed 4 (fuelbelt with 4 bottles, 295ml each), cap

Remarks: Dehydration was serious after 30km, water needed averagely 2km from 30-38km. It might/might not because of consuming Gatorade (which suppose to be rehydration isotonic drinks but I found it gave me more thirst after drinking it)


  1. Just need 2-3 hours in a single run but got to hold it for 2 days
  2. The first run might be relax, but need to be prepared for the next suffering session
  3. Minimum water support needed, but courage is important for the 2nd session
  4. Not really have the effect as you have full day rest after the first run
  5. Less chances of injury because the stress is split to 2 sessions
  6. Support Gear: 500ml water bottle by hand carry or Pacesetter’s bottle pouch

What in common are: Both workouts also tough if you are not ready for the distance; Both workouts tune your muscles that works for long distance running and enhance your endurance;
Recovery period is depending on how much effort you have put in the run(s).

I think Very Long Run has better and more benefits than Back-to-Back, but it is not a good idea if you do Very Long Run too frequently unless you are fit and free enough. I definitely prefer combination both workouts every 4-week period, either 2 x Very Long Run + 1 x B2B + 1 x LSD or 1 x Very Long Run + 2 x B2B + 1 x LSD, depend on physical fitness on the week.

星期日, 3月 22, 2009

Longest LSD So Far…

What: 38km LSD (4:17:38)
When: 22/03/09, 5.15am
Where: Bukit Aman – Hartamas x 2 (U-turn at Bank Negara at 2nd loop)

Only 1 word to say, TIRED!

Next weekend will be back-to-back training, hopefully 30/20 if my legs, body and mind can recover on time.

星期四, 3月 19, 2009

Very Long Run

After enjoying two community runs with my usual training gangs (pacemekers and bukit jalil running club) which gave me a lot of fun time in the gathering, I should have start back my long run training. I do not think the two community runs have mess up my training, honestly I need some rest. Although my training mileage is still looked pretty mild for a 52-miler ultramarathon preparation, but I have to take care of my body and health too. Most of the time I running under the sun, I see my shadow, it doesn't look like a human's shadow but a skeleton is moving, LOL!

I feel good to start my Very Long Run, which is the distance I've not covered before in my usual weekend LSD. I feel fear of it, but this is challange I must overcome.

When I achieved 20km, 10km become easy, but 30km is fearful.
When I achieved 30km, 20km become easy, but 35km is terribly long.
When I achieved 35km, 30km is my cup of tea, but 40km is horrible.
If I cannot do 40km, what happen to 84km?

I got to remind myself, do it slowly although it might be too slow to get to the target, but never push myself too hard until breaking down and never achieve the target. For the 40km Very Long Run, I'll bring sufficient water or at least some extra money for water but not for cab, some supplement e.g. energy gel or banana, and I need motivation to keep me going even if the sun is bright up there.

May the force be with me!

My LSD log since Jan'09
03/01/2009 - 30km
10/01/2009 - 25km
18/01/2009 - 30km (GE 30k)
08/02/2009 - 20km (B2B)
09/02/2009 - 20km
15/02/2009 - 28km
22/02/2009 - 21km
01/03/2009 - 35km
22/03/2009 - 40km

星期一, 3月 16, 2009





Larian Amal Seri Sinar

What: Larian Amal Seri Sinar
When: 15.03.2009
Where: Bukit Jalil
Category: Women Open 10km
Result: 54.xx (3rd)
Photos: http://www.pmtey2.multiply.com/

Photo by Frank, L-R: Lynn, Pui San, Siok Leng, Shih Meng, Ameba

Without much sleep the night before, i was really hate to wake up at 5am, and delayed on the bed until 5.30am. It took me about 20mins to get to Bukit Jalil Park, my weekday's training ground. I thought I could have more time to go to the starting point, but it was just on time. Flag was off when i was walking and squeezing myself till the middle of the pack, this was so regreted, i was left so behind...

The course was truly hilly, although most are gentle one but they are many and long enough to make you huff and puff. I tried to keep up my pace with Gaby, who running beside me most of the time, but I was dropped at last 1km.

Finishing at the uphilling road, said thanks to the volunteers who passed me the goodies bag coupon. She congrated me for getting 3rd position, I was happy with it, and I know everybody also happy with me with this position.

Hang around at the finishing point for too long, I was almost missed my turn at the prize giving ceremony. Rushed to the podium from changing room, I was few seconds late. The cup of the throphy was so HUGE! The prize come with a bag of PowerBar products and a RM100 Brooks cash voucher.

After this, I will enjoy my LsSD (long long long... LSD) all next coming weekends...

星期四, 3月 12, 2009

You're Invited: Standard Chartered KL Marathon Opens Registration!!!

Dear Runner

Octagon, a division of CMGRP (M) Sdn. Bhd and Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad are pleased to commence the official registration and website for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, the biggest and most rewarding marathon to hit Malaysia.

To commemorate the start of the registration tomorrow, we are having some activities in KL to kick off the registration. We would like to invite you to come over to Pavilion KL to join in on the festivities. Lucky runners who sign up tomorrow at Pavilion KL will stand a chance to win thumb drives, free registration and a grand prize of 2 VIP Access Passes to attend the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 (great gift for your friends and family).

When ? 10.00am to 1.00pm on 13 March 2009 (Friday)
Where ? Espressamente Illy Café
Lot 310, Level 3, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur (facing Bintang Walk)

Or if you’re unable to come over to Pavilion KL, no worries. Just log on to http://www.kl-marathon.com/ from tomorrow onwards to register! Also, tomorrow we will be sending you the official press release announcing the start of registration to post on your blog.

If you need more info about what is happening tomorrow, please do not hesitate to contact:

Weber Shandwick Malaysia, at 03-7843 3100, or;

Alina Morais amorais@webershandwick.com (017 323 3078 / 03 7843 3125)
Norhayati Malek nmalek@webershandwick.com (012 713 2770 / 03 7843 3129)
Marc Ng marc5133@yahoo.com (019 3196032)


星期二, 3月 10, 2009

First Woman?!

What: Wild Wild Run
When: 8th March 2009 (Sunday)
Where: Zoo Negara
Category: Women Open 34 & Below
Distance: 7.4km
Result: 36’36 (1st)
Average pace per km: 4’57
More info: http://www.pm1.blogspot.com/

Do I consider fulfilled my dream, to be the First Woman?

I got the 1st position in Wild Wild Run Women Open (age group 34 & below) last week. As every run I did, I just care to run my own pace.

Without spending any efforts in speedwork for past three months, this is the result I’m satisfying with as I’ve been concentrating on slow and steady long run. I heard someone said that, “You able to get No. 1 that because those strong women runners were not there.” In fact this is true, but this is irritating where it actually hurts and shows no respect to me. Well, may the force be with me...

Through the running path, I’ve built up my immune system against all the negative influences, sadly said that it is even worse than my colleague commented ‘What for to be so suffering? I rather watch TV at home…’

Running supposes to be simple and enjoyable, but competitive run is poisonous and some people remain to look down on you no matter how hard you've tried. No matter what others said, I keep my faith, and only one thing can stop me from running which is death.

Anyway, the event is so interesting that I saw those big guys (bulls, tigers, lions, giraffes & elephants), fast guys (leopard, puma & ostrich) and adorable guys (deer, baby hippo) who rarely come in to my life. The race was welcome by the tigers’ roar in the darkness, and I was cheered by group of volunteers, also the long necked creature, giraffe and the shy hippo soaking itself in the water. Thanks to them they made my run so cheerful!

As I’ve promised and ‘approved’ my own vacation leave, no long run in Sat/Sun/Mon. WT and I off for a trip to Fraser’s Hill after WWR. No work, no run, just eat, sleep and relax. Good time always short, now I’m back to the track to keep up my trainings.

星期日, 3月 01, 2009



终于在三月的第一天‘啃掉’那片‘土司’。35公里,真的跑到脚要断掉!这个长跑,我用了3:30完成35公里,总算达到目标,但一点成就感都没有,因为后半都是很勉强地撑过去的。不过确实很有满足感,终于达到另个里程碑,为新的里程碑杯做准备。下个星期决定放自己一个周末的假,不做长跑睡饱饱 :)

lausai感(闹肚子的感觉)是阔别已久的感觉,在星期六的double hills又来了,那个10.8km是好不容易才跑完的。真是的,要ban掉mamak食物和tomyam了!

1.3.09 Tea + Toast Run (35km)
Bukit Aman – Hartamas – Bukit Aman (20.8km) + Reverse Double Hill (10.8km) + Lake Garden (3.4km)
2:02:23, (1'41), 1:05:02, (1'16), 19'53

Total week mileage: 70.4km

星期日, 2月 22, 2009









21.02.2009 (Sat)
Double Hills 10.8km (1:03:14)

22.02.2009 (Sun)
Hartamas 20.8km (2:11:34)

Total Week Mileage: 54.4km

星期五, 2月 20, 2009







月儿明 风儿静
南边来个大白鹅 霹哩叭啦就下了河
你猜到了吗 是饺子
拉大锯 扯大锯
姥姥家 唱大戏
接闺女 唤女婿

月儿明 风儿静

星期一, 2月 16, 2009

Chocolate Run and Tea Run

Chocolate Run
When: Valentine’s Day
Where: Double Hills
Time: 1:00:32 (10.8km)

因为家里有吃不完的巧克力,而且这天又是天下的情人节,就称这为Chocolate Run。巧克力一定是情人节礼物了,不过是送不出情人节礼物,如果一天吃两颗也得要一个月才吃完。Double Hills是我一直都很爱的路线,一路经过许多树林,人烟稀少,车流量也较少。但由于太久没有跑,结果对路线有点摸不清。


Tea Run
When 15.02.09 (Sun)
Where: Hartamas 30k route
Time: 2:47:12 (28km)

身体完全恢复了元气,双腿也recover过来了,今天的30公里是跑不掉的了。因为每次想到30公里长程的折磨,心里会感到一阵恐惧感。为了忘掉数字所带来的联想,就用了这个代号,我要将30公里的长跑成为my cup of tea。或者也可以说,如喝茶般容易!

今天多么庆幸有WaiSum的dear, Ben开路,WaiSum和Adam陪跑,尽管那‘只’‘猪’(Chong Wah)又睡不醒了!Adam其实只想做Double Hills的,由于‘美女’魅力无法挡,结果跟着去了Hartamas,陪我跑过我一半的路程。哈哈!

很棒一个Tea Run,正如我愿,it’s my cup of tea! 今天这Hartamas 30k路线是我有史以来跑得最轻松又最快的。

Next Long Run (tentative)
22.02 (Sun): Tea + Toast Run (35km+/-)
Route: Bukit Aman - Hartamas + 1 loop Petronas - Income Tax Building - Hartamas via MATRADE - Hartamas + 1 loop Petronas - Bukit Aman via MATRADE (+ 1 loop LG if not enough 3:30)

星期一, 2月 09, 2009





今天(9/2,Mon)的长跑,和昨天(8/2,Sun)的长跑有着极端的感觉。这样连续两个长跑,就叫B2B(Back-to-Back)。星期日那天的长跑是极轻松又快乐的,Bukit Aman好像在开Party一样热闹。特意放慢速度保留余力给第二天的长跑,跑完后还有一顿丰富美味的早餐。结果星期一的这个长跑,比想象中还难,是漫长又寂寞的。当然下一次的B2B就要克服这些困难,在第一个长跑过后,就应该争取时间休息并多进食。这两项都是那天我没做到的。

08.02.2009 (Sun)
Bukit Aman – Hartamas
2:01:05 (1:00:06/ 4’19 (Rest) / 56’38)

09.02.2009 (Mon)
Bukit Aman – Hartamas
2:10:07 (59’54/ 6’19 (Rest) / 1:03:51)

Next B2B
14.02.2009 (Sat) - 20k
15.02.2009 (Sun) - 20k

星期六, 2月 07, 2009

Aim For...

I must write down my goal and vision from time to time before I have forgotten my mission and to stay motivated.

adidas Sundown Marathon 84km (30th May 09)
It is my first ever ultra marathon. To complete the run, it is still a uncertainty. As long as my breath is carried on, I'll cross the finishing line no matter how many hours it will take.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 42.195km (28th June 09)
This event is more than likely to happen. If my ultra in May do not give me any hussles or blockers, in the one month time, I'll be able to recovery and train on speed to target for sub 4:15.

星期二, 2月 03, 2009





Kuantan这里山明水秀,果然太多训练的好地方。这一个星期我最常去的是Bukit Pelindung,是座只有海拔两百多米的小山,山顶有几座电讯公司的transmitter tower,所以有条铺得美美的柏油路。快速步行上下山大概50分钟。关丹没有一个不懂Pelindung的人,这儿是我年少时的活动地带。那时我才十多岁,常常号召大群同学走山去,现在已是物是人非了。那群同学,有些到邻国另寻高谋,有些是几个孩子的父母,有些去向不明,肯定有一个还在奔跳自如。


Taman Gelora更是不能不去的晨运地点。晨运的人不必怕关丹的太阳晒,这里的跑道完全在树阴下,只是圈子太小(约1.4km),跑长的话很快就觉纳闷了,但我最长的记录是九圈相等于12.6km。那天我只跑了七圈。


星期五, 1月 23, 2009

Happy 'Niu' Year

Wishing you a happy, healthy & prosperous 牛Year!

Running: From Start to Now

At first
I run because I love sports

I run because I enjoy running

I run because I simply love running more than other sports

I run because I discovered my potential

I run and I can win in top finishers

I run and put my shoe in competition

I run the competition not to put you down or to win

After That
I run the competition with only 1 competitor, myself

I don’t want to care who is ahead of me, how many people overtake me, how many people frustrated because they have overtaken by me, how many people jealous because I won prizes but they can’t, how many people look down on me and doubt my performance. I’m frustrating, but I think nothing wrong with me and I’m not a black horse. I have come to the circumstances that I just want to run my own race and compete with myself. I have my goal, my dream, my target, my objective, my faith and my way to achieve it. I know where's my limit and weakness, I'm moving forward to beat them down.

I come to running to meet friends not enemies.
I’m here to share my passion not glory.

I run, because I enjoy the process and appreciate the lessons learned.
And definately, I'm running strong!

星期四, 1月 22, 2009




这样的训练难度高在一个小时内要卸妆、换衣、Warm up、开跑、Warm down、冲凉、换衣、上妆、还得吃午餐,当然,我一定超时了!我想这样的训练很不错,大概一星期最多可以做两次。

星期三, 1月 21, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 Set To Take Off In June With The Aim Of Being Sustainable

RM 350,000 biggest ever cash prize for a marathon in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 20 January 2009 – The inaugural Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 is set to place Malaysia on the global map of marathons by being a sustainable event. Following in the footsteps of eight successful Standard Chartered Marathons spanning four continents, the Race offers the biggest prize money ever for a marathon in Malaysia (RM 350,000) with a guaranteed prize pool for Malaysian runners.

Octagon, a division of CMGRP (M) Sdn. Bhd and Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad officially launched Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, today. The launch was officiated by the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob. Endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 is also sanctioned by the Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU), International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri said in his speech,

“Our vision at the Ministry of Youth and Sports is to develop an active, healthy and energetic community. Specifically, we aspire to realise this by making running an accessible sport for all to enjoy.

A world-class, international race such as the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 lends support to this goal by fostering the spirit of excellence not just among professional athletes but among all Malaysians, from the youngest to the oldest of them.”

Octagon who are specialists in sporting events worldwide, aims to attract 12,500 participants for what is expected to be the marathon of the year. Ivan Brixi, Managing Director for Octagon in Asia, elaborated,

“We aspire for this race to become a race for everyone – professional athletes, amateurs, families with children, corporate and NGO bodies and anyone who wants to be a part of something fun and inspirational.

We have every intention to make this Marathon a sustainable one – both by “greening” it and through the charity element. This means we will do our best to use recyclable materials where possible for the runners’ giveaways and encourage KL to become a car-free zone for the day. Indeed we will do everything in our power to reduce the carbon footprint of this event.

The Race will start from Merdeka Square on 28 June 2009. The route for the marathon will showcase some of the capital’s most famous landmarks, making it an ideal attraction for tourists and out-of-towners.”

Julian Wynter, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad said,

“We are very excited to add KL to the Standard Chartered series of marathons. In all eight countries where we sponsor Marathons, each has created a real buzz amongst the marathon-running community globally and we know that Standard Chartered KL Marathon will be no exception.”

“Standard Chartered Marathons characterise the values and attitudes we believe in and live by every day – having a can-do attitude, the courage to try, and the stamina and determination to go the extra mile, no matter what. They also embody our Right Partner promise to our governments, our communities, and our people – to help our communities grow and prosper.”

Octagon’s goal is to establish the Standard Chartered KL Marathon as the best in the region and to ultimately achieve the Silver and Gold recognition from IAAF within the next 5 years.

Octagon proudly welcomes Standard Chartered Malaysia as the Title Sponsor and MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd as a Gold Sponsor in the Insurance category. More sponsors will be announced in the coming months.


For media enquiries, please contact:

Standard Chartered Malaysia
Karen R Yap, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs +6 03 2781 7257
Karen-R.Yap@standardchartered.com +6012 292 6780

For Octagon: Weber Shandwick Malaysia, at 03-7843 3100, or;
Alina Morais amorais@webershandwick.com (017 323 3078 / 03 7843 3125)
Suninthini Ramalo sramalo@webershandwick.com (012 635 6351 / 03 7843 3131)

Standard Chartered – leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, a member of the Standard Chartered Group was established in Malaysia in 1875 and locally incorporated on 1 July 1994. As Malaysia’s first bank, Standard Chartered leads the way through product innovation, consistent and strong growth performance and sustainability initiatives. It provides a comprehensive range of financial products and services including retail and wholesale banking for individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate and institutions through its network of 37 branches across Malaysia.

In 2001, Standard Chartered established a global shared service centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to provide software development, banking operations and IT support services to the Bank in up to 70 countries – the first international bank to do so in Malaysia. It now houses the biggest software development company in the country, International Software Centre Malaysia (ISCM). Standard Chartered’s two other global shared service centres are in Chennai, India and Tianjin, China.

Another wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, Price Solutions Sdn. Bhd is also located in Malaysia. The company promotes and markets Standard Chartered’s financial products in Malaysia through a network of direct sales agents.

Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad, its Islamic Banking subsidiary was established in November 2008. It offers a comprehensive range of Shariah-compliant products and services to individuals and corporates through its first Saadiq financial centre (branch) located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Standard Chartered employs more than 5,000 employees in all its Malaysian operations.

At Octagon, sports and entertainment are our passions. And it's been that way for nearly five decades. From a foundation in athlete representation dating to the 1960s to the emerging as one of the first agencies of its kind to offer strategic consulting, Octagon has been a thought leader and agent for change in sports and entertainment content marketing. Octagon globally has 900+ employees in 18 countries and works with more than 500 of the world's top companies and organizations. Worldwide, Octagon manages more than 5,200 events and $3 billion of investment in activation of sponsorships, ranging from entitlements of major properties to grassroots events.

Octagon represents over 800 athletes and celebrities. Our services include career and financial planning and management, securing endorsements, managing and creating ties to the community and cause related programs. Contracts negotiated by Octagon for athlete clients are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
Octagon also manages a variety of sports properties with a principal focus on tennis, golf and running. Some of the major properties managed by Octagon in Asia include Beijing International Marathon (China), Toray PPO Tennis Championships (Japan) and World Cup Gymnastics (China) amongst many others.
Octagon in Malaysia is a division of CMGRP (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD a registered company under the laws of Malaysia. CMGRP (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is a member of IPG (Interpublic Group) a company listed on the NYSE stock exchange and a communications giant globally. Octagon Asia Pacific network spans the world’s most populous and dynamic region. Our regional headquarters are based in Beijing, and we have a growing network of offices in this region across 8 countries serving the sports community.
We have established our offices in Malaysia recently and we believe that in this dynamic and growing economy we would be able to help the growth of sports industry through our expertise. We are committed to our growth and our goal is to assist the overall sports development in Malaysia.