星期二, 11月 25, 2008

KRI 12.8km Pre-Race

Will it be a *race* or *fun run* for me? I've been worrying about my condition since surviving from PBIM. My engine like 'overhaul' and full body tired like never had before... The case was worsen when I went for Hartamas 20k route with pm1 gang last Saturday, I pancit kau kau lat at not even 10k. Pity Wern Tien walk with me from the mosque onwards back to Bukit Aman.

Anyway this coming KRI run is very meaningful to me, it is my first race in my life that fall in age group of 30's, hahaha...

If every run must have a reason, this one will be:

"I run for beautiful 30's"

星期二, 11月 18, 2008

Running Tall at PBIM 2008

What: Penang Bridge International Marathon
When: 16.11.2008, 5.00AM
Where: Queensbay Mall, Penang
Category: Women Open Half Marathon (25km)
Result: 2:23:22 (15th)
Summary: Very satisfied with my performance. Pace under controlled, breathing smooth and running tall. Proud to be at position 15th.

Thanks to Miow Chin for adopting me the little cat in her house for a day, and also be the driver drove Tey & I everywhere.

This is the first time I woke up this early for a race, 1am. We must reach Queensbay Mall by 2am as the road would be closing at 2am, and Tey must report himself for Full Marathon which started at 3am.

We lined up at starting line at 4.50am, I squeezed myself to the front. The voice of the drum is motivating, I was into meditation for a short moment and telling myself: pace yourself, running tall! I ran slow and steady at the first half, no matter overtaken by how many runners, still keeping my own pace. The best person who understands my potential and fitness is myself, 知己知彼,百战百胜.

Eyes were busy looking for water station, or perhaps left over water. So disappointed when I passed by the empty water station. I was so regret that I did not buy the fuel belt at Powerbar counter yesterday… I realized that if I do not have water, so do other runners. I was reminded my a quote from Runner’s World: “The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”

Two gels taken along the way, they helped me maintaining my energy and keep allowed me ran faster at the second half. Last 2km were long indeed, I keep my foot stride on the road and got back to finishing line with the 15th position card. I was so happy, the feeling is just unbelievable. I would not say I won nor fast, but I proud of myself as I knew it gonna be a tough race as there are many strong runners from Kenya, Thai and Malaysia competing in this category.

Ameba Go Go Go!

Penang Bridge International Marathon

I love my run, but not the event. May I suggest they downgrade it to ‘Penang Bridge Fun Run’ instead of ‘Penang Bridge International Marathon’?

Let’s take a cup of espresso before a sweet, means let me let go the anger first then only talk about sweet moments…

I really hate to hear complaints and I’m not really a complaint queen, but I got to tell everyone honestly, this is not only me alone is complaining, but 100% of the runners having the same feeling – disappointed, frustrated!

I was suppose to give them a great credit for the preparation at the beginning, good job done in portal, publicity, online registration, booklet, bib collection, entertainment at starting line. However, they have missed the most important points of organizing an INTERNATIONAL RACE! Excuse me, this is an International Marathon, not a fun fair! At the end of the race, the single mistake (the most important factor) spoilt all the hard works!

There were total participants of 16,500, it may look grand, unfortunately they have QUANTITY but NO QUALITY.

All Full Marathon runners (Men Open, Men Veteran & Women Open) started at 3.00AM, first 20+km was running at industrial area… After approx. 2 hours, they joined the crowd at the bridge of about 6,000 men Half Marathon runners (Men Open, Men Jr. Veteran & Men Sr. Veteran) who started at 4.30am.

See the problem? The medium pace Full Marathoners who arrived at bridge’s water stations were behind the huge crowd and the limited water actually already wiped off by the huge crowd of Men Half Marathoners.

5.00am, Women Half Marathoner (Women Open, Women Veteran) came behind and reached the empty water station, even the category lead pack also suffered without water. For me, I only have a cup of proper and enough water at the bridge U-turn point, which is >10km.

Imagine all runners drank from the shared 5L water containers, they shared the water as well as the saliva. And I was thinking to eat the ice cubes from St. John stand-by station when I was desperately looking for water...

As a conclusion, only Men Half Marathoners (excluded the jokers) enjoy the water without issue.

Sponge Station
Sorry, never have chance to see a clean sponge nor tub, even organizer announced loudly that there were sponging stations. Even I thought to drink water from the sponging tub also have no chance to do that...

The Jokers
Sorry to say I really hate to see the crowd of fun runners who took part in Half Marathon with NO running spirit, they were there just to sight seeing and take the opportunity of walking on the Penang Bridge (or perhaps were forced to come). They did not understand what a Half Marathon is and their existence were causing traffic jam to the true runners. Many runners including me ended up ran zig-zag to avoid the crowd group by group. The feeling at the moment was really “一山还有一山高”, means after this group of people blocking, there are other bigger ones in front.

The worse case was when 10k Fun Runners made the U-turn at the bride, It was as danger as a volcano, they were exactly like the lava blast out from the volcano (cause they wearing official t-shirt in orange color), and I just shouted ‘Shit!’ Here I need the skill of sliding like a snake.

Distance Marker
The distance marker is only mean for Full Marathoner, for Half Marathoners, if your math is not good, then sorry la… my math is not bad, but I really hate to do math during my race. FYI, the distance markers were written in 32km, 37km, etc. I was running Half Marathon 25km, so I did not program the distance point of 32km nor 37km, hence I can't understand what 37km meant to me.

I commented the above from a runner’s point of view, I bet you will not know the true story above through newspaper. And I only have the above strong disappointment after the race, because I do like to run on bridge with the breeze (although the air is not quit fresh).

Next year come again? Depend if I want to accept the fact of 'Malaysia cannot organize a quality international running event'! or 'There is no perfect event in the world, even if there is, it won't be at Malaysia' or just be prepared with own water...

星期四, 11月 13, 2008

Why I Love Caffeine & Apple

From the November 2008 issue of Runner's World

Chicken-noodle soup helps hydration
Science: Scientists in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gave runners two cups of either chicken-noodle soup or water before a 90-minute run in the heat. Compared to those who had water prerun, runners who ate the soup had better hydration and electrolyte levels postworkout. Researchers think the soup's sodium made subjects thirstier, which encouraged them to drink more.Action: Before a hot run, have some soup with about 800 milligrams of sodium per cup to promote drinking midrun.

Tea can reduce muscle soreness
Science: Exercise physiologists from Rutgers University gave participants a black-tea extract or placebo for nine days and put them through a strenuous workout. Compared to the placebo group, participants who received black-tea supplements had significantly lower amounts of muscle soreness and damage. Researchers believe catechins, the antioxidants in black and green tea, were responsible for reducing inflammation.Action: Drink one or two cups of black or green tea a day to increase the amount of catechins in your diet and perhaps stave off muscle soreness.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Science: Researchers at the University of South Carolina gave lab animals a supplement of quercetin, a compound found in apples, for several days. They ran the animals on a treadmill until exhaustion and inoculated them with the influenza virus. Animals that received the quercetin supplement were less likely to get sick than those that did not receive the supplement.Action: Make foods high in quercetin (apples, onions, garlic, and broccoli) part of your diet, especially after an intense or long run, when your immune system is fragile.

Caffeine can help you set PRs...
Science: Scientists at two universities in Minnesota gave runners a drink with or without caffeine (equal to two cups of coffee) one hour before a VO2 max test. Participants who had caffeine experienced a four percent increase in VO2 max and a three percent increase in lactate threshold. This performance boost can translate into a 30-second improvement in 10-K time.Action: Have one or two cups of coffee or tea an hour before a hard workout or race for a potential drop in times.

...And helps speed recovery, too
Science: Researchers in Melbourne, Australia, put participants through two bouts of exhaustive exercise to drain glycogen stores. Researchers then gave the athletes a large dose of carbs either with or without caffeine. Within four hours, caffeine boosted glycogen rebuilding by 66 percent compared to carbohydrate alone.Action: After a hard run, refuel with a carb-rich meal along with coffee, tea, or a caffeinated energy drink to boost recovery.

星期日, 11月 09, 2008

IOI Community Run

What: IOI Community Run
When: 9.11.2008 , 7.45AM
Where: Bandar Puteri, Puchong
Category: Women Open 7.3km
Result: 39'35 (9th)

I did not target it as a race but recovery run instead. However when the flag is off, I automatic run like a horse, concentrate and focus, of course, push all the way out. This was the best I could do at this moment, especially after a 20k run yesterday.

The course 7.3km is a speed test. I've been considering for a long time before taking part because I knew it is not my favourite distance. That's why I was so linient to excuse myself this time. I do not satisfy with my timing, but in fact, this is the best I could do, no regret.

I was really tired after pushing all the way, not allowing myself to be overtaken, and tried to close the gap between me and the front competitor. There were a number of hills to climb, that utilized a lot of my oxygen. I need blood, oh I mean oxygen, hehe... holding my fists tight and control my breathing, focus and dash to the finishing line.

I need the honor of a runner not the position and prize.

What: Hartamas 20k route
When: 8.11.08, 6.15AM
Who: Wern Tien & Ameba
Time: 1:56:12 (55'46/5'56/54'30)
I sweat a lot and therefore I lost a lot electrolytes during the run. I still feel tired during the course, but the condition is better than previous 20k training. May be the 500ml plain water
helps. Yeah, keep hydrated is very important especially going for long distance.
I told WT, due to Sunday's IOI run, I want a slow slow run, says 2:00:00, but may be it's the nature of wearing running gears, I was so eager to run faster, then end up finished in sub 2hr.

星期五, 11月 07, 2008

Brooks Trance 8 (Women) for Sale

My new sole mate for sale, sob sob...

After wearing it for twice at total milage of 12.5km, I decided not to use the shoe anymore. The reason is, the shape of the shoe does not suit me. My feet are not exactly neutral, they are almost flat with wide width, left foot is more obvious than the right. When I wear this pair of shoe, the ball of the forefoot at left touches the edge of the shoe and perhaps is exceeding it, that's why the my foot was 'terkepit' by the edge.

No doubt that this is a high-end running shoe, but it just does not suit me. Below is the information of the shoe, feel free to contact me if you are interested. You can also go to Brooks outlet at The Curve to try out, but I'm selling it at almost 50% off.

Model: Brooks Trance 8 (Women)
Release: Fall 2008
Size: USA 7 (UK 5 or 24CM)
Color: Slv/Whtprl/Shado/Morange/Pltgr (exactly as the image)
Widths: B
Category: Support (cushioning)
Platform: Universal (neutral)
More info from official site: Brooks Trance 8 1200341B

Date of Purchase: 1st Nov 2008
Blog Post on First Purchase: New Sole Mate
Mileage so far: 12.5km
Usage History: 4.11.08 4km at TPM, 6.11.08 8.5km at Bukit Jalil Park
Reason of selling: Not suit my feet
Selling Price: RM290 (original price RM579)
Contact Person: Ameba 016-6113168 (chui_miew@yahoo.com)

星期四, 11月 06, 2008

Day Dreaming

I'm day dreaming of running in Boston Marathon which requires qualifying time of 3hr40min for my age group.

I'm day dreaming of running the ultramarathon at Badwater, Death Valley crossing 135miles from 85m below sea level to 2533m above sea level.

Are they possible to me? 10 years? 20 years?

星期三, 11月 05, 2008

New Sole Mate

I have a new sole mate since last Saturday, I found him at Awana Genting.

Hey, i repeat, is 'sole mate' not 'soul mate' :P

Model: Brooks Trance 8
Ori. price: RM579.00
Promo price: RM347.00 (with AG Trailblazer 40% discount voucher)
Type: Support
Specs: http://www.brooksrunning.com/prod.php?p=1200341B&k=123212
Purpose: Backup training shoe and Half/Full Marathon shoe

1. Acceptable weight with acceptable cushioning (not too bulky and heavy)
2. Good ventilation
3. Thin layer around the ankle
4. Go green with BioMoGo technology

Milage so far: 4km
Estimated milage of lifespan: 400miles

Too early to give any comment, will review after at least 50km with various distance. But for now, I'm feeling it value for $$$. Just hope this pair of shoe suit my k-shape foot.

星期一, 11月 03, 2008

Awana Genting Trailblazer

What: Awana Genting TrailBlazer
When: 02.11.2008
Where: Awana Genting Highlands
Result: Adventure Mixed 8th, 2:00:21

Before... clean and tidy

Wind & Fire in action...

Crossing the line

RM200 Genting Holiday Card

All winners

Kei Ming, Simon, Wern Tien, Stanley, Suet Fong, Saiful

Believe me or not, this race is a soft killer!

Before the race, it was a nice and comfortable stay at Deluxe room in Awana Genting;
During the race, you won’t feel the tough of the route and course until….
The day after the race, all parts of your body also pain like hell, shoulders, neck, arms, chest, thighs, calves, etc… it would take few days to a week to recover, head also spinning, sigh…

My partner, Wern Tien and I were well prepared for the gears and spirits. We didn’t have any trail running practices except during PIC. We learned lots of strategies from PIC’s trail running and we met couples of teams who took part in PIC too. We were just lack of luck in PIC, but we’re very confident in Trailblazer especially when WT got his new pair of Columbia’s All Terrain shoe :D

I dressed up like a Black Widow and WT like a Quick Silver on the race day. We all very disappointed cause it rained since last nite, mud would stick to us closely then. Race flagged off by category, we’re the 3rd and flagged off at about 8.45am. First few km were running on the tarmac beside golf field, mostly uphill. As expected, the trail was muddy and slippery after raining. Many runners slowed down but we pushed harder instead. Like running in Amazon, ran up the hill, slide down the mud and crossed the streams, then repeat. We didn’t have chance to ran non-stop, some ways were blocked by slow runners due to narrow or slippery path; some path were just too steep. We just made sure we’re continue running, be hydrated, and stick to each other.

While exiting from jungle, it was like escaped from the dark, there is another 1.7km logging trail and 15 obstacle before crossing the finishing line. Well, the obstacles looked easy, but can be exhausting and tiring especially after a hard run. We overcame the obstacles without major problems except the last one. I was stuck at the bank, perhaps my legs are too short and found very difficult to out from the mud lake. Thanks to the hand from the other runner and WT, otherwise I gotto soak in the mud for another couple of minutes.

We crossed the finishing line with hands up and smiling. We did it! We’re 8th! Yeah, satisfied. We walked away with RM200 Genting Holiday Card and utilized portion of the value in Buffet Dinner at Café Terrace.

After the race until today, full body ache and tired… hopefully can recover by this Sunday to gain the racing mode in IOI run.