星期四, 10月 30, 2008






我要休息!这个星期日的Genting Trailblazer不能缺席。我和Wern Tien可是信心满满的呢!

星期三, 10月 29, 2008


I almost pengsan and vomit at today's training. My form still very unfit at the moment, warmup also can stitch, very sad liao. I did 8 x 400m with 400m slow jog for recovery, maintained the first 6 at average pace of 1'4x, then the 7th set really tired and slowed down. Every last 50m also like crawling to finish. sob sob....

1'39 / 1'41 / 1'45 / 1'41 / 1'43 / 1'47 / 2'00 / 1'44

Wake up, Ameba! Slap slap...

星期一, 10月 27, 2008


What: Hartamas 20k route
When: 25.10.2008 (Sat), 5.15am
Who: Jamie, Gareldine & Ameba
Time: 32'43 (Duta), 25'26 (Petronas), 3'45 (rest), 24'16 (Duta), 33'04 (BA) = 1:59:16

Thanks to Jamie and Geraldine for their companion. It was the tapering time for two of them who going for New York City Marathon soon, Good luck and all the best to them!

I ran tiredly and slowed down at the last 5k to avoid injury. It has been very the long time I didn't do LSD, the last time i ran the 20k route was before adidas KORT, haha.. it is 3 months ago. This time i saw something new on the way, so many stray dogs wander around, they very smart, 'more bully few', when big group come, they hide somewhere, when small group come, they bark at you and pretend they are tigers. When 3 of us passed by, they thought we were rabbit, but we are lions instead :P

星期五, 10月 24, 2008

Penang Bridge International Marathon

After thinking days and nights, left and right, finally I decided going for PBIM, but just joining half marathon (25km). Now I cannot find any reason not to join PBIM, beside last times I was really tired and scared of traveling.

The traveling period, from August to October, has pulled my down, but now, I have return and expect to running strong! I ran yesterday, my performance was sucks, rhythm out, pace out, breathing out. I was sad because I feel I'm weak, but I the stronger the feeling of 'weak', the stronger the desire to kick the 'weak' out!

In my dictionary, you won't find 'Give Up', and now, the definition of 'Weak' is 'strong', the definition of 'Strong' is 'stronger'. That's means you won't find 'Weak' in my dictionary.

Give me few more weeks and I shall back to last two months' performance.

星期二, 10月 21, 2008

PIC 2008

Perhentian island is a beautiful island, but Perhentian Island Challenge 2008 wasn’t an interesting adventure race.

I’m very tired in writing the complaints again, but there was one area that made my partner and I extremely disappointed (so called Amkan!!!)…. Every team was supposed to get their canoe according to their bib number, but our canoe was stolen, wasted 20minutes at the shore and looked at all other participants kayak far away from us. We can’t do anything but just watched and disappointed, there were some other canoes left here, but they were WITHOUT paddle! How could this happen in a race? At the end of the event, no one is disqualified due to taking other’s canoe, the participants broke the rules and the organizer broke the promise.

After getting the paddle and kayaked to the opposite island, we were the 2nd last team who arrived, that means we need to pay extra efforts to compete with those already far in front of us. Eventually we finished in 5:36:27 and fell on 20th position. If we minus the time wasted, we could be at top 15 position. Cash prize for top 15 and medal for top 20 winners, so we thought ‘at least we have a medal as souvenier la’, but who knows that the medal also printed wrongly as ‘ELITE TEAM WOMEN’ instead of ‘ELITE TEAM MIXED’!!!

Sigh…. tired, tired, tired…
Well, what already happened is past; I’m glad that my partner and I remained as a team with high fighting spirit to face the challenges until the end of the event. There are many challenges in life ahead that required us to hand in hand, heart to heart to overcome all of them.

Wind & Fire

星期三, 10月 15, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run bib Vacant

My bib (Women Open) is available for giving away! I'd love to run this course but unfortunately it clashed with Perhentian Island Challange.

Those who missed the chance to register can get my bib and run. FOC (or pay me RM10 for the refundable chip), you enjoy the race and keep the medal (or any post-race goodies), but I'll keep the vest.

Leave me a message here and I shall contact you soon.

The race is a 10k course held at Padang Merbok this Sunday. More info available at www.pacesetters.com.my/

星期二, 10月 14, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back, fighting with time to overcome jetlag now. Hope my body and mind reshape in these few days.

PIC, here I come!

星期四, 10月 09, 2008

That's The POWER

I had a really good run on Tuesday evening. I had a full day rest and ate well on Monday, body doesn't seem to have severe tiredness or acheness, it's a good sign and also bad sign. Good means good because no 'egg', bad means I supposed could do better in the race.

The weather suddenly has a dramatic fall again on Tuesday, it was 6 degree celsius in the morning and about 12 in the evening. I well prepared myself with warm clothing for the evening run. Ran through the same path to Garden of Eden, and it was enjoyable without feeling tired or lonely.

I would love to run longer if the sky was not dark yet. I passed by a lake with flowers, a piece of green land with ducks, a quite and peaceful park with people walking with their dogs, a long stretch of road with maple trees where some were turning into red and yellow, a corner where dandelions grown and flew...

This weather is considered very cold for me, but for the local, they will say it is just nice! My palm and fingers were chilled to frozen although I already hold them tight, and mocus kept running out from my nose, yiaks... I felt better when I 'defroze' my palm and fingers in the hot water... hehe

星期二, 10月 07, 2008

Marathon, I'm Still With You

The 15k reminds me the joy and pain of running, expecially a marathon. I was pushing to my limit but yet to achieve a good result, I have been stop running for too long and I need some times to pick up my stamina again. It is sad, because it is a fall, and everthing needs double of efforts to keep in shape again. Anyway, this strikes me powerful motivation to remind me Running Strong! Run the marathon, run the ultramarathon, run the thoughest race in the world! There is always 'Next Time', but I prefer to do it 'Now'.

It is the last quarter of 2008. I think I have no chance to complete a full marathon in 2008 since I failed in KLIM, March. But my love and spirit towards marathon is remained, I don't know what keep holding me from registering in S'pore Int. Marathon until it is closed, perhaps it has a reason behind.

I'm still with you Marathon. I shall return. The next target is not too far from my PB (4:55), I dream for sub 4:30 achievement, and I want to make my dream comes true.

My friends, don't make any regret in your life.
Dream it. Plan it. Do it.

星期一, 10月 06, 2008

26th Delaware Classic Distance 15k

What: 26th Delaware Classic Distance 15k
When: 5.10.2008, 8.30am
Where: Frawley Stadium, Wilmington Riverfront, Delaware, USA
Result: 1:21:35, Overall 149/248, 5th in 25-29 F age group
More info: races2run
Complete result: http://www.races2run.com/HallofFamefastestrunners.htm

It is my new experience to participate a local road race in foreign land. The weather is cool at Wilmington, the race has to start as late as possible to get warm from the sunshine. I was there early to register on race day, paid $25 registration and got a T-shirt. The t-shirt is the only souvenier I got from the race, there is no medal for finisher :(

Although weather is as low as 18 degree celsius, most runners wore the running vest and short, so were I. The day was clear, sun was right top but weather still cool. Water served also chilled and made my lips freezing and nose sneezing, haha... The distance markers were writing in miles, so I have to do a bit calculation how many miles is equal to 15k.

I was suprise there are many veteran runners and they are strong. I was really slow and I could feel I was running weak. It has been a long time I din do such a 'long' distance. It was really exhausted, but I'm quite happy with my result in such form, I thought I would do worse. But I were to do a bit harder or if I were in my top performance, I would be in top 3 of my age group and bring back a plate, but too bad, I was late by 1 minute.

Overall the race is well organised, with traffic control (in fact not heavy traffic there), live road marshalls and they talk, simple but healthy after race refreshment. Good run indeed!

星期五, 10月 03, 2008

"We the People"

Philadelphia Independence National Historical Park is 1 hour away from Wilmington by local train. Here is where I got to know Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross last Saturday. Amazing! I visited the market, called Reading Terminal Market, just like Marche in The Curve, but it is MUCH MORE bigger and interesting!

After the trip, I was thinking hard to recall did I see Tunku Adbul Rahman's statue in anywhere? Who is the person designed our country's flag?

Side story...
Check out these, after locking ur bike at street doesn't mean it is safe :P

Sit post

front wheel

Rear wheel, sigh...

I hope these sit post, front wheel and rear wheel were taken out by the owner instead of missing, hehe...

星期四, 10月 02, 2008

Sub 15 degree

It is so cool this morning, temparature drops until 11 degree celsius 7.30 in the morning. Yesterday evening was almost the same temparature and drizzling, I was running outside with my rain proof jacket and short, well, it was freaking COOL and I was running like a FREAK :P

Run Like a Fairy Tale

I did a short run yesterday evening 6pm. It was a 'warm' evening, the weather is around 20 degree celsius, yes, it considered warm if compared to past few rainy days. I tried to imagine myself running like a fairy tale with a pair of wing and as light as a feather, but in fact, i was running like a bear, heavy and exhausting! haha.. I just managed to cover approximate 5.7km in 33 minutes. Ya I know, the pace was slow...

Stamina dropped since stopped running at LG. I took out my jacket after body wamring up, but yet I still feel chill then started to get headache and breathing difficulty, well this may not be due to the wather but the body and form. I still pushing hard to go forward as the run was just less than 30 minutes.

The route is beside the Brandywine Creek State Park's jungle, and passed by a residence area called the Garden of Eden. The houses are unique, all of them have a chimney and plant with nice flowers in front of the house. There are no fence. The postbox is a wooden postbox like we saw in the movie 'The Lake House' where Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock exchange their love letters :)

Below is the route that I can do for 10k loop, but so far have not tried yet. Open the map and switch to Hybrid View to see the surrounding.