星期一, 8月 25, 2008

Shape Run

What: Shape & Men's Health Run
When: 24.08.08, 7.30AM
Where: Lake Garden
Category: Women Open 10km
Result: 52'29 (10th)
More results @pm1.blogspot.com
Enjoy photos @pm1.blogspot.com

Wanna rate many many stars to this event, really happening like a party/carnival. The sponsors are so generous in the goodies, lucky draw prizes and winning prizes. More info @Shape.

I supposed it would be a tough run for me due my heavy workload and less training in past 2 weeks, yet I still target to fight for good position. In fact, I was like a fish out of the pond and dying very soon, can't really breath smoothly in my first half, it could be due to pia-ing too hard in the begining.

As always, 10km race still not my strong event, my form started be in good 'Shape' after 30 minutes, with less than 5km, it is hard to keep close with SJ who was 100m ahead. Overall I was fighting hard, all competitors were great and I'm happy to be part of their performance boosters and vice versa.

The prizes I have got in the 10th position said to be worth for RM3700 products, anyway I did not calculate each and every item's value, but definitely the prizes are heavy, but the most valueble prizes are the lightest weight, which is the notice letter from Celebrity Fitness (3 months cpmplimentary pass) and Adidas (1 pair of running shoe plus RM300 other products).

Signing off @LCCT, going for the second 'blardy hell' business trip.


星期二, 8月 19, 2008

Merdeka Unity Run

What: Larian Perpaduan 10km
When: 17.08.08, 7.30AM
Where: Dataran Merdeka
Result: Women Open 8th (55:08)
More Results and Photos: pm1.blogspot.com

It is a wakeup call for me after a week away for a blardy hell business trip in Singapore without even 1km run or more than 5 hours sleep per day.

I can feel that my body was not fully recovered yet from the tiredness. It was so hard to wake up in that morning!

The first 20mins after race starting was the ‘break-through’ period for my body to adapt my usual pace and breathing. From that point onwards, I stared to feel myself like a fish, swimming faster and faster, then speeding like a little nemo in the deep blue sea in order to escape from the great whale shark. However, I realized that I was just left too far behind from my competitors. Nevermind, I told myself, it is just a wakeup call…

While reaching Bukit Aman junction, I saw Adam again and he was cheering on me: Ameba faster, Wern Tien is at the back! Hahaha… What a motivating cheers!

Well, while receiving frens’ cheering, I not forgetting to cheer on Kei Ming, ‘Come On Kei Ming!’ when we met at crossing the flyover to Bukit Aman. I remembered I paced with a Malay guy whom I always pace with short while in the middle of many of my run in LG and also aKOTR.

Not bad, I’m quite satisfied with my run, performance not dropping that much as expected. Love this course very much, although the winning prize is not as much as aKOTR last week, but it was enjoyable and I do not need to suffer from 2-hour waiting for cash prize receiving. Just imagine, in aKOTR (SAAA), I finished the race at 8.50am, but I only managed to collect the cash prize at 11.20am; but this Merdeka Run (FTAAA), I finished at 8.25am, I collected my prize at 9.05am and still managed to enjoy a good breakfast.

There are 2 things that start with ‘S’ made me frustrating last week, one is in the aKOTR, another is my employer which also starts with ‘S’ too! Sigh…

Coming next, Shape Run, if the second ‘S’ not giving me too much troubles this week, I should be able to perform better :) GOOD LUCK to all who participating in Shape Run including those same category with me, we need such great competitors to have a great performance! That’s the sportsmanship spirit!


星期一, 8月 11, 2008

adidas King of The Road 2008

What: adidas King of The Road
When: 10.08.2008
Where: Shah Alam
Distance: 22.7km
Time: 2:03:07
Position: Women Open 10th, Malaysian Women 4th
Wind & Fire

Route Description:
This is exactly a race for King of The Road! Entire course is full of rolling hills.

My Run: Cinya Amkan!

Amkan #1: Out of target, exceeded 3min7sec.
Amkan #2: Missed by few seconds to get RM100 extra for the cash prize
Amkan #3: Missed by one position to get the title of Top 3 National Women Finishers

I came to the race with the common goal to 300 Men Open runners, sub-2hour. Even I knew it may be too hard to achieve, but I still wanted to make a try. Eventually I still did not make it. Sob sob… My split time still within target up to 15km, I knew my performance dropped obviously from there onwards, because my pace was getting slower and legs were getting heavier.

Wind & Fire and I reached to 10km mark at 49’04, at 15km the water station, my time clocked 1:21:07, well, still within target though, but I did not have any more buffer time and energy was losing. I knew it well, it was hard to complete the race in 2 hours, but my will power still leading ahead of me and kept telling me: Lion never say tired! Therefore, I pia kau kau lat until almost vomit and blackout.

Then Amkan #2 & #3 happened, one competitor overtook me just 50m before the finishing line!

This is the most suffering race I ever had in 2008. I realized it was not only me that Amkan to own performance, or disappointed to the organizer, or suffering a lot from the hill course, I think 90% of the runners feel the same with me.

Anyway, I have nothing to blame, as I was well prepared, pushed all out and did my best.


星期三, 8月 06, 2008

For the King-To-Be

Route map for adidas King of The Road. Good luck to those aiming to be the 'King'. Qualifying time for 22.7km Men Open's is 2 hours, Women 2 hours 20 minutes. Study the elevation, you will roughly know how well you can do.

My target?

Wish me Good Luck too :)

Made some changes to the map, please click on the link again. TQ!

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com
... brought to u by Ameba ...

星期一, 8月 04, 2008

Eleven climbers feared dead on K2

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7539543.stm
3 August 2008

Eleven climbers have died in north Pakistan trying to scale the world's second-highest peak, K2, reports say.

An eyewitness says 25 climbers reached the summit on Friday, but nine were stranded and froze to death after an avalanche swept away their fixed ropes.
In the deadliest day in K2's history, another climber fell to his death and a porter died recovering a body.
The avalanche happened when a chunk from an ice pillar snapped away on a feature called the Bottleneck.
Swedish climber Fredrick Streng, who had decided not to attempt the summit, gave the BBC details of the events.
He said several expeditions, with a total of 25 climbers, had taken advantage of Friday's fine weather to reach the summit of K2.
But he said they returned late, and were tired when the avalanche struck out the fixed lines.

"There were still nine climbers above these ropes, which meant they had to spend the whole night out in the open," he said.
"The next morning they were still there, not moving. And people during the night had been hit by the avalanche. One had died, one had fallen at an earlier stage.
"At the end of Saturday, 11 people were confirmed dead."
Only a few hundred people have climbed K2 and dozens have died in the attempt.
Many regard the mountain, at 8,611m (28,251ft), as the world's most difficult peak to climb.

The Death Zone
Expedition organisers only learned of the avalanche after a group of climbers arrived back at the mountain's base camp on Saturday evening.

The Battle on the Red Carpet

What: Ekiden Time Trial Series 2
When: 02.08.08 (Saturday), 7.00am
Where: Kampung Pandan Sports Complex
Video: pmone.multiply.com/video and more
Full Result: pm1.blogspot.com

My Result:
3000m 13’48
800m 3’11
400m 1’25.08
100m 13.59

The red carpet is taking my breath away!
I mean the read carpet of the Kampung Pandan Sports Complex’s track, and the 3000m, 800m, 400m, 100m runs made me exhausted like my lung was going to explode!

It was a good track meet with all the PM’s Ekiden Relay warriors. Hehe, I was there to kepoh again to suffer for fun.

I was transformed to ‘Ameba the Witch’ with a flying broom (sapu lantai) that day, anyway it was amazing to hear the cheers loud and clear on the track during our run. That’s the fun of track meet! While I just concentrated on pia-ing, I always heard someone cheers on me.

‘Come on Ameba!’
‘Ameba go go go!’
‘Well done Ameba!’
‘World record timing Ameba!’
‘Don’t give up Ameba!”

Thanks dudes! You all are the best!