星期一, 7月 28, 2008

It was a Beautiful Weekend

When: 26.07.2008 (Saturday), 9.30am
What: Ekiden Time Trial
Where: Changed to KLCC (original plan is Kg. Pandan track, but due to there were school boys & girls having sports day at Kg. Pandan, so we got to look for alternative)
How: 3 x 1.3km (3.9km)
Result: http://pm1.blogspot.com/2008/07/ekiden-time-trial-series-1.html

(L-R) Yin Huay, Kei Ming, Lai, Chee Kuang, Ronnie, Kelvin Ng, Ameba, Stanley

The weather was good, we started the run 9.30am also can’t feel the hot yet. Actually I just kepoh (busybody) to join the time trial cos I’m not taking part in Ekiden Relay but adidas KOTR instead.

KLCC Park is a memorable place where I used to run alone after working previously when I stationed in Menera Citibank. I still remember there was once, I bet with the weather, we chasing each other to compete either I can finish my run or it rains. Finally I ran as fast as possible and the rain dropped just right after I finished my run. It was a satisfied running session indeed!

Those times my pace for 3.9km were about 5’45/km or 22’26 for 3.9km, but now, I did it in 18’51 for 3.9km which is 4’50/km. Impressive? Come join PM1’s training at Lake Garden :P

View photos at pmone.multiply.com


When: 27.06.2008 (Sunday), 6.05am
What: 20km LSD
Where: Hartamas Route

It was a beautiful Sunday morning with good run, good pacer and good weather. I met up with Adam at Bukit Aman, we started with a moderate pace heading to Petronas, then continue pacing back after a 4mins break. It was windy all the way, perhaps this was the power that pushed me going faster and further.

My Split time: 31'59 (Duta), 23'25 (Petronas), 3'58 (rest), 22'40 (Duta), 27'59 (Bkt Aman)
Total: 1:50:04
Split Time by Half: 55'24, 50'39

星期二, 7月 22, 2008

Shall We Dance?

The music is always on in the heart
It is all about rhythm
Once you caught the rhythm
Each step just as graceful as a dance step
And it will lead you non-stop
Going further, further, and further…
Just like the windflower blew by the wind

So, shall we dance?


When: 19/7 (Sat)
What: Swim (800m breast stroke)


When: 20/7 (Sun), 6am
What: Run 20km LSD
Where: Hartamas Route
How: Feeling like the champion heading the flow when all the walkers (Takaful Walk) walking opposite direction of me near KTM (:P) I paced with chong wah for the first 6k, and next 3k after Petronas.
My Split time:
32'13 (Duta), 24'49 (Petronas), 4'20 (Rest), 21'45 (Duta), 29'05 (Bkt Aman) = Total of 1:52:13


When: 21/7 (Mon)
What (noon): 20mins recovery run with 8.3km/hr pace and 2 sets of gym workouts
What (evening): Swim (800m free style)
How: Thanks Wind! You have powered me every stroke I did.


This week 22/7 – 24/7 go to LG for training as usual.

Actually the Wed's speedwork made me many body-aches, the next day i thought i can only do 3 easy loops, but miracle just happened! I felt that there is a kind of power running along with me that made me ran stronger. With the aches, I still be able to do 4 loops with negetive slpit. My timing for Thursday's training ended up only 10sec later than my Monday's PB.

This truely indicates that 越痛越快,越痛快越美丽。The blue Ameba going to transform to the blue Flame.

I'm hoping to see what miracle can be happened again.
This friday have a total rest, my body will appreciate me for the compliment after the hard works done in the past few trainings.


星期三, 7月 16, 2008

KRI 100-mile Century Ride

What: KRI Century Ride 2008
When: 13/7/2008
Where: Ipoh – Chemor – Sayong – Manong – Chemor – Ipoh
Distance: 100 miles/160 km
Position: Women Open 19th
Time: 7:29:45
Average Speed: 24.0 km/hr
Maximum Speed: 58.1 km/hr
Official Full Result: http://ipohroadrunners.org/results/CR2008Results.pdf
Photos: Tey Album (1) - (28) & Miow Chin


The day…
I love the rolling hills at Sayong! Fantastic! I was like a playful dolphin had fun with the maximum speed to get momentum and ready for making a beautiful jump. Awesome!

However, the organizing committees simply did a very good job even more fantastic than Sayong! Thanks KRI (http://ipohroadrunners.org/), the sponsors and the volunteers that made this happened.

My result was not so pleasure to announce, but it was ok and I did not expect to time it. My objective simply just wanted to join the party and get a medal in 100-mile cycling, and of cause, enjoyed the good food in Ipoh :D

I was alone in 99% of the journey. Despite of my gang were left me alone from the very beginning due to my speedometer’s sensor experienced the technical problem, I also hung around on the road for quite a long time in sibuk-ing giving a hand to a cyclist for his technical problem. I almost took 5-10 minutes in each water stations to replenish water & energy. Thanks to the ‘personal roti’ that handed out by the volunteer at water station #4.

Oh, the medal is so nice! :)

The day before and after…
We makan kau kau lat, tasted Onn Kee tauge chicken kuay teow, moon light fried kuay teow, hokkien mee, octopus, Ming Kok dim sum, ipoh white coffee, double toasts with double half-boil eggs, salted chicken, etc… yummy!!!

3 days later…
I’m sweet, cause hand hand leg leg all turned to ‘hitam manis’ :D

星期四, 7月 10, 2008







星期一, 7月 07, 2008

Perhentian Island Challenge 2008

Thanks Joey the BabyKangaroo for introducing this adveture race to me... It is a hard decision to choose between Perhentian Island Challenge and Shape & Men's Health Run which clash at the same date (24/8/08). I have been 'suffering' in choosing one of them as two have different meaning to me!

I'm still scratching my head, thinking thinking thinking, keep thinking....

星期日, 7月 06, 2008

Siemens Run 2008

What: Siemens Run 2008
When: 6th July 08
Where: Dataran Merdeka
Category: Women Open 10km (actual is 8.8km)
Result: 45’57 (9th)
Prize: Cash RM100
View Photos: PM1 Album & Tey Album (1) - (4)

Running Strong

This photo was taken by Tey under the sun volunteerly

Yes, I’m Running Strong…

Happy for my performance and achieved my goal today which simply aiming for ‘Running Strong’. I was well prepared myself with intake a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar for source of energy, then release whatever should be released.

Before race started, I tried to calmed myself down (I always kns the kan cheong in the race) by chatting with Adam, Frank, Joey and frens. Thanks the organizer flagged off the race very on time, so I can cut short the suffering of the feeling of kan cheong.

I started slow cause it was uphill, and then pushed harder by distance. Still feeling good after climbing the Kenny Hill but just a bit shock by the under distance’s distance board. After entering Jalan Parliament I realized it was the time to speed up more. I was targeted on a competitor 10m in front of me but I took my own sweet time to approach her. We paced side by side at the U-turning Jalan Tunku Adbul Rahman to Jalan Raja Laut. After the turn, it was show time! I still have a lots of energy conserved and started to sprint all out. When I got back to finishing line, I was number 9, well, still safe and in the top 10 list entitle for cash prize.

The feeling of sprinting on Jalan Raja Laut till finishing line was good, for the first time I felt traffic smooth on this road where most of the time I stuck in the jam in a car here :P

Although I managed to control my pace better but this time I conserved too much of energy and not enough time and distance to unleash all of them.

OK, since I just got 100 bucks, so next week trainings sponsor 100+