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Tips for the Trip

What: Cycling Tour
When: 20/12/07 – 25/12/07
Where: Alor Star (Kedah, Malaysia) to Pakbara (Satun, Thailand) via Wang Kelian border checkpoint
Who: Miow Chin, Kam Meng, Beh, May Khin & I
Total Distance: 190.5km

It was a relaxing and wonderful journey. The itinerary was just nice to a beginner, the distance covered in each day was not too much, and we had a lot of time to rest at nite and to visit the place at each stop. After reaching Pakbara at Satun, we took a ferry to Koh Tarutao, Koh Adang and Koh Lipe, those islands are the places MUST visit when you come to Satun.

Day -1 (18/12/07)
Dissemble bicycle and pack it into box.

Day 0 (19/12/07)
Departed for Alor Star by train from KL Central train station, 8.45pm. Bought the berth tickets and paid some money for 3 bikes in the box to the train master.

Day 1 (20/12/07) Alor Star – Kangar – Kaki Bukit (75.6km)
Slept and arrived at Alor Star’s train station 8.45am, unpack the bikes and departed to Kangar at 10.30am. Follow Route 7 from Alor Star to Kangar, the road is totally flat for 45km, passed by mosques and paddy fields which are the significant trademarks in Kedah.

From Kangar to Kaki Bukit is another 30km to go, the limestone range was in our sight once near Kangar. We made a right turn to Kg. Guar Jentik which later joins back to Route 7 and head to Kaki Bukit. This route was really recommended to all, the scenery was excellent and the environment was so peaceful.

There was a little hills when come to the last few kilometers to Kaki Bukit. Kaki Bukit is a small town where Gua Kelam is located here. There is a main street of shops with restaurants and mini markets. There is also a bicycle shop next to the main street, you can have simple services from the bike shop.

We stayed a night at Putera Wang Guest House, cost RM60 for a living room with 4 beds.

Day 2 (21/12/07) Kaki Bukit – Wang Kelian – Satun Town (51.8km)
Follow the sign board’s direction to Wang Kelian, passed through a killing uphill for 4-5km, took a break at a view point at top of the hill, then all the way down for another 4-5km, made a left turn and headed to Kg. Wang Kelian. About 3-4km before reaching botder checkpoint, you will see Perlis State Park (Wang Kelian State Park) at your right. We supposed to camp here but we were late at the first day.

Passed by the duty free complex and street market at Wang Kelian, fill in the white card, went through the immigration counter and exit at Wang Prachan. Adjusted my watch to 1 hour back.

There’re another 30+km to go from Wang Prachan to reach at Satun Town. Just follow the sign board with English, we easily directed to Satun town in all flat road again. The road condition in Thailand is much more better than Malaysia’s, we hardly felt uneven of the road and it made our journey smooth and relaxing. We passed by many villages before reaching Route 406 the main road to Satun/Hatyai.

We stayed at Bubble Guest House which only cost us 380baht for 5 people and 5 bikes in the room. The Thai cannot speak well English in this small and silent town, make sure you know some simple Thai language to communicate with them, but they are happy to talk to you with hands description or drawing on the paper :)

Day 3 (22/12/07) Satun Town – Pakbara Pier (63.1km)
Back trace for 13km towards Route 406, then turned left to Route 416 towards Trang/Langu. The road is flat except certain distance is rolling hill.

After arriving at Langu town, continue for about 12km to Pakbara Pier. There are plenty of ferry/speedboat companies at various schedule departed for Koh Tarutao/Lipeh, do not worry you can’t get a ticket. We took the Adang Sea ferry which was slow moving (1 hour from pier to Koh Tarutao, 2 hours from Koh Tarutao to Koh Lipe), they allowed us to load our bikes on board with 50baht each.

Remember to stock up your water/snack/beers at pier if you don’t want to pay more on the islands.

Day 4 (23/12/07) Koh Tarutao / Koh Adang
Park entrance fee is 200baht per adult (foreigner), various type of accommodation are rented at reasonable price. Even restaurant also sells food with reasonable price with good quality of food. Koh Tarutao is the largest island among all in Tarutao National Park, there is a 12km concrete road to link our campsite (Ao Phante Malaka) to Ao Talo Wao (former prisoner vocational training community). Beware, it is a rolling hill with sharp curves.

Among the islands visited in next 2 days, Ao Phante Malaka has the most wonderful bay with white soft sand, and great accommodation and environment.

Day 5 (24/12/07) Koh Adang / Koh Lipe
Everything is similar to Koh Tarutao. Engage a long tail boat for snorkeling here will cost cheaper. The standard short snorkeling trip brings you to Koh Chabang, Koh Rawi, Koh Hin-ngam.

We stayed at Sunlight Bay which is more silent and lively, it is close to the local residences. Pattaya Bay is more happening and favorite place for most tourists. Sunset Bay should be the most beautiful and peaceful bay, but it is too far from the village.

Day 6 (25/12/07) Return
We locked our bikes at Koh Tarutao, on the return trip, when the ferry stopped by at Koh Tarutao to pick up passenger, we quickly went to take our bikes and load to the ferry. It is very inconvenience nor no use to bring the bikes along to Koh Adang/Lipe.

The ferry departed for Pakbara at 10am, by right it should be reached the pier at 1pm, but most likely to be late at least 30mins. If everything follow the plan perfectly, we should be able to reach Padang Besar border at 4pm, then it is just nice to pack our bikes and departed for KL on train at 4.50pm.

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X'mas Ride Photos

Day 1 - 20/12/07, 10.30am, departed to Kangar from Alor Star train station.
All knights: Kam Meng, Chui Miew, Miow Chin, Beh, Khin

Afternoon 12.00pm on the way to Kangar

Day 2 - 21/12/07, 11.45am left Kaki Bukit and heading to Wang Kelian

Nice view at Kaki Bukit
Challengin uphill at Kaki Bukit

Few more kilometer to the border checkpoint

Something must not miss in Thailand, SINGHA beer!

Day 3 - 22/12/07. Satun - Pakbara. Sunny day at Satun

Boarding to ferry at Pakbara pier

Campsite at Koh Tarutao, 30baht per head with own tent

Sunset at Koh Tarutao

Talo Wao, 12km hilly route from campsite

Long tail boat

Koh Hin-ngam with no sand but all black stone at the bay

Setting up tent at Koh Adang

Leaving Koh Lipe (front), Koh Adang (back)




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终于平安回家了,可是白克还在火车站等待运输回来。白克就是我的脚车,一部由登山车改装而成的旅游车,把它取名为Buck,白克。这名字是杰克·伦敦的著作,《野性的呼唤》(The Call of the Wild)一书里的那只狗的名字,它从一只家犬变成拉雪撬的狗,最后回到狼群原始生活。看,这就是我的白克。

我带着它连同四位同伴一起从Alor Star出发到泰南的Satun,再乘船到位于Andaman Sea的Tarutao National Park。一连六天的旅程,有好多的故事要分享,照片多得不能割舍,就请稍等,让我整理好再把精彩片段和照片放上网和大家分享。

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星期五, 12月 14, 2007

Klang Gate 07.12.07


上个周末带了两位同事到访Melawati Hill。由于一位是美国人,他怎么也记不了Melawati这个名词,于是就教他Klang Gate好了。他也真够运气,吉隆坡连续下了好几天的雨唯独哪个周末放晴。雨后的空气很清新,天气真的晴朗得令人无法相信。他高兴的一直嚷着,这是为了游客吗?这懒家伙从一大早就臭骂我干嘛要他那么早起床,一直埋怨直到看到了湖泊、山崖、蚁群、彩蝶、燕子和峭壁,再来就是坐在高空上享用三文治浓咖啡,他才高兴的真的说不枉此行,这比睡觉还值很多。早就知道他会喜欢,像他那样热爱所有户外运动的人,爬山和峭壁简直就是他在马来西亚不该错过的活动。

远眺巴生谷,那天是我见过最漂亮的一次,而且也是唯一会爱上巴生谷的一次。一层薄雾笼盖着都市,像一个还在沉睡中含羞答答的少女。那个画面,就像Final Fantasy IV的动画片一样。站在空荡的平台上,我忽然就想起那首歌,Final Fantasy的主题曲Eyes on Me,有点想要起舞的冲动。。。



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那天在Citibank的最后一天,我的心情虽然没有很不舍或很低落,但总是很奇怪的。离开这里以后,新的工作地点在Sheraton Imperial,搬到那儿的时候,我已经不能用很短的时间飞奔到KLCC Park去跑步了。在那新环境里,我又要从新去发掘另个绿洲,另个游乐场。如果每天下班后就回家去的话,那么生活真的会很闷。现在我除了离绿洲很远,而且还离危险地带(Kinokuniya)很远。但当然也不代表这儿不危险,因为楼下的大路旁晚上就是个不夜城,酒吧就是一罗罗的,如果一星期每晚到访不同的酒吧的话,大概要两个星期才能重复光顾同一家酒吧。搞不好呢我就傍晚索性不跑步,来一杯啤酒或鸡尾酒都蛮不错的哦!