星期五, 10月 27, 2006

7th Annual Mountaineering Trip: Forever Pain

It was the OX’s 7th Annual Mountaineering Trip, destination was Korbu-Goyong-Yong Belar, the Trans-Titiwangsa via Tanjung Rambutan. A team formed by 5 of us was having very high spirit and excited about the expedition which have been looking forward long time ago. However, we DID NOT make it. It was a total failure! We had been waiting for another group for more than 9 hours but the group did not turn up, we left the place and return at 3.25pm.

We left with the greatest pain in our heart, followed by the shame, the disappointment and the resentment which will never be forgettable and forgivable. The tragedy already written into OX’s history, the 7th Mountaineering Trip, was NIL.

How it happened?
The route from Ulu Kinta to Gunung Korbu has been changes for some times, none of us has confident to go by the new route, the Senai Trail without a guide. However, it is not worthwhile to pay a large amount of money and share by 5 of us for the guide just to lead us for the Senai Trail where we do not really need him after reaching Korbu.

When we knew that one of our friends is joining a group with size of 16 to Korbu by hiring a guide, we were thinking to share the guide with them, and lastly the agreement has been set orally via our friend, and this meant a ‘Promise’, too.

The mistakes begun here…
The reasons of making it a failure were so insulting.

I have no doubt to say 5 of us are experienced climbers, among us, there were 2 who have been in mountaineering for more than 10 years. Kam Meng started to plan the trip months ago, when the team was formed, the mission to Trans-Titiwangsa was as firm as the mountain, our commitment was as strong as the gravity.

Mistake #1:
There was no any formal conversation or agreement made between the leaders from 2 teams. We were just passing and getting the message via our friend, we don’t even know what the background of our friend’s group is. We don’t know how good are they, how serious are they, how matured are they? Eventually, they played a fool to us…

Mistake #2:
As all of the Malaysians knew, the Deepa-Raya eve would have terrible jam at the NS Highway. Though the 2.5-hour drive to Ipoh could be delayed to 4-5 hours, we departed for north at 1.30am and we also knew that the group supposed to depart the same time with us. But I wonder why they delayed until 2.30am still in Damansara, KL?

Okay, they were late, the traffic was bad. We were agreed to meet each other at Tanjung Rambutan, 5.30am. Next, they missed the time agreed with the 4WD driver, and the driver left them behind (but the driver said his 4WD was broke down?) after picking us to the starting point (we got to know that we both hiring the same 4WD driver).

They were 1-2 hours late, but the consequence was, it made them 8-9 hours late.

Mistake #3:
2 teams, 2 visions. They never understand our position, they never know how serious we are for the trip, they never how meaningful is the 7th anniversary, they never know a little mistake made by them can cause great impact to us, they never know how much effort and commitment we have been put in and they never know our feeling. We are not sure what caused them late, but if this was caused by human error and they never bother to say ‘Sorry’ for the delay… well, I think they might have little problem who never know what ‘promise’, ‘self-discipline’, ‘responsibility’, ‘risk management’ is…

Gave up
We were so worried while waiting, the time was wasted hour by hour. We exactly not afford to delay anymore when time passed 12pm. We have lost 5 hours of the day time. 2pm, our hope remained little, we realized it was no longer possible for us to make Trans-Titiwangsa in 4 days. We have lost 1 day.

We were discussing what the Plan B is. None of us wanted to continue anymore, we have ONE AND ONLY ONE destination, it is TRANS-TITIWANGSA, not Korbu, not Gayong nor Yong Belar. It is either ALL or NONE.

And so, we gave up with pain, disappointment and frustration.

I was truly deeply sad; the scar will not go off easily. Another painful and costly lesson, NEVER DEPEND ON ANY OTHER THAT YOU NOT FAMILIAR!

After the frustration…









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krunner 提到...

Aww - that was a terrible and dissapointing thing to happen your group. A(painful) lessons learnt I think.

Boon Haw 提到...

I was eager to read this report too about the trans titiwangsa. But sad to hear that you guys did not make it. Nevertheless, you and your friend's heart is strong and there is no doubt, the trans titiwangsa report will be out one day. Strive on and forget the pain.