星期六, 8月 26, 2006


Seldom have exciting activities recently and this will be the NEXT that i have been looking forward. I'll be departing for Pulau Redang to attend the SEATRU (Sea Turtle Research Unit) volunteer program from 3-10/9/2006 to save the turtles. Be prepared to see a tanned ameba :D

Back to the Nature - Boh Estate

My most interested part for the Cameron trip was the MNS’s accommodation located at BOH Estate. It was a freezing and starry night at the place surrounded by tea plants.

Everything everywhere was so peaceful. Revisiting the place, and revisiting the dogs, the dogs that accompanied us to Gunung Cantik in last trip. They were grown big, I can’t recognize them, and they just recognized food.

We took about 1 hour to walk from the chalet to Boh Tea Farm, just enjoyed the scene and the fresh air. So refreshing…

Lastly, we visited the market to buy some fresh vege and flowers home.

Gunung Swettenham (1961m)

When: 18 Aug 2006 (Saturday)
Total headcount: 17

The Journey:
6am Departed for Cameron
10am Reached starting point and start climbing
2pm Reached summit
5.30pm Reached foothill

It rained when we reached to the summit at 2pm, we saw nothing except white. There are few junctions, you are easily get into wrong path if nobody guiding you. The trail is like that lo, just normal, not very steep except for the last 1 hour journey.

Kam Meng was giving breifing before starting

The peak of Swettenham
Raining at the summit


I have been transferred to work at customer site in KL for weeks. My customer site is just beside the KLCC Park. Before moving there, I was thinking it might be good news since I can always walk for few steps to the park and jog, but things did not turn up to be that ideal.

First of all, to drive from Shah Alam to Jalan Ampang isn’t nice. Traffic jam in the morning, unless you sacrifice some of your dreaming time. After working, if you want to back on time say 6pm or 7pm, forget about it cause it would take me 1.5 hrs to reach home.

Second, air pollution in KL is soooo worse. I was like working in Genting shouting loud and clear ‘mai teng lei sao…’ (casino)

Third, rain, and stuck and flood. It just happened yesterday, just like the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, heavily rain, thunder storm, trees fall, traffic jam, train rosak… All people hide at the sheltered place and look out to the road, terrible jam and we were stuck in the city.

Forth, what can I do in the city? It rains, I can’t jog. Shopping? I hate it.

Firth, ‘sole’ ranger meaning so lonely… working alone is never as fun as working in team.

Sixth, I was disconnected from the Internet.

Working in KL is so kesian. Working life without sports somemore is getting exhausted. What to do? Either do or not do lo…

星期六, 8月 12, 2006

The Most Enjoyable Run

I owe you a detail report for Penang Bridge Run. Yes, now here you go! The memory of the trip and the run was too good, even though I do not note it down, it will not be forgotten easily.

The journey started on 29th July (Sat) 5.30am. Chong Wah, Sheau Huei and I departed PJ before the sky turned bright. It was a starry nite, thousands of twinkle stars leading us to the north. When the sky turned bright, it was a sunny day with clear and deep blue sky, the clouds in white hanging on the sky accompanied us for the entire journey to Ipoh.

We drove from PJ to Ipoh for the mission of ‘Hunting for Food’’, reached Ipoh by 8am just to looking for dim sum, white coffee, toast and tau fu fa. Beside these delicious foods, we also got extra 2 pieces of dry-meat (summons) from MPI within 2 hours, sigh!

Next stop would be another 160km to the north, Penang. We left Ipoh at around 11am, trying to meet Wan Lin, Chee Chung, Jason and Phyllis in Penang at the same time. Arriving in USM before 1pm, collected our bib in the hall kelam-kabutly, then return to our 5 stars hostel – Guest House in USM.

It was a nice place to stay, spacious, full facilities, and the most important, it just located at above the race finishing point!

After settling down everything, our guide in Penang, Miow Chin was here and all of us ready to go for nice local food AGAIN! Guess what? Must be assam laksa, char kuey teow, chendol and ice kacang… yummy…

5pm, back to the guest house and pig!

Miow Chin, Sheau Huei and I went out to the field and look at the Penang Bridge far far away. Looked to the sky, there was an airplane and there was a rainbow. We just relaxed, sat on the rock, chit chat and observed to scenery until late evening.

Finally, Ai Ling was here at about 7+ with lots of fruits including our carbo source, banana. Miow Chin brought us for cheap and nice dinner near her where she stays. It must be chatting time after dinner, just like the elders living in the village, whole kampong gathered at the outside under the starry nite and talked about the glories in the olden days.

For us, not much topics except the outdoor activities like mountain climbing.

Woke up lazily at 4am on Sunday. Took the can of tongkat ali coffee with 2 slices of bread, that’s all about my breakfast. Toilet mission failed :(

Ai Ling still thinking what time she shall join us since she was wearing Boon Keat’s bib but running in women category. The guys started their run at 5.30am, but the women gathered inside a school and the toilet queue was so looong, before I managed to pee the run was about to start at 6.00am already.

We met up with Ai Ling again outside the school. I ran in slow and relax pace at the very beginning. Paced with Ai Ling for 2-3km, then running alone in the dark. Alone but not lonely, the sky was dark, the stars, the wind and the wave were being with me along the way. Met Rachel and Wendy on the way.

Felt fresh running in dark under windy condition. Even the sky turned bright, it wasn’t hot and I enjoyed every moment very much. I was so touch when I past by the centre of the bridge, because not all people have chance to run on the bridge to feel the greatest of the Penang Bridge.

I met with a terrible pacer after the U-turn, slowly increased my pace in order to leave him behind. When I return to the center of the bridge, surprisingly I saw Chee Chung, he was waiting there to take our photos, so nice! We paced each other for last few kms until the finishing line. I was still feeling strong after crossing the finishing line, even extra mileage wasn’t a problem for me.

It was an enjoyable run and ended with smile and satisfaction. My heart was filled by the wind, the wish and the supports from the people who were far away from me. Perhaps, these were the factors that kept me forward.

You may use 10 minutes and pay RM7 to cross the Penang Bridge by car, but I used 2 hours plus and paid RM20 of registration fee to run on the bridge. However, the ROI was intangible, because I gained lots of sweet memories with the gang.

More photo at my photo album

星期二, 8月 01, 2006

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2006

When: 30 July 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Penang Bridge
Race Category: Half Marathon, 22.3km

Result: 2:22.45

Overall Comment: I LOVE MY RUN!