星期二, 7月 25, 2006


THE PENANG BRIDGE is a 13.5 km long bridge stretching from Seberang Prai on the mainland to Gelugor on the island, this is one of many architectural wonder in Malaysia and was officially opened in September 1988, offering a beautiful view of the open sea, ships and a sprawling coastline.

Penang has a very rich culture, crowned as the "Pearl of the Orient, - a tourists' favourite. Being one of the most heavily invested States in Malaysia by foreign investors, you can find big IT names with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants locate here. (Dell, Compaq, Motorola, HP, Gateway 2000, Seagates and even your "Intel inside" CPUs most likely originate here, just to name a few).

It was officially opened by our visionary Prime Minister, Dato' Dr. Mahathir in 1985. It ranks as the longest bridge in Asia and 5th largest in the world. The Penang Bridge costs RM 800 million and took 5 years to build. Before the bridge was built, people depended upon ferry services to cross the Penang Straits.

It was messy. The enormous number of people using the ferry service was difficult to handle, numbering up to about tens of thousand at any given time. Thus, creating congestions at the ferry terminal. OLD structures at the jetty terminal could not handle this kind of load, and it collapsed. 32 people lost their lives and a thousand others injured. A Royal Enquiry was set up to investigate the cause of this tragedy. Thereafter, new guidelines and measures were imposed to ensure the safety of current users. This incident remains as one of the most horrendous tragedy in the peaceful country of Malaysia.

--Report by Mr Foo Kok Kin (The Penang Tragedy at the Jetty)

In the jetty tragedy on July 31, 1988, 32 people were killed while about 1,700 others were injured when the passenger platform of the top deck of the ferry terminal they were standing on collapsed.

星期三, 7月 19, 2006

MMDS II Registration for Lelong

Dear all my outdoor/sporting frens,

I'm looking for someone to takeover my race registration for MMDS 2 to be held on 30th July 2006 which clashed with Penang Bridge Run. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested, perhaps you can also help me to publish or circulate this info. Thank you thank you :)


What: MMDS 2
When: 30 July 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Dataran Wawasan, Putrajaya
More info at http://www.duathlonseries.com.my/
Race Category: Women's Age Group (18-29)
Race: 10km Run / 50km Bike / 5km Run
Lelong Price: RM50 (Original registration fee RM70)
What you get: All goodies (except the certificate) and the glory of the race
Reason of selling: I'm going for Penang Bridge Run at the same day
Contact: 016-6113168 or chui_miew@yahoo.com

星期一, 7月 17, 2006

Tour de Genting Highland

What: Cycling to Genting Highland via Genting Sempah from Hospital Orang Asli
When: 15th July 2006 (Saturday)
Who: Ameba, Hin Wai, Siok Bee, Wen Bing

Total Touring Time: 7:24
Total Cycling Time: 5:36:39
Total Distance: 69.75 km
Avg Speed: 12.4 km/hr
Max Speed: 47.6 km/hr

General Comment:
The Toughest and The Most Dangerous Route
The Longest Cycling Time with The Shortest Distance Covered



We have been talking for Genting Ride long time ago, and have made it on 15/07/2006. Hin Wai already completed all 3 highland rides in Pahang (Cameron, Fraser and Genting) whereas this is only my first.

I have not been cycling since the last ride to Bentong (20/05), and right after my hip ligament recovery, I immediately called Hin Wai be prepared for the Genting Ride.

Genting Sempah
We were so familiar with this route especially Hin Wai, he can cycle up to the hill with closing his eyes. But for Siok Bee, this is her first time riding here after listening for thousand times. This route remains so beautiful and relaxing. Wen Bing and I used 1:06 to climb up the 16km hill whereas Hin Wai and Siok Bee were about 10 minutes ahead of us.

I sweat so much… drank some glucose prepared earlier, energy and spirit remained high to cycle further.

Gohtong Jaya
All of us agreed to proceed until Gohtong Jaya, about 7km away from here. However, this path is steep, we took 1 hour for this 7km to reach to the Gohtong Jaya shop lots.

Yeah, we completed 2 hills, there is another toughest hill in front of the journey. So, is everybody ready to proceed? Hin Wai and I were so determined to take the challenge, but Siok Bee and Wen Bing just took a try. We kept mentioning to all that the way down is very dangerous, because of the down hilling + the cornering + the traffic. We have to make sure our safety, Safety Is The First!

Proceed or Return?
The distance to Genting Highland is roughly about 10km from Gohtong Jaya, Wen Bing and Siok Bee decided to give up at around 6km mark. Wen Bing’s started to have cramp at the calve muscle. Siok Bee just did not want to push too hard since she’s going for Seremban Half Marathon the next day.

Hin Wai was too far in front of me, my speed was only 6-8 km/hr, I kept pedaling until I met him at the 4.3km marking point. 4.3km mark was the first killing curve with a steep stretch. Slowly pushed my bike at the cornering, looked at the crazy steep road and rested for a while, then continue.

2.9km. It was now 2.9km away from Genting and we were in front of the Pagoda where the 2nd killing curve located. Looked at the time, damn, already 11:42am. Both of us were so tired, discussing whether to proceed or return?

Everest Expedition
At this situation the bottle neck, I thought of the mountain climbing master Mr. Makalu Gao in his Everest Expedition May 1996. He was supposed to return at 100 meters away from Everest Peak because of the bad weather. However, he insisted to continue simply because the determination and he would be regret for the whole life if he returned from here.

Proceed, and We Made It!
So, my final decision to Hin Wai was, “Proceed”.

We took 42 minutes to finish this 2.9km path and reached Genting Highland at 12.38pm.
Wohoooo… We made it, we made it! It was so cold up there!

Quickly took some pictures and heading down hill to meet Wen Bing and Siok Bee at Gohtong Jaya. Cycling down hill was another challenge to go. We did it carefully with push and ride alternately. Hin Wai always ahead of me, my rear tyre was flat at in front of Awana Resort, but Hin Wai already down hill almost reaching Gohtong Jaya.

No choice I got to change the tube myself.

I met Wen Bing and Siok Bee at Gohtong Jaya around 2.15pm, first thing to do was apologized, second was appreciated for waiting me so long :D

Without wasting any minutes further, we departed to Genting Sempah and reached HOA at about 3pm.

Post Ride
I brought my bike to Ah Meng shop for service and listen to his jokes after the ride. Reached home at about 5.30pm, went to sleep at 8pm until the next morning 9am. Sigh! Skipped my running time liao!

Part 1 – HOA – Genting Sempah (16km)
7:36am – Hospital Orang Asli
8:42am – Genting Sempah (Junction to Gohtong Jaya)

Part 2 – Genting Sempah – Gohtong Jaya (7km)
8:50am – Genting Highland Gate
9:50am – Gohtong Jaya (Breakfast stop)

Part 3 – Gohtong Jaya – Genting Highland (10km)
10:30am – Depart from Gohtong Jaya
11:16am – 4.6km away from GH
11:21am – 4.3km away from GH (Killing curve)
11:46am – 2.9km away from GH (Pagoda curve)
12:24pm – The Rock opposite of the Ria Apartment
12:38pm – Genting Highland

Part 4 – Genting Highland - HOA
12:45pm – Heading down
1:50pm – Rear tyre flat in front of Awana
2:15pm – Back to Gohtong Jaya
3:00pm – Back to Hospital Orang Asli

星期四, 7月 13, 2006

Ameba Returns

After 10 days of rest, my hip ligament is fully recovered now, and I'm back to the road for running and cycling.

Since I sprain my right hip ligament during a badminton session last Monday, Dr. blacklisted me from any training, he advised me that if i want fully recover, i must not have any training for 10 days. Now 10 days is over, and i'm pretty fine, can run can jump can do anything. Therefore I hope all my frens in sports take good care of yourselves, injury free should be the first priority.

Since I'm okay now, I will slowly catch back my stamina and endurance in running for Penang Bridge Run this month end. Hope my works do not kill me slowly, and also, do not look down at 22.3km! No Train No Run!

What's next then? Genting Casino Ride
15th July 2006 (Saturday)
Excuse Me???
Cyling trip to Genting via Genting Sempah start from HOA

We doubt at our stamina too, but we know our destination is Genting Highland, no matter cycle or push our bike, we will also try to reach Genting Highland.
Yes, we have not find any support car yet. Anyway SAFETY IS THE FIRST. Do not make downhill the way 'down to hell', so we will ride + push when going down to foor hill.

If you are a rider, welcome you to join us.
If you are not, welcome you to be our support car.


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星期一, 7月 03, 2006


What: IIR 2006 (Ipoh International Run 2006)
When: 2nd July 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Ipoh
Category: Women Open 21km
Timing: 2hr 33min 04sec
Placing: 25th
Overall Comment: Sibeh sien (I had been running alone and silently...)

What so SAD:
Got the WPR (Worst Personal Record)!

Even though I got the medal and certificate, but they were meaningless to me and I didn’t feel proud at all of getting them.

3 –
Before the race started, all runners were forced to stay in the compound but not in front the starting line, really KNS, crowded until I want to faint liao!

What so HAPPY:
1 –
My hope of run arisen again when I saw Sheau Huei and Rho Wen pacing together behind of me at about 19.5km. I was like the survival in the ocean seeing a boat heading towards me. I wave my hand happily to them, standing beside the road and welcome for their arrival :P Four of us (and another female runner from Ipoh) pacing each other side by side until the finishing line.

My eyes almost came out when I received the position card no. 25 and the officer asked me to go and collect my medal… wah lau eh… this kind of timing still can get medal ah??? And what?? No. 25??? Hey, where have all the women runners gone???

2 -
Say Li completed her first ever 10km road race in about 1hr 10min, together with her 15 years old younger brother also completed his 10km run in about 1hr 20min. Thanks Say Li & family for the shelter :D

3 -
Ah Fook kena 'con' by the driver and passengers in Sportage, changed category from 10km to 21km. Congrat! He completed his first ever 21km with good result (at least better than me la)

4 –
I ‘accidentally’ met 1 of my college mates at pasar malam, wow… so surprised!

5 -
Tasted the FAMOUS Tau Fu Fah, DELICIOIS white coffee and toast with double half boiled eggs on top, yummy yummy! But hor, we missed the tauge chicken kuei teow soup la :(

6 -
Have had a fun time travelling with the gang!

-0.3km – almost fainted in the compound
00km – Breath in the fresh air as much as I can
0.1km – Lost contact with Wan Lin (in front of me) and Rho Wen, Miow Chin & Jul (behind of me)
04km – Overtook Sheau Huei and Ah Fook
09km – Overtook by Miow Chin & Jul
12km – Overtook by Ah Fook
17km – Realized that I past by the wall that I hit in PJ Half
19km – Sibeh sien! Stop already
19.5km – Saw Sheau Huei and Rho Wen, hope arisen again!
21km – Wan Lin took our finishing photos, he was laughing at us!!!