星期五, 6月 30, 2006

Rest in Peace

So sorry to hear this news, 13 dogs shot dead in the owner's house.
No matter who's fault is that, the dogs are innocent.

Read the full details from all other local newspaper:
Sin Chew . Guang Ming . The Star . NST

星期四, 6月 29, 2006

Ipoh International Run 2006 Forecast

What: Ipoh International Run 2006
When: 2 July 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Ipoh, Perak
Category: B, Women Open 21km

Result Forecast: Come back empty handed! Why? You see la... I don't think i can make it sub-2 lo...

- Certificates of Participation will be awarded to participants who complete 21km in 120 minutes. (The maximum number of certificate of participant that will be awarded are 1,500 for the 21km)
- Finishes medal will be awarded to participants as allocated for each category (1-100)

星期二, 6月 27, 2006


星期天有个漂亮的早晨。相约了友人Phyllis去做20公里慢跑,如常来到熟悉的Bukit Aman停车场,往着熟悉的Hartamas路线跑去。才开始了两公里,就感觉双脚疲累,Phyllis已经远远把我抛在后头了。我拼命猛追,赶上她后对她说,我不行了,你跑吧,我在停车场等你!然后我就回到自己的步伐,慢慢地一步一步朝着自己的方向跑去。我就在一个Bukit Tunku的转弯处拐了进去,进入了Double Hill路线。所谓勉强没幸福,我也不想出师为捷身先死,必须学会忍耐并保持最佳状态,待下星期的怡保半马才尽心尽力。

传统的Double Hill共10公里,但喜欢我行我素并惯于反传统的我选择了多走两公里,为的就是寻找花园去。熟悉Bukit Aman跑步路线的人大概都知道,位于Jalan Parlimen旁有个小花园,里边有小池塘和喷水池,但就不晓得有多少人真正停下脚步,好好欣赏池中莲呢?




星期五, 6月 23, 2006






星期二, 6月 20, 2006

The Wall – I See, Therefore I Hit

Due to heavy workload and lack of long distance run training recently, I failed to complete the half marathon at PJ Half Marathon 2006 (18th June 2006). Why I say fail? Because the Certificate of Completion only giving to runners completed in 2 hours 15 minutes, whereas my timing was 2:26:03. Since they categorized like that, so those who cannot get the certificate means cannot complete lo…

This has been expected already because I already foresee the wall before the race day, anyway still came for the race with a little hope of miracle to happen. But lastly still hit the wall very nicely.

I hit the wall at last 4km, body not feeling well due to lots of gas in my gastric (not because of the 100Plus), definitely vomit at the road side if continue pushing. I totally gave up (walk more than run) when I saw the time 2:10 where I still have more than one kilometer to go.

In fact I was not alone at the last 4km, there are a lot of fellas also at the same situation with me, walk and run until the finishing line. Tey is one of them la, so we hitting the wall together gather :P But he is very optimistic about the run, still can finish the run very happily with his camera. He saw my sour face also scared liao :P

This is the first time I hit the wall, and the feeling is really terrible and horrible! Eyes kept looking for the finishing line, hope I was to finish it very shortly but in fact it is still so far away. Mind was so weak yet so strong because been demotivated but still having strong determination to complete it. At the moment I felt hopeless, I thought to go home, I just want to go home… but the desire to reach to the finishing line was much stronger. At last, i did not give up.

It was really the KNS, I can’t see the finishing arch until entered to the stadium. What? Still have to run for another 400m to finish? Damn sien! If I was the first one who arrived then I suppose to feel proud la, but now is not mah! I drank 100Plus very very much, not because of it was free, but because of I was over dehydrated very very much!

Very ‘good’ experience indeed, so next time I don’t dare to challenge my body without proper trainings, meals and rests. I always tend to forget I’m a human that will get tired, so I thought I can still do well even I have been accumulated the tiredness for couple of days prior to the race day. Wall is not nice to hit!

What a lousy PR, 2 hours 26 minutes… yiaks… no eyes see! But good also la, easy to be beaten next time! :P No worry, I have 2 half marathons in near future (Ipoh & Penang), sure will fight for a nicer PR! :D

This is my condition summary:
08km – :D Feeling great!
10km – :) Still feeling good, start trying going faster
12km – :/ Can feel the steps were getting heavier
14km - :( Going slow
17km - :(( BANG!!! HIT THE WALL!!!

21km - :P Finish...

星期三, 6月 14, 2006

PJ Half Preparation

Rainy Sunday has spoiled my plan for the PJ Half preparation la, felt so sad and disappointed. My last longest distance run was 15km nia, the volunteer run on 28/5, then 10.4km on last Friday @KLCC… no more :(

Tuesday evening managed to did 9 loops at Subang Jaya Lake, may be about 9.9km gua (1:00’48) Waist almost wanted to break already, it was the drawback from the Karate sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Yes, Karate uses a lot of waist power, and the body parts usage also very much different from running/cycling/climbing, but slightly similar to Yoga, anyhow Yoga doesn’t use as much strength as Karate. I was damn tired after the 2 sessions, Monday had no energy at all to run, body ached especially the waist, I just can’t imagine how can I carry out my weekend fun like LSD or cycling next time, sure every Monday will be walking or working like a zombie…

So, no need to tell much and don’t dare to ask for performance for PJ Half this Sunday liao, anyway will still have new PR, cause this is my first PJ Half, also my first half marathon, kekekekeke…

But I really hope to finish by 2:15, at least to get a certificate than nothing.

May the force be with me, and be with you!

星期六, 6月 10, 2006

Yoga Session Has Came To the End

After 6 months in doing Yoga, last Thursday was the last session. The feel was a little bit different from my normal Yoga practice that day, cos I knew it has come to the end. Though my instructor told us we might have another 3-months sessions next, but I think I might not be joining anymore…

No doubt that I like Yoga very much. I like all the stretching and postures, which presented in a very graceful way. It brings me peace and harmony in every Yoga session, definitely I would have very sweet and deep sleep after each session.

For me, doing Yoga isn’t for trend, nor slimming, but for peace of mind and relaxation. I was like letting go myself and giving my soul a deep rest for moments. I feel my body, feel my breath, feel my Qi is moving around my body.

It focuses on mind concentration and physical strength at the same time. Some postures are imitating the posture animal, from there, we are actually learning from them, and learn to appreciate the Mother of Nature. Among the postures that I have learnt, here are the postures that I like the most:

1 - Sun Salutation (Salute to the sun and respect the nature)
2 – Warrior (A simple and posture, yet a graceful and powerful posture)
3 – Wheel (It is like self massaging at my back and waist)
4 – Headstand (Very impressing posture, but I haven’t make it successfully without a wall)

So, if not Yoga, so what’s next? I’ll tell you when I have decided, definitely not just go home sitting in front of television and watch movie.

星期二, 6月 06, 2006


It was 1999. My first step stepping into TAR College led me to the world of Martial Arts. From the day I started my first lesson in Shito-Ryu Karate-do, every single drop of my blood, every single breath, every single step, every single movement of my hand was actually filled by the spirit of Martial Arts.

My Master, Mr. Lim You Sie has spent a lot of times, efforts, and patients in teaching and training me to become a good Martial Artist. I was solely trained by Mr. Lim, he is as my teacher, also as my father who brought me up during my darkest period in college time, he is the one who raise my self confidence, self awareness, and lastly, self emptiness.

He is the one who taught us the philosophies of Martial Arts, ‘Kara’ (空), ‘te’ (手), ‘do’ (道), means the way of empty hand, in fact, the hidden meaning is the empty mind.

‘As solid as the mountain, as empty as the sky’ – means your step and stance were as firm as a mountain, your mind has come to the level of emptiness, your movements flow as nature as the water without hesitation.

‘空手无先手’ – means as a Karete-ka, we will never release the first strike or simply that we can never initiate a fight.

Above were just 2 examples of thousands philosophies in Karate-do, a Japanese Martial Art. The students were well trained to strengthen their physical and mental fitness. It is a perfect ground for a person to shape their personal values. In TARC dojo (training center) under the guidance of Mr. Lim, the students were taught to let go their ego, and the students were taught not to fight instead of how to fight.

About 1 year ago, Mr. Lim had a sudden severe health problem where I was almost to loss my beloved teacher. I felt so regret that I did not manage to inherit the knowledge that he has passed to me because I had been stop training for recent 1 to 2 years. The club was supported by Mr. Lim for more than 10 years or perhaps 20 years, the seniors that he had trained were gone one by one after graduation or after few years working in the business world, and I was one of them.

I received Mr. Lim’s call last week, he was asking me to come back and teach the newbies in the college. I immediately said I can’t since I have not been training for so long. He was pissed off and for the first time he shouted at me:

‘I have trained you so hard, how can you say you cannot? Once a black belt, always a black belt!’

I kept silent for seconds, felt so embarrassed and useless. I respect my teacher and hence I obey his instruction. For me, it meant once a master, always the father.

I have to go back, like a salmon fish, have to swim against the stream and back to its origin place to lay its eggs.

It is a responsibility, no matter you like it or not, you must carry out the task that has been assigned to you.





星期一, 6月 05, 2006

PAR run ~ The spirit of PIA

What: der_pacemakers Anniversary Run II
Where: KLCC Park
When: 3 June 2006 (Saturday)
Who: Pacemakers, Pacemakers’ friends, Penguins, OX (Turtles & Snails)
How: 4 x 2.6km team relay

OX Positions: 1st and 2nd (counting from behind)

The Ham Kar Fook

Rocket Turtles (Thanks Say Li for the wristbands)

Turbo Snails with the nice trophy

The day:
The day is really a BIG day, it was Agung birthday + the PAR run! More than 40 runners from pacemakers network and their friends gathered at KLCC park to show the spirit of PIA and the spirit of TEAM.

Everybody had more than enough preparation for the run except for the 2 OX teams. Turtles and Snails were supposed to build the Rocket and Turbo Engine for the run, but hor, end up the Rocket and Turbo Engine cannot be up on time, so we have to carry back our good old shells :D

That’s why we sapu the last 2 positions, but nevermind la, all of us enjoyed the run and created our own PR. Turtle Head Chong Wah really is the Hope of Turtle, der fastest turtle who finished 2 laps in just 10’27’’! Say Li also had a very good improvement, her new PR of 15’47’’ now compare to last time almost 18 minutes. Phyllis the Turtle Tail, after 60km ultramarathon last week still can pia so fast, really salute her spirit of running. Me aka Turtle #3, performance so so only lo. Very the hungry that day, running without breakfast and can hear the gong sound when running, almost blackout after lap 1 leh…

You know Turtles only targeted to win Snails, we were so worry cause der Snail Captain Boon Keat and Snail #2 Joey were about 2-3 minutes ahead of us, hehehe… luckily we managed to potong vege… opps… potong snail at 3rd runner :P Pity Snail #3 Man Lee and Snail Tail Geok Wah… Potong snail wasn’t something proud actually, cause the turtles were kena potong by all like nobody business, hahahaha

2 OX teams were the noisiest one at the park, luckily we did not got caught by the guard. Even OX teams had showed the great team spirit, but still not comparable to Penguins. Cos 3 penguins accompanied the last runner for 2 laps and hands together to cross the finishing line, hahaha.. see, how sweet is the penguins!

Last but not least, must thank all other runners in the run who motivated us to run, run, and run, then pia, pia, and pia! Also, must thank the organizers and volunteers for their efforts in organizing and helping this event, very nice trophy indeed! (I like the baton made by recycle paper roll very much!)

The Result:
Visit pm1's website, you will be surprise and realize what the spirit of PIA is…

Turtle Head, Chan Chong Wah: 4’50’’ / 5’36’’ (10’26’’)
Turtle #2, Toh Say Li: 7’41’’ / 8’06’’ (15’47’’)
Turtle #3, Chan Chui Miew: 6’08’’ / 6’56’’ (13’04’’)
Turtle Tail, Phyllis Kok: 6’12’’ / 6’02’’ (12’14’’)
Total = 51’31’’

Snail Head, Tan Boon Keat: 5’21’’ / 5’50’’ (11’11’’)
Snail #2, Joey Ng: 6’09’’ / 7’48’’ (13’57’’)
Snail #3, Lew Man Lee: 8’02 / 9’06’’ (17’08’’)
Snail Tail, Ng Geok Wah: 5’29’’ / 6’41’’ (12’10’’)
Total = 54’06’’

OX Ranking:
1 - 10’27’’ Chong Wah
2 - 11’11’’ Boon Keat
3 - 12’10’’ Geok Wah
4 - 12’14’’ Phyllis
5 - 13’04’’ Ameba
6 – 13’57’’ Joey
7 – 15’47’’ Say Li
8 - 17’08’’ Man Lee

More photos at Tey's photo album.