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Rain or Shine… I DU!

What: MALAKOFF Malaysian Duathlon Series 2006 (MMDS 1)
When: 23rd Apr 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Dataran Merdeka
How: Run 10km – Bike 45km – Run 5km
Result (Self Timing): Finish: 3:38:00, 10km Run 1:04:17 (Transition 2’38’’) 45km Bike 1:52:43 (Transition 2’23’’) 5km Run 0:35:58
Result (Official):
Finish: 3:37:26, 10km Run 1:04:25, 45km Bike 1:55:17, 5km Run 0:37:26
Position: 11/14 (Women by Age Group), 23/34 (Women Overall)

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What would I like to share?
Doing a Duathlon (or Triathlon or Iron Man) is exactly like our life, consists of few transition periods along the journey.

Your life may suck at certain point of time, but you should never give up. Once you started your journey, there is no turning back and you can only keep moving forward unless you find yourself went into the wrong path.

There always a transition period which is the hardest time to overcome and to adjust your mind when your life changes from one position to another, or from one stage to another, or from one role to another. Remember, no matter how hard the time is, it is only a transition period which will be over very soon.

The most important is, you need a friend to cheer you up during the transition period and along the journey. So friend, if you have been insulting your friends, or never try to cheering your friends in your life, please try to do so, because they will remember and appreciate you especially during their hardest time. Just imagine there is a cup of hot drinks being served to you when you are extremely wet after the rain.

Cheer up friend!
No matter how hard the time is, do not give up, stay alive until your last breath and you will see sunshine again.
No matter how depress you are, do not give up, time will transit you from one position to another and you will become stronger.

May the force be with you!

:: Pre-race ::
I have been targeting this race the week after KLIM 06 (5th March 2006). I supposed to have more than 1 month to prepare myself for the race. Anyway due to work commitment, the most I can prepare is to ‘prepare to suffer’ :P Even would be a lonely and suffering race, but it is the warmest race I have never had. I received a lot of supports and cheers from the whole kampong of colleagues, OXians and friends. In fact these gave me strengths and forces to go for it and finished it.

During race kits collection at the day before at Plaza Hotel, even the lobby and the hall are a bit too small for all competitors, but the collection was being held systematically and the crews served professionally. The pre-race briefing was separated into 3 sessions for Sprint, Team Relay and Individual group. I collected all my stuffs by 4.30pm, the race kits included the bib number and sticker, RFID timing chip, event handbook, a goodies bag and t-shirt printed with MMDS 1 tagline ‘Rain or Shine… I DU!’, a pair of sock sponsored by Brooks, RM100 Brooks voucher, RM100 Osim iSqueez voucher, RM50 Osim uZap voucher and a Powerbar. I watched the past MMDS and Powerman movies while waiting for my category’s briefing and eventually the movie motivated me a lot and I can visualize myself in action tomorrow. There dinner was served after the briefing, met a pair of sweet couple from Singapore to take part at the event together.

At night, prepare all racing stuff, final check at the bike, stick whatever sticker that supposed to be at the right places, pray, then sleep.

I was targeted to finish between 3:30’ to 3:34’ with 10km Run – 1:05’00’’, 45km Bike – 1:50’00’’, 5km Run – 40’00’’.

:: Race Day ::
I received a morning sms at 4.30am from Tey, I guessed he must be knowing I have no one to give me a morning call in this race, that’s why he did so. Yeah, I supposed to wake up at 4.30am, but I’m still lying lazily on my bed that time :P

Race would be started at 7.30am, I reached at Dataran Merdeka quite early by 6.30am. I was so surprised that KC was already there even earlier than many competitors in full photographing gear. I pushed my bike into transition area, placed it nicely then put my glove and sunglass into the helmet and placed it in front of the bike. What a surprise when I saw Lee Nya, a damn hard-core cyclist but her favorite is mountain biking at off-road.

The Emcee was pushing every competitors to stand behind the start line at 7.10am. Every competitor seemed like hard to leave their bike alone, so unwilling to move to the starting line. I met with the PACM KL group Penguin Tony, Siok Bee, Lim, KC’s brother and PACM Kuantan gang, chit chat with them and released a lot of tensions.
...:: 10km Run ::...
At 7.30am sharp, flag-off! OMG! What was I doing here? Seriously… Can’t believe that I was moving my steps towards the Duathlon 10km run! When it just started, I was thinking when the race going to be finishing? I was moving slowly and steadily to avoid internal stomach muscle pain which I just encountered 2 days before the race. Even it just a 10km run, but water stations were set up every 2km, fantastic! I took little bit by little bit of water at the third water station and onwards to prevent dehydration. When I turned to Jalan Duta, eh… saw a familiar back, that was Chee Wee the illegal runner :P He was cheering me up when we met.

I was not having good progress for the 1st 10km run, running so hard to back to Dataran Merdeka. Wait… not finished yet, there was a 45km biking afterward! Aiya… this was so discouraging, but the fun part is the experience of entering the transition area and put on my biking gear (headband, glove, sunglass and helmet) There were about 3 quarter of competitors still left behind as I can see many bikes still parking at the transition area. Drank some sports drink to rehydrate every cell in my body before going off.
..:: 45km Bike ::..
After getting out of the transition area, activated my thighs muscle for paddling after sitting on the seat. Cycled in slow pace for the 1st few km, it would need some times to change muscles usage, that’s called transition. Chee Wee was standing beside the transition area and cheered me up again! Looked at my speedometer, what? just 23km/hr, very slow la! When I turned into Jalan Duta where the hill comes, that was really killing me. Damn it! I really wondered why am I here? Looked at my speedometer again, what? just 4km? There was still a long way to go, but my legs were already tired. I cannot push too also cause both calves muscle started to cramp already.

Don’t play fool with cramp, did some leg stretching on the bike and drank the sports drink for electron input in order to make me move on. At the same time I prayed to my angel and said, ‘May the force be wit me!’, and the force was being with me. Give up? Excuse me, I don’t understand what ‘Give up’ is… The hill was about few km, then enjoyed a downhill breaking the wind when we about to enter the tunnel. The last camel back was at Bukit Aman, then it was pretty near to Dataran Merdeka liao. So happy to back to Dataran Merdeka again, but hor… don’t be so happy first cause this was only the 1st loop (15km), there were 2 more to go!

I performed very badly in cycling, kena potong like hell during this period. Looked at them pretty fit in cycling, I was so jealous la… When can I cycle as strong as them?

I saw Terrance on the way, I quickly cheered him up and shouted ‘Come on, you can do it!’ Cheering each other during the race is the happiest moment. You need friends and you need enemies too for a race!

I was cycling side by side with Tony (not drafting ok!) for the last few km. Wow… it was so relieving when I returned to Dataran Merdeka. Look carefully, the guy in red shirt standing before the transition area is Tey leh! Hey, he was standing there under the sun to take our photo la! Wah… very 感动 oh!
..:: 5km Run ::..
Before entering the transition area, of cause need to come down from the bike, you cannot speed into your parking lot la! After parking my bike, take off everything slowly… I mean helmet, glove and headband, frens, what do you think? No need to be so rush, took some times to rest a bit and recharged.

During this transition period, I met the sweet couple from Singapore again. Both of them were really fantastic! You know how sweet they are? Both of them never left each other no matter what happened and were accompanying each other from start until finish!

For the first few steps I ran, wow… felt the pain man! Running was like walking, transition from cycling to running is much difficult from the other way round. I curi-curi rested and walked for a while when drinking water at the 1st water station, after that only started my turbo engine and pia until the finishing line. I can only enjoyed overtaking the competitors at this last 5km run when most cyclists were exhausted.

Looked at the big clock at Dataran Merdaka, I was so surprise that it was only 11:05am. Meaning that I only took about 35minutes for the run (it was faster than what I expected). Before reaching the finishing line, I heard the Emcee announced my name very loudly, wah, felt so happy and proud even the timing was so lousy :P and somemore, there were crews standing in front of the finishing line and hold the line for you to cross, then picked it up again for the next finisher to cross, and the finisher medal, was actually presented to you right after you crossing the line (not putting it inside a paper bag but presented it by putting on your neck ok!). That was really amazing!

After finishing the race, of cause very happy la, and also forgot to press stop at the split watch :P Brain was blur blur liao until dunno how should I pack my stuff at the transition area, luckily I still remember to collect back my bike, hehehe.

Lastly, all of us (Tony, Siok Bee, Yeoh and KC’s brother) pushing our bike and back to Bukit Aman car park with a satisfying smile.

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Well done. You managed to finish your maiden Duathlon. See you in Powerman in Lumut if you wish to participate.

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