星期一, 4月 03, 2006

Gunung Liang East / West

What: Climbing
When: 18-19/3/2006
Where: Gunung Liang East (1933m), Tanjung Malim
Who: Kam Meng the Captain, Rho Wen the Organiser, Wen Bing, Siew Ling, MK.Tan, ST.Tay, ST.Lim, Amy and I the Porter.

Starting point is at a Kampong Orang Asli, walking on tar road for about 40 minutes to reach to the dam where the entrance of the jungle is located. The trek is narrow but clear, there are few blocked ways by fallen trees along the trek, but alternate routes have been marked clearly. The climbers have to cross few streams and it took about 2-3 hours to reach to the last river, the Liang River followed by approximate 2-3 hours to the Base Camp or the last water point. The route is conquered by leeches and the Base Camp is the sandfly’s territory. Lastly, the climbers suppose to take about 2 hours to the summit, Liang West and about 5 minutes to Liang East from Liang West with their backpacks. Anyway, we only manage to reach to Base Camp at the 1st day and go up to summit with empty hand the next day.

Respect the mountain
After this trip, I have some new thoughts that I would like to share out. As a true climber, these are the principles you must know:
1. Respect the mountain, one will never get to conquer the mountain.
2. Expect the unexpected.
3. Safety is the first.
4. We move in a team, not individual. No one less, no one more.
5. Teamwork, we help and take care each other and share the responsibility.
6. Never leave any not disposable waste at the place you had been.
7. Do not simply spoil any plants.

Why I love climbing?
On the way back, Amy threw me a question, why I love climbing? I love to answer this question, because I have one thousand and one reasons to tell you. First of all, I love nature, I like to hear the sound when the wind blows and meets the tree leaves. I like the river in the jungle, which is so pure, so clear, and so cold. I love to soak myself in the purified water at the same to purify my soul. I admired and respect every mountain, I like to sleep on it, as I always dream to sleep under the starry night… Well, these are only my typical answers whereby most climbers will answer.

There were several philosophies applied to me why I love climbing. As I said, I respect the mountain and I admire the beauty of the mountain. The mountain gives me the impression of Strong, Solid and Secure. It also gives me the feeling of Return, Reunion, and Release. There is a slogan in Karate-do describes the spirit of Karate is as Solid as the Mountain, as Empty as the Sky. In climbing activity, one must release his/her ego and work in team, unlike the running race, we are an individual with great ego to win the game. As for me, going into the forest is like returning home where I found my soul feels secure in the nature and wild. You will realize how tiny you are and how simple you are once you meet the great mountain!

Blah blah blah… actually there are more, sure will share with you again!

Lesson Learned
Always cross the river before taking a rest, this is in case any circumstances happened to the river, at least you are still safe. For example, if it is a way down, after crossing the river means you are one step closer to the starting point. You have no worry if the river overflows suddenly.

Full Long Report
About a month ago, our organizer Rho Wen initiated a hiking trip to Gunung Ledang for those in Gunung Datuk trip Nov last year. Unfortunately Ledang was crowed by students during this school holiday. This is where the chance of the folks first met with our OXian’s Captain, Kam Meng. Kam Meng had offered himself to guide us to Gunung Liang FOC :D

I personally felt much more exciting in Liang than Ledang simply because Liang is preserved with its natural wildness. Like all my previous climbing trips, I was so excited to wait for the day to come as I missed the clean air, cold water and green jungle so much.

Nine of us in two cars gathered at Restaurant Jejantas at 6am, arrived in Tanjung Malim at 7+am. The time was early enough to allow us to have a breakfast stop. We reached Kampong Orang Asli at about 8+, getting down of the car and prepared ourselves. Kam Meng distributed the walkie-talkie, set his GPS device, and we change to our climbing shoe, put in communal stuff and foods into our backpack, put on the rain cover on our backpack, and took a ‘before’ group photo then GO!

As usual, Kam Meng led the team and direct the way, Rho Wen as the marshal at the back. Wen Bing the experienced climber first join OXian’s climbing trip was so exiting to share his experience and memory with guys. It was a 40 minutes walk from the village to the dam, where the entrance to the jungle is located. Here only considered as the start of the climb. Kam Meng gave us a short briefing like how long would we take to reach to the last river, when will be our lunch and so on…

Everybody looked fresh of course, very quickly we met the 1st river, a stream perhaps. After a river, it was a slightly sloop to go. The jungle trek was narrow but very clear with marks, no way you can get lost here even certain paths were blocked by fallen trees. There happened a war between human and leech, the path was crowed by blood hungry leeches. Those who walked at behind mostly kena attacked like crazy! After 3 hours, we reached to the last river. The river was considered the widest along the way, the water was cold and clear, it was so refreshing to touch the water. Wen Bing took out his shirt and had a nice swim there, whereas we had some energy refilled. Kam Meng’s left hand kept bleeding seriously at the leech wound.

After refilling our water bottles, we continue our journey and targeted to the summit. The path became more difficult and the sloop getting steeper. After an hour walk, everybody looked exhausted and tired, the questions that kept throwing to Kam Meng were ‘How long to go?’ ‘When is our lunch?’ and the typical answer by Kam Meng was ‘Almost there, just keep going!’…

Actually he was targeting to have our lunch at 2001 Base Camp near 1.30pm. Somehow the team was slowed down due to most of the teammates were exhausted and MK was having cramp at his legs. The distance was still long, the sloop was still steep, the team was remained tired :P We had a quick lunch at halfway, now ST.Lim started to complained that he also having cramp at his legs. The 2 ladies, Siew Ling and Amy also looked boh lat liao, so Kam Meng decided to use this strategy, he and I rushed to the Base Camp, put down our backpack and return to meet with the rest of the team to help those who were exhausted. Here my task as the porter was utilized.

All of us reached to the Base Camp at around 2.30pm. Kam Meng announced that we got to change our plan, we must overnight here instead of rushing to the summit. This wasn’t a total bad news, at least our exhausted teammates can get some relives and rests here, and we can have our bath time at the last water point which is just about 5 minutes walked from the camp.

We all seven hands eight legs set up two tents and a flysheet together. Pity all of us, legs, foot and waist were attacked by leeches, then followed by sandfly after reaching to Base Camp. Pity Amy, her thigh was attacked by caterpillar. The bath time was so fun as I liked it very much even the ‘pipe’ and the source of the water was small, you can really feel the cold of the water in the jungle.

Rho Wen was the primary chef in dinner preparation. All ate a lot especially me but not MK. Very funny, the biggest size ate the most little, and the smallest size ate the most, hahaha… After dinner, still early, what to do? The sandflies kept attacking us until Rho Wen can’t tahan liao and set up a mini camp fire to chase away the sandflies. We all sat beside the ‘sandfly fire’ chit chat and sang songs. Wen Bing was really fantastic in singing, he and Rho Wen were the ‘life radio’ as the song provider. I looked at the sky, it was a starry night, that moment I was so missed the summit and so hope to lay down on the ground to see twinkle twinkle little star at the summit…

We had Kam Meng’s favorite, mushroom soup as supper. Then said good night at about 10 or 11pm. ST.Tay and Wen Bing volunteered to sleep under the flysheet.

Next day, Kam Meng, Rho Wen and I woke up at 6am to prepare breakfast for all. We planned to leave the camp site and head to summit at 7am, but somehow we dragged until 8am only managed to go. We just took about 1 hour plus to reach Liang West without our heavy backpack and with a recharged body. The path showing to be mossy near the summit and it is a real mossy forest at Liang East peak. We took our group photo at Liang East with Jalur Gemilang.

Kam Meng and Wen Bing rushed down to the camp site in order to pack and clean the Base Camp. Rho Wen led the way and I stayed at last to cover the team. We left the camp site at about 12.30pm led by me and covered by Kam Meng as the last person. We followed the way up for going down. The rain made the path very slippery and our teammates walking like a baby in the beginning of learning walking :P Back to the dam before 5pm, all checking on the body see which part had leech sticking on it, hahahaha…

After showering at river, all like hungry ghosts to look for dinner at town. All return to the city with sandflies and leeches bite, this caused me not even dare to wear skirt to work for 2 weeks! Why? Damn many scars on my both legs loh! Definitely it takes me at least a month to clear the scars :(