星期五, 4月 28, 2006

Pasukan Chamah

What: Mountain climbing trip organised by OX at Labour Holiday
Where: Gunung Chamah, 查玛峰 (2171m) - The fifth highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia
When: 29.04.2006 - 01.05.2006
Mission: 只许成功,不许失败。
Outcome: 成功攻顶 (Report comes later... ok, in chinese and english version :D)

Wish everyone will have an enjoyable Labour Holiday! May the force be with you!

星期一, 4月 24, 2006

Rain or Shine… I DU!

What: MALAKOFF Malaysian Duathlon Series 2006 (MMDS 1)
When: 23rd Apr 2006 (Sunday)
Where: Dataran Merdeka
How: Run 10km – Bike 45km – Run 5km
Result (Self Timing): Finish: 3:38:00, 10km Run 1:04:17 (Transition 2’38’’) 45km Bike 1:52:43 (Transition 2’23’’) 5km Run 0:35:58
Result (Official):
Finish: 3:37:26, 10km Run 1:04:25, 45km Bike 1:55:17, 5km Run 0:37:26
Position: 11/14 (Women by Age Group), 23/34 (Women Overall)

Other blog sites about MMDS 1: KC & the Sunshine Runners, Tey
Photo albums: KC (06 MMDS1 a), Yeoh (MALAKOFF 06), Yeoh (MALAKOFF 06A), Tey Album 2

What would I like to share?
Doing a Duathlon (or Triathlon or Iron Man) is exactly like our life, consists of few transition periods along the journey.

Your life may suck at certain point of time, but you should never give up. Once you started your journey, there is no turning back and you can only keep moving forward unless you find yourself went into the wrong path.

There always a transition period which is the hardest time to overcome and to adjust your mind when your life changes from one position to another, or from one stage to another, or from one role to another. Remember, no matter how hard the time is, it is only a transition period which will be over very soon.

The most important is, you need a friend to cheer you up during the transition period and along the journey. So friend, if you have been insulting your friends, or never try to cheering your friends in your life, please try to do so, because they will remember and appreciate you especially during their hardest time. Just imagine there is a cup of hot drinks being served to you when you are extremely wet after the rain.

Cheer up friend!
No matter how hard the time is, do not give up, stay alive until your last breath and you will see sunshine again.
No matter how depress you are, do not give up, time will transit you from one position to another and you will become stronger.

May the force be with you!

:: Pre-race ::
I have been targeting this race the week after KLIM 06 (5th March 2006). I supposed to have more than 1 month to prepare myself for the race. Anyway due to work commitment, the most I can prepare is to ‘prepare to suffer’ :P Even would be a lonely and suffering race, but it is the warmest race I have never had. I received a lot of supports and cheers from the whole kampong of colleagues, OXians and friends. In fact these gave me strengths and forces to go for it and finished it.

During race kits collection at the day before at Plaza Hotel, even the lobby and the hall are a bit too small for all competitors, but the collection was being held systematically and the crews served professionally. The pre-race briefing was separated into 3 sessions for Sprint, Team Relay and Individual group. I collected all my stuffs by 4.30pm, the race kits included the bib number and sticker, RFID timing chip, event handbook, a goodies bag and t-shirt printed with MMDS 1 tagline ‘Rain or Shine… I DU!’, a pair of sock sponsored by Brooks, RM100 Brooks voucher, RM100 Osim iSqueez voucher, RM50 Osim uZap voucher and a Powerbar. I watched the past MMDS and Powerman movies while waiting for my category’s briefing and eventually the movie motivated me a lot and I can visualize myself in action tomorrow. There dinner was served after the briefing, met a pair of sweet couple from Singapore to take part at the event together.

At night, prepare all racing stuff, final check at the bike, stick whatever sticker that supposed to be at the right places, pray, then sleep.

I was targeted to finish between 3:30’ to 3:34’ with 10km Run – 1:05’00’’, 45km Bike – 1:50’00’’, 5km Run – 40’00’’.

:: Race Day ::
I received a morning sms at 4.30am from Tey, I guessed he must be knowing I have no one to give me a morning call in this race, that’s why he did so. Yeah, I supposed to wake up at 4.30am, but I’m still lying lazily on my bed that time :P

Race would be started at 7.30am, I reached at Dataran Merdeka quite early by 6.30am. I was so surprised that KC was already there even earlier than many competitors in full photographing gear. I pushed my bike into transition area, placed it nicely then put my glove and sunglass into the helmet and placed it in front of the bike. What a surprise when I saw Lee Nya, a damn hard-core cyclist but her favorite is mountain biking at off-road.

The Emcee was pushing every competitors to stand behind the start line at 7.10am. Every competitor seemed like hard to leave their bike alone, so unwilling to move to the starting line. I met with the PACM KL group Penguin Tony, Siok Bee, Lim, KC’s brother and PACM Kuantan gang, chit chat with them and released a lot of tensions.
...:: 10km Run ::...
At 7.30am sharp, flag-off! OMG! What was I doing here? Seriously… Can’t believe that I was moving my steps towards the Duathlon 10km run! When it just started, I was thinking when the race going to be finishing? I was moving slowly and steadily to avoid internal stomach muscle pain which I just encountered 2 days before the race. Even it just a 10km run, but water stations were set up every 2km, fantastic! I took little bit by little bit of water at the third water station and onwards to prevent dehydration. When I turned to Jalan Duta, eh… saw a familiar back, that was Chee Wee the illegal runner :P He was cheering me up when we met.

I was not having good progress for the 1st 10km run, running so hard to back to Dataran Merdeka. Wait… not finished yet, there was a 45km biking afterward! Aiya… this was so discouraging, but the fun part is the experience of entering the transition area and put on my biking gear (headband, glove, sunglass and helmet) There were about 3 quarter of competitors still left behind as I can see many bikes still parking at the transition area. Drank some sports drink to rehydrate every cell in my body before going off.
..:: 45km Bike ::..
After getting out of the transition area, activated my thighs muscle for paddling after sitting on the seat. Cycled in slow pace for the 1st few km, it would need some times to change muscles usage, that’s called transition. Chee Wee was standing beside the transition area and cheered me up again! Looked at my speedometer, what? just 23km/hr, very slow la! When I turned into Jalan Duta where the hill comes, that was really killing me. Damn it! I really wondered why am I here? Looked at my speedometer again, what? just 4km? There was still a long way to go, but my legs were already tired. I cannot push too also cause both calves muscle started to cramp already.

Don’t play fool with cramp, did some leg stretching on the bike and drank the sports drink for electron input in order to make me move on. At the same time I prayed to my angel and said, ‘May the force be wit me!’, and the force was being with me. Give up? Excuse me, I don’t understand what ‘Give up’ is… The hill was about few km, then enjoyed a downhill breaking the wind when we about to enter the tunnel. The last camel back was at Bukit Aman, then it was pretty near to Dataran Merdeka liao. So happy to back to Dataran Merdeka again, but hor… don’t be so happy first cause this was only the 1st loop (15km), there were 2 more to go!

I performed very badly in cycling, kena potong like hell during this period. Looked at them pretty fit in cycling, I was so jealous la… When can I cycle as strong as them?

I saw Terrance on the way, I quickly cheered him up and shouted ‘Come on, you can do it!’ Cheering each other during the race is the happiest moment. You need friends and you need enemies too for a race!

I was cycling side by side with Tony (not drafting ok!) for the last few km. Wow… it was so relieving when I returned to Dataran Merdeka. Look carefully, the guy in red shirt standing before the transition area is Tey leh! Hey, he was standing there under the sun to take our photo la! Wah… very 感动 oh!
..:: 5km Run ::..
Before entering the transition area, of cause need to come down from the bike, you cannot speed into your parking lot la! After parking my bike, take off everything slowly… I mean helmet, glove and headband, frens, what do you think? No need to be so rush, took some times to rest a bit and recharged.

During this transition period, I met the sweet couple from Singapore again. Both of them were really fantastic! You know how sweet they are? Both of them never left each other no matter what happened and were accompanying each other from start until finish!

For the first few steps I ran, wow… felt the pain man! Running was like walking, transition from cycling to running is much difficult from the other way round. I curi-curi rested and walked for a while when drinking water at the 1st water station, after that only started my turbo engine and pia until the finishing line. I can only enjoyed overtaking the competitors at this last 5km run when most cyclists were exhausted.

Looked at the big clock at Dataran Merdaka, I was so surprise that it was only 11:05am. Meaning that I only took about 35minutes for the run (it was faster than what I expected). Before reaching the finishing line, I heard the Emcee announced my name very loudly, wah, felt so happy and proud even the timing was so lousy :P and somemore, there were crews standing in front of the finishing line and hold the line for you to cross, then picked it up again for the next finisher to cross, and the finisher medal, was actually presented to you right after you crossing the line (not putting it inside a paper bag but presented it by putting on your neck ok!). That was really amazing!

After finishing the race, of cause very happy la, and also forgot to press stop at the split watch :P Brain was blur blur liao until dunno how should I pack my stuff at the transition area, luckily I still remember to collect back my bike, hehehe.

Lastly, all of us (Tony, Siok Bee, Yeoh and KC’s brother) pushing our bike and back to Bukit Aman car park with a satisfying smile.

星期四, 4月 20, 2006

Adventure at Jeram Besu

What: 4WD & White Water Rafting
When: 15-16/4/06
Where: 4WD at Lata Berembun & WWR at Jeram Besu, Raub
Who: Rui Qing, Pocket, Chong Wah & girlfren (Li Charng), Man Lee and I.

Here we go for the 4WD adventure! Most of them enjoyed the most, we shaking like in the blender when the 4WD rode in the offroad. It was amazing, for the few times, i thought the 4WD going to overturn, but amazingly it did not and went through many obstacle that you thought it can't! After the ride, we all saying want to get one next time... :D

This is Berembun Waterfall, the 2nd pool called 'iceskating pool'. So you can see Rui Qing enjoying herself skating from the top.

This tortoise-liked guy hor, Chun Hong the Pocket... is born same year same month same day with me ler :P

Here we go for the challenging 'Teh Tarik' Water Rafting. Good experience but not challenging enough. Even the instructor said it is level 3 out of 7, but i think it is only 2. But we did enjoy playing in the teh tarik river too lar.

What the PAIN!

I can’t believe my eyes when I saw Rui Qing’s face was turning fair when both of us were in the middle of the pool. I noticed there was something wrong when I called her name for few times but she did not respond and her lips were turned white. I started to worry and realized that she going to drawn if I don’t get her out of the pool! The water level was deep and there was still distance to reach to the bank. I can swim but I don’t know lifesaving. What in my mind at the critical moment was ‘No matter what, she must be saved!’ Unfortunately what I can do was so limited, I can only pushed her up from the surface for a while and shouted the best swimmer among us, Pocket for help. Nobodies heard what I was shouting besides Man Lee sensed something wrong, she quickly informed our 4WD guide and he was holding the tube ready to throw to Rui Qing. For a few times I saw she was sinking… then finally, she managed to swim slowly toward the bank and she was saved.

The cause of the incident was the force of the water in the pool. The pressure was high when it nears the waterfall, Rui Qing was panic when she met the pulling force and then caused leg cramp.

She looked very calm when the incident happened, even after the incident, she also looked very stable. Perhaps she was shocked, like making a trip to The Emperor Yan. I was shocked too, I was so glad that she is fine. I saw the incident clearer then anyone else, and also felt like visited the Emperer Yan too… from that onwards, I know I have a new mission to achieved, to learn lifesaving…

As a conclusion...

More photos, go to my album la!

Cycling at 11pm

For the first time I cycled at 11’o clock in the night. I never wanted to cycle at nite before that because it never gave a comfortable feeling to cycle at nite in the dark.

Last night I was back from the office at 10.30pm, I suppose to have my cycling training loooong time ago liao but due to busy working life, I didn’t have any cycling training at all. Oh my God! The race is around the corner which is 3 days later, but I have never had enough preparation for this race.

I have been thinking to drop off from the race, but thank to my boss lo, announced to the whole world that I’m going for the Duathlon. Even our CIO also knew this, I want to tarik diri pun tak boleh liao :(

But in fact this is a very big supportive force. Although I do not have high expectation on it, but due to the accumulated supports from all my colleagues and friends, no matter what, I’ll do my best in my 1st ever Duathlon, MMDS I, 23rd April 2006 @ Dataran Merdeka.

星期二, 4月 18, 2006

1st ever Blood Donation after 5 years

My last donation which was taking place in Jan 2001. This recalls me that I've been under weight for 5 years :P

Even I've just donated 300ml today, but I felt good about it and gained lots of confidence back :D

星期三, 4月 12, 2006

Gunung Datuk

What: Hiking
When: 11/4/06 (Tuesday)
Where: Gunung Datuk (2,900 ft), Rembau
Who: Total of 14 people (5 for Chamah training, 5 for Mt. KK training, 4 for Mulu Trip Training)

How to get there
Follow the NS highway to South, turn into Senawang Exit, follow the sign board all the way to Rembau. Then follow the sign board to Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk. Total time taken from Senawang to Gunung Datuk base camp is about 30 minutes drive.

Easy hike. After parking your car near the Gunung Datuk base camp at foot hill, cross the river and start to hike in the jungle. The trail is very clear and there is only 1 way to go up and down. The most difficult path is at the first half an hour, the path is very steep before reaching at a flat ground which is the best place for taking a break.

The path after the rest area is steep, but difficulty level is not as high as the previous path. The steep path will continue for about 30 minutes, then all the way at behind until the campsite at summit is just a normal and easy trail.

Go up the big rock at your left, follow the ladders which will lead you to the summit. You will see a very nice and wide view from the summit.

Water point is at the other side of the campsite, perhaps it is a 30 minutes journey to the water point.

What the pain
We took 1hr 45min to reach at summit. Perhaps this timing was too fast for the team. I was leading at in front, Siew Ling felt dizzy after 10-15 minutes of hike. She was guided and accompanied by 2 gentlemen, Boon Keat and Leong at behind. While we were resting at the flat ground after 26 minutes, we were waiting for them for quite long. After continuing hiking for about 15 minutes, we received the latest update that Siew Ling has gave up and she would be escorted by the two gentlemen and returned to the foot hill.

My mood started to turn down dramatically as I realized this is caused by my fault. The team started to blame me that they were hiking too fast at the most difficult and most steep path without body having proper warm up. Next, I was blamed that not taking care of the teammates at behind…

Ouch… Now I know, always ask your teammates are they okay if they not report their problem even they looked pretty fit and following you closely without requesting for stop. The concept is as simple as at the workspace, the boss should always ask his/her subordinates is everything fine if the subordinates never feedback to the boss instead of just assumed everything is fine…

星期一, 4月 10, 2006

Back in Kuantan

I want to promote my hometown, Kuantan again :P
Kuantan is a nice place for peace and relax lifestyle. The speed of life is much more slower pace than the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Most of the people spent more time in family and hobby. Take outdoor activities as example, here is full of places of interest for doing outdoor sports such as running, cycling and hiking.

The running places where I mentioned before in the blog are Taman Gelora, a great recreation park for running. Bukit Pelindung, a good place for hill running/walking exercise.

This Sunday (09/04/06), I was in Kuantan and visited Bukit Pelindung again. As I said, it is a nice place for hill running training. I was there at 8.30am by car (over slept liao, in fact I planned to run from my house which is 6km apart). Before attempting to challenge the tough hill route in running, I did some flat road running for body warm up. I ran all the way from the foothill to Teluk Cempedak for about 15minutes which is only about 2.5km away. Actually I was thinking to return by the same route, suddenly I thought of there is a jungle track in Teluk Cempadak which link to Bukit Pelindung. So I decided to find the path. Surprisingly the path is well maintained now, I even I went alone also nothing to worry. It is a 1.88km highway in jungle, I took 27 minutes to return to Bukit Pelindung. It is already at half way of Bukit Pelindung when I exited from the jungle, then followed by 6 minutes run to the summit.

I did some chin up and pumping exercise on the way down to the foothill. The sloop is very steep at the beginning of the hill, I felt pain at my both knees even I just walked slowly downhill.

I review the path today, I think next time I’m going to do different way instead of this. I’ll cycle/run 6km from my house to B.Pelindung, then run up to the hill, it will take about 20 minutes but it’s a killing path. After reaching to summit, downhill until the entrance to the jungle track, jungle track run for about 25 minutes to Teluk Cempedak. Have a sight seeing and enjoy the blue sea view then run back to Pelindung (2.5km) and cycle/run back to home or cycle to North follow the coast. This can avoid knees injury and maximize my training too.

I used to hike from Bukit Pelindung to Teluk Cempadak by the path 8-9 years ago and that time the path was not that clear. That was my form 6 time, my first visit to the trail was actually to find butterfly or bugs for Biology project. Then started to organize and lead my classmates to go for hiking. Wow… time really flies. I quickly looked for my old days pictures for this hiking activity in 1997. See, can find which one is me? I was aged 18 that time and still ‘pok-pok cui’ one ler :P but now no more liao, hahaha…

星期五, 4月 07, 2006

Year 2006 is past quarterly

Year 2006 is past quarterly, let me share some memorable photos here.

Sungai Lembing New Year Ride, 01.01.2006
This is called mountain bike (mountain at the back with my bike :P)
The kick-start of the year of 2006 with cycling event, rode on the road, in wind, under the sun... Shiok!

Scorpions’ ride – Voyage to Pangkor, 07-09.01.2006
Cycled 230km in 2 days, past by the nice paddy field view, enjoyed the journey more than the destination.

Gunung Cantik Trip, 26.02.2006
Look at this, so you know why it called Gunung Cantik? I love the scene very much!

On the mountain, human, are actually very tiny... We are actually really micro.organism...

I like this photo too...
The man, the rain, and the pain

My BEST companion during the whole Gunung Cantik trip.

Kuala Lumpur Internation Marathon 2006, 05.03.06
I had did a satisfying marathon after hard training. Now, enjoying like in Hawaii...

These are my lovely running companions + the one who is holding the camera and few more not in the photos :D

Gunung Liang East/West Trip, 18-19.03.06

Kam Meng the Captain like a philosopher giving a lecture :P

Genting Sempah-Gohtong Jaya-Ulu Yam Ride, 25.03.06
Too bad we did not take any photo, but it was a nice and challenging trip.

Kutu Trip, 26.03.06

Yoga for balancing

Namaste to all,

It has been a long time since i last heard from u guys. So how is life? Hope everyone is doing great. Firstly i would like to thank some of you who has been contacting me and asking about the classes. Sorry for my delay in organising new yoga classes. Finally i managed to sit down and planned out the schedule for you guys who has been patiently waiting, i really appreciate your patience and enthusiasm for the class. Below are the classes which i have planned out specially for you:

1) Yoga Pravesh (for Beginners) : Tuesday 6.30pm (starting 11 April)
2) Yoga for Body Conditioning **: Tue 8.15pm (starting 11 April)3) Yoga Pravesh (for Beginners) : Sat morning 9.30am (starting 15 April)
4) Yoga Parichay (Intermediate class) : Sun morning 10am (starting 16 April)
* For other time slot or private class pls contact me to further arrange.

** Yoga for Body Conditioning is a special program designed for anyone who wants to refine and recondition the body, improve flexibility, enhance circulation, building strength, increase stamina & focus and achieve overall good health. Whether you are a beginner or experienced student will find this unique and easy series of 28 yoga postures workout a valuable, inspiring and effective addition to their daily routine. By balancing all muscles in the body, this body conditioning yoga is the answer to a well-balanced conditioning routine for every Yoga enthusiast!

The duration of the Yoga Pravesh and Parichay course are 12 weeks respectively (once a week) and each session is 1 n 1/2 hours. Both the programme is at a very affordable fees of RM220 each only. As for the Yoga for Body Conditioning class it will be at RM200 for every 10 lessons. Each session is about 1hour & 15 minutes. Venue will be held at House No.56, Jln SS2/91, Petaling Jaya. Attire for the class is sport attire and students can purchase the Yoga Mat at very affordable price.

Should anyone of u be interested pls do call me asap at 012-3939866 or 019-3739945 to register for a place. Places are limited as the venue can only take up not more than 10 students per class. So don't miss this chance to achieve a healthier and a more beautiful you!

Pls also help me to inform your friends or collegues who u think might be interested. And also if any of your company or sports club of your company wish to provide yoga class for the employee, do let me know. I will follow up with the relevant persons.

Looking forward to imparting my knowledge and helping you guys to achieve wholesome health n mental well-being.

Beautifully yours,
Lim Wee Boon

星期一, 4月 03, 2006

Bukit Kutu

What: Hiking
When: 26/3/2006 (Sunday)
Where: Bukit Kutu, Kuala Kubu Bahru (KKB)
Who: Wan Lin, Jason Lim, Tey, Phyllis, Rho Wen, Me.

Easy – Intermediate hike. Need certain level of stamina. There were several junctions and confusing paths, hiker will get into wrong path easily and you have to cross few streams/rivers. It takes approximate 3 hours to the summit.

It was raining 6 o’clock early in the morning. Pity Boon Keat had to drop this hiking as he would have to ride his motor in the dark and in the rain from Serdang to PJ. Total of six of us went into Wan Lin’s car and heading toward KKB at about 6.15am.

There were 3 different hiking teams to be met at Kutu Hill. First of all, we are 1 of them, then followed by Wen Bing and girls, and his fren, Yu Long and gang. Wen Bing led a team for their Mulu trip training, Yu Long led another girl for Batu Putih training, and we just hiking for fun. This Kutu trip was like a peak conference whereby few of the climbing experts to be meeting together at Kutu Hill. Yu Long was a great mountain explorer, dare to challenge and find for new path in the mountain. How great it would be if Boon Keat and Kam Meng were here?

The trip supposed to be short and enjoyable if you don’t lost track. There were too many junctions, if you missed any of them you might not be reaching the summit. All the way we were keeping at our right except for the 4th river crossing, we turned to the left. The entrance to the jungle trek to the summit was so mystery, after we have lost track for 1 hour, Wen Bing and Yu Long actually found this way at our right. The trek started to be steep after 15 minutes turning into the jungle trail. From this point onwards, your stamina and thigh muscle strength going to be tested seriously. Nearly one hour hike, we met the huge cave/rock which looks similar to Batu Putih. From this point onwards, it took us another 1 hour to reach to the summit. We arrived in the summit at 12:18pm, after 30 minutes later, the mist covered the entire peak view, this indicated rain was coming shortly.

Wen Bing and girls did not come to the summit, where we met Yu Long and friend on our way down. Six of us went down the hill very carefully because the path was so slippery. We back to the car park at 3.30pm.

We had a nice shower taking at the river and delicious Loh Mee at Ulu Yam on our way back to PJ.

Summary of the Kutu Trek:
0’00’’ Start
10’00’’ 2nd river
10’00’’ Come to a junction, go straight and cross the 3rd river then turn right
10’00’’ 4th river, then turn left
05’00’’ Turn right at the bamboo junction
01’00’’ Turn right to ‘The Lost Trek’
15’00’’ Start uphill
40’00’’ Meet Batu Putih
01:07’00 Summit

Genting Sempah – Gohtong Jaya – Ulu Yam

What: Cycling
When: 25/3/2006, Saturday (7.00am – 1.30pm)
Where: Batu Cave – Genting Sempah – Gohtong Jaya – Ulu Yam – Batu Cave
Who: Hin Wai, Me
Total Distance: 85+km

What a great challenge again on the road by bicycle. Hin Wai always asks for challenging cycling routes, so please be careful and think twice when he ajak you to go cycling! I was being ‘cheated’ by him this time and kept blaming him that why he cheated me to come for this tough ride??? Anyhow, I was the one who suggested this route :P

Our true challenge in this trip wasn’t the distance, but the steep at Gohtong Jaya and the way back from Ulu Yam.

I reached at Batu Cave at 6.50am. After assembling my bike, I slowly ride to the interchange of Gombak to meet Hin Wai at 7.15am. I kept waiting until 7.25am, he still not there! Then phone rang, its him… We had been waiting at two different places, duhhh… I was so disappointed when I found my speedometer didn’t function. The battery at the sensor was announced dead. Damn! I just can’t imagine to cycle in such challenging route with my new bike without a speedometer!

Genting Sempah
We rode slowly to Hospital Orang Asli, marked here as the starting point at 8am. After 1:04’, then only reached to the intersection of Genting Sempah and Gohtong Jaya. Hin Wai was waiting for me there 5-10 minutes earlier than me. This proof that the machine wasn’t affect much but the engine itself is significant to measure the performance. Rest for a while la, I was so exhausted, Hin Wai kept pushing to go liao cause a lot of mosquitoes.

Gohtong Jaya
I took almost half bottle of endurance drink and few bites of cereal bar to regenerate energy, and we decided to continue our journey (not give up). This was the first time we cycle to Gohtong Jaya, and now I knew the challenging part, it was the exact path by car to Genting Highland, so can you imagine how steep is the road? We both cycled like tortoises, Hin Wai is simply the best la, his new bike has only 2 cranks at front still can ahead of me where I have 3 cranks ler! This was the time I appreciated my new bike, for sure I won’t be able to make it with my old bike.

After 5km from Genting Sempah near the roundabout, I heard a weird sound came from my front wheel. OMG! My front tired going to be flatten very soon as I heard very loud sound of ‘pissss’. I called for rescue immediately and started to change the tube my own. With the hand of Hin Wai, we completed the tube changing mission in more than 10 minutes :P There were 5km to go to Gohtong Jaya, speed was remaining extremely slow. After 1 km from the roundabout, it was a downhill and here we enjoyed the aerodynamic position to feel the speed and the cold wind. We reached Gohtong Jaya at about 10am, looking for restaurant to fill the stomach and refill water. The weather was a little cold, very nice :D

Ulu Yam
Ok, up to now we completed 2 missions, but this was only 1 of the 2 challenges. We still have a long way to go to Ulu Yam, and the killing part would the return journey from Ulu Yam. Before reaching Ulu Yam, we ‘enjoyed’ a downhill route for about 15km. This route was damn dangerous indeed, curve road and speeding downhill enough to kill an unbalance cyclist. A lorry driver advised us to be extra careful when we asked for direction to Ulu Yam.

We turned into a village and heading to Ulu Yam Lama when we reached to the busy road. This took us for about 15-20 minutes. Then we reached to junction where we supposed to turn right if we wanted to return to the Loh Mee restaurant we took last time, but in order to save time, we turned left to the Ulu Yam Lama’s town which is the way of return via Ulu Yam dam. The time was almost 11+, quickly looked for Loh Mee restaurant and back on the bike and cabut! Because it was already 12pm and the sun was big big shining at the sky.

Even after a bowl of Loh Mee also can’t recharged my energy when I knew there was a long and steep hill to climb. I just cycled very slowly as I already out of energy. Wow… climbing hill for about 10km under the sun, very suffering, this kind of cycling mode won’t help to strengthen your cycling skill one.

I can only recognized the mini waterfall at my left as the mark of ending of the hill. Last time we stopped there and refreshed ourselves from the cold water, so as this time. After this mark, we considered accomplished all the 2 challenges of the trip. The rest of the path from this mark onwards would be much more easier except for another steep part near the dam.

Thank god we both went through all these camel backs without serious problem. At last we back to Batu Cave at about 1.30pm with an iced coconut juice as a reward to ourselves as we overcame the toughest part of the journey.

I had serious sunburn after the ride, my both hands up to the shoulder were like BBQ chicken wings, the different is just not nice in taste :P

Gunung Liang East / West

What: Climbing
When: 18-19/3/2006
Where: Gunung Liang East (1933m), Tanjung Malim
Who: Kam Meng the Captain, Rho Wen the Organiser, Wen Bing, Siew Ling, MK.Tan, ST.Tay, ST.Lim, Amy and I the Porter.

Starting point is at a Kampong Orang Asli, walking on tar road for about 40 minutes to reach to the dam where the entrance of the jungle is located. The trek is narrow but clear, there are few blocked ways by fallen trees along the trek, but alternate routes have been marked clearly. The climbers have to cross few streams and it took about 2-3 hours to reach to the last river, the Liang River followed by approximate 2-3 hours to the Base Camp or the last water point. The route is conquered by leeches and the Base Camp is the sandfly’s territory. Lastly, the climbers suppose to take about 2 hours to the summit, Liang West and about 5 minutes to Liang East from Liang West with their backpacks. Anyway, we only manage to reach to Base Camp at the 1st day and go up to summit with empty hand the next day.

Respect the mountain
After this trip, I have some new thoughts that I would like to share out. As a true climber, these are the principles you must know:
1. Respect the mountain, one will never get to conquer the mountain.
2. Expect the unexpected.
3. Safety is the first.
4. We move in a team, not individual. No one less, no one more.
5. Teamwork, we help and take care each other and share the responsibility.
6. Never leave any not disposable waste at the place you had been.
7. Do not simply spoil any plants.

Why I love climbing?
On the way back, Amy threw me a question, why I love climbing? I love to answer this question, because I have one thousand and one reasons to tell you. First of all, I love nature, I like to hear the sound when the wind blows and meets the tree leaves. I like the river in the jungle, which is so pure, so clear, and so cold. I love to soak myself in the purified water at the same to purify my soul. I admired and respect every mountain, I like to sleep on it, as I always dream to sleep under the starry night… Well, these are only my typical answers whereby most climbers will answer.

There were several philosophies applied to me why I love climbing. As I said, I respect the mountain and I admire the beauty of the mountain. The mountain gives me the impression of Strong, Solid and Secure. It also gives me the feeling of Return, Reunion, and Release. There is a slogan in Karate-do describes the spirit of Karate is as Solid as the Mountain, as Empty as the Sky. In climbing activity, one must release his/her ego and work in team, unlike the running race, we are an individual with great ego to win the game. As for me, going into the forest is like returning home where I found my soul feels secure in the nature and wild. You will realize how tiny you are and how simple you are once you meet the great mountain!

Blah blah blah… actually there are more, sure will share with you again!

Lesson Learned
Always cross the river before taking a rest, this is in case any circumstances happened to the river, at least you are still safe. For example, if it is a way down, after crossing the river means you are one step closer to the starting point. You have no worry if the river overflows suddenly.

Full Long Report
About a month ago, our organizer Rho Wen initiated a hiking trip to Gunung Ledang for those in Gunung Datuk trip Nov last year. Unfortunately Ledang was crowed by students during this school holiday. This is where the chance of the folks first met with our OXian’s Captain, Kam Meng. Kam Meng had offered himself to guide us to Gunung Liang FOC :D

I personally felt much more exciting in Liang than Ledang simply because Liang is preserved with its natural wildness. Like all my previous climbing trips, I was so excited to wait for the day to come as I missed the clean air, cold water and green jungle so much.

Nine of us in two cars gathered at Restaurant Jejantas at 6am, arrived in Tanjung Malim at 7+am. The time was early enough to allow us to have a breakfast stop. We reached Kampong Orang Asli at about 8+, getting down of the car and prepared ourselves. Kam Meng distributed the walkie-talkie, set his GPS device, and we change to our climbing shoe, put in communal stuff and foods into our backpack, put on the rain cover on our backpack, and took a ‘before’ group photo then GO!

As usual, Kam Meng led the team and direct the way, Rho Wen as the marshal at the back. Wen Bing the experienced climber first join OXian’s climbing trip was so exiting to share his experience and memory with guys. It was a 40 minutes walk from the village to the dam, where the entrance to the jungle is located. Here only considered as the start of the climb. Kam Meng gave us a short briefing like how long would we take to reach to the last river, when will be our lunch and so on…

Everybody looked fresh of course, very quickly we met the 1st river, a stream perhaps. After a river, it was a slightly sloop to go. The jungle trek was narrow but very clear with marks, no way you can get lost here even certain paths were blocked by fallen trees. There happened a war between human and leech, the path was crowed by blood hungry leeches. Those who walked at behind mostly kena attacked like crazy! After 3 hours, we reached to the last river. The river was considered the widest along the way, the water was cold and clear, it was so refreshing to touch the water. Wen Bing took out his shirt and had a nice swim there, whereas we had some energy refilled. Kam Meng’s left hand kept bleeding seriously at the leech wound.

After refilling our water bottles, we continue our journey and targeted to the summit. The path became more difficult and the sloop getting steeper. After an hour walk, everybody looked exhausted and tired, the questions that kept throwing to Kam Meng were ‘How long to go?’ ‘When is our lunch?’ and the typical answer by Kam Meng was ‘Almost there, just keep going!’…

Actually he was targeting to have our lunch at 2001 Base Camp near 1.30pm. Somehow the team was slowed down due to most of the teammates were exhausted and MK was having cramp at his legs. The distance was still long, the sloop was still steep, the team was remained tired :P We had a quick lunch at halfway, now ST.Lim started to complained that he also having cramp at his legs. The 2 ladies, Siew Ling and Amy also looked boh lat liao, so Kam Meng decided to use this strategy, he and I rushed to the Base Camp, put down our backpack and return to meet with the rest of the team to help those who were exhausted. Here my task as the porter was utilized.

All of us reached to the Base Camp at around 2.30pm. Kam Meng announced that we got to change our plan, we must overnight here instead of rushing to the summit. This wasn’t a total bad news, at least our exhausted teammates can get some relives and rests here, and we can have our bath time at the last water point which is just about 5 minutes walked from the camp.

We all seven hands eight legs set up two tents and a flysheet together. Pity all of us, legs, foot and waist were attacked by leeches, then followed by sandfly after reaching to Base Camp. Pity Amy, her thigh was attacked by caterpillar. The bath time was so fun as I liked it very much even the ‘pipe’ and the source of the water was small, you can really feel the cold of the water in the jungle.

Rho Wen was the primary chef in dinner preparation. All ate a lot especially me but not MK. Very funny, the biggest size ate the most little, and the smallest size ate the most, hahaha… After dinner, still early, what to do? The sandflies kept attacking us until Rho Wen can’t tahan liao and set up a mini camp fire to chase away the sandflies. We all sat beside the ‘sandfly fire’ chit chat and sang songs. Wen Bing was really fantastic in singing, he and Rho Wen were the ‘life radio’ as the song provider. I looked at the sky, it was a starry night, that moment I was so missed the summit and so hope to lay down on the ground to see twinkle twinkle little star at the summit…

We had Kam Meng’s favorite, mushroom soup as supper. Then said good night at about 10 or 11pm. ST.Tay and Wen Bing volunteered to sleep under the flysheet.

Next day, Kam Meng, Rho Wen and I woke up at 6am to prepare breakfast for all. We planned to leave the camp site and head to summit at 7am, but somehow we dragged until 8am only managed to go. We just took about 1 hour plus to reach Liang West without our heavy backpack and with a recharged body. The path showing to be mossy near the summit and it is a real mossy forest at Liang East peak. We took our group photo at Liang East with Jalur Gemilang.

Kam Meng and Wen Bing rushed down to the camp site in order to pack and clean the Base Camp. Rho Wen led the way and I stayed at last to cover the team. We left the camp site at about 12.30pm led by me and covered by Kam Meng as the last person. We followed the way up for going down. The rain made the path very slippery and our teammates walking like a baby in the beginning of learning walking :P Back to the dam before 5pm, all checking on the body see which part had leech sticking on it, hahahaha…

After showering at river, all like hungry ghosts to look for dinner at town. All return to the city with sandflies and leeches bite, this caused me not even dare to wear skirt to work for 2 weeks! Why? Damn many scars on my both legs loh! Definitely it takes me at least a month to clear the scars :(