星期三, 3月 08, 2006

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2006 Report

Date: 5/3/2006 (Sunday)
Time: 5:00am
Venue: Dataran Merdeka

How was my life 1 week before the race? Look at these…

--> Worries and think negatively
Like old people, always suspect here pain there pain like going to die very soon… :P

--> Blur blur…
Have you ever tried to pour cold water to make a cup of coffee? Have you ever tried to answer the phone when phone alarm is triggered? Hahah.. that are what I were doing… :P

--> Target, target, and target
Mind was full of “sub-5”, “sub-5’, and “sub-5”. Football fans are makan bola, minum bola, tidur bola, but I was makan “sub-5”, minum “sub-5”, tidur “sub-5”… :P

--> Mindset, Spirit!
Samurai mindset? Having strong mindset to achieve the target even it has to lose my life (wah!)
Just enjoy and injury free? Yeah, this is what all the my friends’ advice… But my high spirit of achieving my target was overcome everthing!

--> Eat a lot
My colleagues were shock when they see me take so much of rice everyday for the lunch. I even ate more that a guy. Hope my stomach is back to shape now, if not, you will see a pig instead of ameba! hahaha

Race day
Alarm clock set at 2am.
Handphone alarm set at 2am.
Morning call by Chong Wah at 2am.
Finally, woke up at… 2am :D

Breakfast: 1 cup of Milo and 1 Roti Canai at home. 1 cereal bar on the way to Dataran Merdeka.
Toilet mission failed!

Depart from Shah Alam at 3am to SS2 to meet with Chong Wah, Rho Wen and Phyllis.

--> The kandang and the lambs
The Nissan Sunny accomplished its mission by bringing us to Dataran Merdeka on time. We had fun time taking photos, doing warm up in the 1 hour time before the race with Tey, Jason, PMs, Boon Keat, Boon Keat’s brother-in-law and Boon Keat’s brother-in-law’s brother-in-law. We only met Joey the babyKangaroo, Melcom and Richard after masuk kandung.

5am, we heard the gun shot, loud and clear. Time started to pass second by second. In race, every second counts! Every marathon runner like a little lamb just released from the kandang, all spread out and run, like run for the freedom…

--> The Strength and The Honor
Very soon, I saw Boon Keat put his right fist at his left chest and said ‘The Strength and The Honor’, then proof… disappeared from my eyesight. Right at the first mini roundabout, 7-10 men where standing side by side in front of the fountain… releasing the water. After 15 minutes, I never met with Phyllis again after she overtook me at this point. Rho Wen’s voice became slower and slower, I guess I was slowly and slowly ahead of her. Chong Wah still pacing with me, he was complaining that the plaster at one of his nipples was taken off. Opps.. that will be hurt! We met Joey and Melcom after 25 minutes, then we all running at our own pace.

--> Chong Wah finding plaster for his nipple
At 5km point, Chong Wah asked for a plaster from St. John on duty, but amazingly, they didn’t have any! So how, show half but cover half lo… so sexy until guys also shouting at him at the opposite of the road. After 30 minutes of running, body was fully heated, then I slowly increase my pace, Chong Wah was ahead of me.

At 10km point, I stepped on the mat, and heard the sound ‘bib…’ and the officer shouted ‘1hr 49s’, YES! It still within my target. I met up with Boon Keat and his brother-in-law, then afterward I didn’t see Chong Wah anymore, perhaps he stayed at 10km point asking a St. John gal to plaster his nipple :P Suddenly he appeared again at midway, then lost in the dark one more time.

--> KL traffic jam on Sunday 7am
Around 17-18km point, we were near Jalan Cheras in front of Stadium Badminton, it was about 7am. I pity the drivers the most, they had to stuck in the jam on Sunday 7 o’clock early in the morning. Pity the runners too, sucked too much of fame from the vehicles.

At 21km point, I stepped on the mat again and the chip recorded my time, it was 2:14:51, phew… still within my target. Suddenly I my pace going slightly faster, then overtook Boon Keat and brother-in-law :P But this cannot last long la, I started to feel tired already and looking for the 25km mark. I need water to take power gel which I already consumed 1 at 15km.

Eh… I met with Chong Wah again at 25km, I hardly talk, used hand signal to ask him forward while he was doing stretching at beside. Very fast he overtook me 1 or 2km after. I met with Jason somewhere around here too.

--> Toilet bully said ‘I tak bawa duit la’
Around 27km, we passed by Dataran Merdeka and turned into Jalan Raja Laut. My KLIM performance started to destroy here. My stomach gave a red signal, I was thinking it should be fine, it might cause by I didn’t go toilet before running. Okie, I went into a public toilet near SOGO, everything went smoothly, no lausai. When I came put, the counter lady asked for 20 cents. My expression was :O I said ‘I tak bawa duit la’, then just ran away… like a toilet bully, used the toilet without paying :P

After the toilet time, I was very behind of Chong Wah and Jason. Damn! Need to increase my pace in order to catch up with them again. Boon Keat and me were like Tom and Jerry, chasing each other along the journey. Yo… where is the 30km mark???

--> Lausai
30km mark always a critical point for all marathon runners. The true challenge of marathon starts here and you are at high risk of hitting the wall here. My stomach really attacked me with machine gun liao, so sad until I don’t want to write more about it. You should know what happen and the history just replayed. Legs already so tired, now diarrhea somemore, it was really suffering from here onwards.

Due to the brain was lack of oxygen, negative thinking kept attacking me. The devil said ‘GIVE UP’, the angel said ‘TARGET: SUB-5’. When I came to 35km mark, stomach really cannot tahan and there were no mobile toilet, and no petrol station… so disappointed. I didn’t take power gel anymore, I suspected the diarrhea was caused by the gel. The last gel I taken was at 25km, no choice, I have to tahan until finish without any power booster. I started to stopped and walked at 36km for 100 plus meters, checked my time, it was just 3 hours plus, perhaps I still manage to meet my target?

--> The Power of Ignore
At the last 4km mark, the time was 4hr 28m. I still could make it within my target if I kept running in 8min/km. Here I discovered The Power of Ignore. When the devil started to persuaded me to give up my target, I ignored. When my legs signaled me to stop, I ignored. Tom met with Jerry at last 1km.

--> The Smile of Victory
The feeling was soooooo GREAT when I saw Dataran Merdeka. I was speeding from the straight line to the finishing line. Here I got the nick name of ‘flying ameba’. I was flying to the finishing line, not crossing :P I presented The Smile of Victory to Tey who standing under the sun for 1 hour to snap our finishing photo. Tey was so exited and point me the time, it was start at figure ‘4’. Yes, I met my target, I did it below 5 hours, it was 4:54.

--> After crossing the finishing line
1st, made sure I got my finisher medal.
2nd, iced Milo.
3rd, returned the Champion Chip and got back my RM20.
4th, toilet. I was sitting in the toilet for about half and hour. They must be thinking I was flushed away…
5th, enjoyed foot relieve at mini iced pool with recovery drink sponsored and prepared by Tey.

Will I perform better if I don’t get diarrhea?
Well. I will tell you the answer when I take part in the next Marathon.

For more photos, click here.

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