星期三, 2月 22, 2006

Cyclists from Kuantan

I first met with the Kuantan cyclists, total of 17 people

Most of them used less than 50mins to reach Genting Sempah.

This is the boss Kit-Cai la!

Date: 19/02/2006 (Sunday)
Venue: Hospital Orang Asli - Genting Sempah - Gohtong Jaya

While some of the running frens were doing hard for their long slow distance run, i was at climbing the hill to Genting Sempah with my 12kg bike. This time, Rho Wen and Hin Wai had abandoned me, they followed other cycling group to Ulu Yam.

About 7.40am, the huge group with 4-5 cars arrived in Hospital Orang Asli. They immediately assembled their bike and prepared themselves in full cycling gear from shoe to helmet. Me just assembled my bike with the front wheel, and put on cycling glove and helmet, that’s all. No cycling shoe, no cycling jersey :(

Initially I promised to the Kuantan group to follow then to Gohtong Jaya, which is near cable car station at Genting, but... body condition was damn lousy. I did a 20km run at the day before, and went to sleep without my dinner, plus only 2 pieces of biscuits then want to challenge Gohtong Jaya??? of cos die la!

I already half dead before riding, after 1hr 05mins reached to Genting Sempah, I gave up to proceed to Gohtong Jaya. Even ask me to push bike also no energy lo…

The Kuantan group was also hardcore to cycling, they always do long distance cycling during weekend in Kuantan. Among 16 of them, I only knew the boss, Kit-Cai. I believed all bikes were actually bought from him :P

I was going down the hill with 2 local Kuantan frens. I still can’t overcome my fear in going down hill… hahaha… now I have new obstacle to overcome, downhill instead of uphill! Why? Cause I worry of pok-kai lo!

I cleaned my bike nicely after the ride, perhaps this is the last time I ride on this bike. It doesn’t belong to me but I have owned it for long time, it’s time to return to the real owner.

星期二, 2月 21, 2006

KLIM Count Down: 11 Days

Sleep early.
(Adjust my biological clock, RACE day have to wake up at least 3am leh...)

Injury Free.
Train smart.
(No need to train hard liao... too late!)
Eat well
(NO oily food, no FAST food!)

...42km marathon... here i come...

星期三, 2月 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

I had a fan-tastic Valentine dinner in Singapore. hehehe... not bad!

A survey to you, what would like to receive the most as your Valentine's Day gift?

A. Roses
B. Chocolates
C. Diamond Ring
D. Cash
E. Lover

hahaha... just for fun!

星期一, 2月 13, 2006

KLIM Count Down: 3 Weeks

12/02/2006 30km LSD
I achieved my PB (Personal Best) for my 30km run today. I managed to finish it in 2:56:30.

I never targeted to have this result before the run, but I was really serious about this 30km training. I have set these targets before the run:

Target 1: Wake up on time.
Target 2: Avoid getting lost during the run (:P)
Target 3: Avoid power bar and sports drink, take substitute food like cereal bar as recommended by Tey to identify the cause of diarrhea.
Target 4: Improve my running according to Boon Keat’s comment during GE & PACM 30KM run.
Target 5: Analyze my overall performance, design a strategy for myself.

In fact I have achieved all targets above. The most cheerful moment is not regarding the result, but I have identified the cause of diarrhea during my running. I should never never touch Power bar again! I have done my breakfast 1 hour before the run, taken 1 cereal bar (macadamia coated with yogurt) plus a cup of hot Milo. The cereal bar is able to provide me 1280 KJ calories.

Carried a 480ml water bottle, dumped it at 5km point, it supposed to supply me for my 15km and 25km points. When I reached Petronas for 10km, I bought a 500ml 100 plus, drank little bit and left it at a tree opposite of Petronas. It supposed to be my 20km point water supplement. With this strategy, I will have water supply for every 5km along my 30km run, this ensured that I wouldn’t be dehydrated at any point of time.

It was unbelievable by many people that I able to make sub-3, even I myself also can’t believe it until I double confirmed with my split time watch (Tey’s watch). I was the first one back to Bukit Aman car park among us (OXplorers who doing 30km), Tey gave a lecture while serving me the recovery drink…

‘How can you do that to your sifu (chongwah)???’
‘Wah! Until now still dunno how to read my split time watch???’
Blah blah blah…

After analyzing my situation, I guess these are the factors that made me succeed:
1. Taken the correct food which do not cause me diarrhea.
2. Cycling and hill running helped to strengthen my calves muscles.
3. While other people playing mahjong/cards or eating/watching TV at home during CNY, I was on the field having my training.
4. I learned and listened to the advice from the running experts (such as Tey, Boon Keat, Chong Wah, Wan Lin, Phyllis, other PACM members…)

Rho Wen shown an improved performance too, I hope she will do full marathon in KLIM instead of half. Come on, honestly I don’t think she will have any problem in doing full, and… all of OXplorers were doing full expect Wan Lin (exceptional case).

My split time every 10km:
1:00:41, 0:54:50, 1:00:57

星期日, 2月 12, 2006

From Fear to Fearless

I have skipped the Circuit Run 3 but went to cycle at Genting Sempah this Saturday.

Genting Sempah was our 1st cycling training venue before PCC Interstate 2005. Our leader, Wan Lin arranged a group training at Genting Sempah somewhere around Aug 05. That was my 1st ever serious training for cycling, that time I have not stated my running and just started been cycling for few times. My entire fitness level was lousy, but still very the BO KIA SIE and go to take part in a long distance cycling trip! Hahahaha…

I was having bad performance for the ride. Wan Lin was cycling behind me to guide, he likes a horse rider taking a rotan and push me forward. I was really having nightmare about Genting Sempah after the ride. From that day onwards, Genting Sempah always gives me a bad impression that there is dark force over here… I never stepped to there until yesterday!

11/2/2006, Saturday, I have accompanied by my regular cycling teammates, Hin Wai and Rho Wen. I only dare to challenge Genting Sempah again with their companion. As a result, I have completed the route without any problem (yeah :D) I cycled in relax pace (wanna save energy for Sunday’s 30km run), reached food stall with 1h 08m.

Scary experience, almost ‘pok kai’ during downhill… luckily I didn’t hurt myself, if not, cannot take part in KLIM, cry also no tears :P

Time: 1:52:34
Distance: 34.73 km
Average: 18.5 km/h
Maximum: 50.4 km/h

星期一, 2月 06, 2006

CNY Workouts

First of all, wishing everybody has a prosperous doggy year! But, health comes first :)
CNY one week holiday was really a holiday for me, no traveling far but spent my valuable time with my family, friends, bike and running shoe. Felt good la :P, but the only drawback was I did not do any LSD at all, no kaki in Kuantan :(

Looooooong report here...... :P

CNY Eve – Bike: Fight with the wind I
I back to my hometown, Kuantan at CNY eve 3pm.
Kuantan is a town near by the South East China Sea with great hot sun throughout the year except monsoon season. Now, Feb still under monsoon season, but rain was over and wind is coming.

It was an windy evening, after cleaning the house, I changed to my cycling attire and put on my helmet, ready to go for a short ride before reunion dinner :P

Windy, windy, windy…
It was really windy in the evening. I was fighting with the wind all the way heading to Teluk Cempedak, 10km away from my house. Riding in 20km/h also made me feel very heavy, the wind like wanna blow me and my bike away liao…

I made a visit to Taman Gelora, Taman Gelora is a recreation park with Salem-liked scenery. There is a jogging trail around the human made lake and it is the training venue for Kuantan Pacesetters members everyday. The beach is just beside the jogging trail. Nice view indeed.

I experienced breathing difficulty after 24km rode when I was back at home. Bad sign! Chest seemed to have hard time when I tried to make a deep inhale, I felt a bit pain at my lung and followed by cough if I continue inhaling.

I 1st ever felt breathing difficulty. Bad sign, bad sign!

Distance: 24.33 km
Max: 47 km/h
Avg: 22.7 km/h
Time: 1:04:11

CNY day 1 (Ta Nian Chu 1) – Bike: Fight with the wind II
I will guarantee you to fight with the wind for your whole journey if you cycle in Kuantan this period as how I experienced it yesterday. Today, definitely strong wind again. I was damn slow at a simple uphill with speed only 15 km/h, simply because the wind was so strong and I had been fighting with the strong wind from 0km to 22km.

I cycled to Pantai Batu Hitam, also about 10km away from my house following the way to Terengganu. A beach which full of black stones, that’s how she got her name, Pantai Batu Hitam. It suppose a nice scene on the way to Pantai Batu Hitam, the coast is just beside the road at your right. Unfortunately the sea was brown in color near the seashore due to strong wind and wave. The beach was crowded by Malays enjoying the quality time with their family, all Chinese celebrating CNY lo, where got people go sweating themselves on Ta Nian Chu Yi one??? Don’t worry, I don’t pantang and I washed my hair… hehehe

My speed ranged from 15 km/h to 33 km/h, cycled slowly and enjoyed the beach scene at Pantai Batu Hitam.

As usual, traffic was heavy at the main road, a lot of cars and motorcycles. I was almost dead of sucking too much carbon monoxide. I think this was the reason of breathing difficulty yesterday.

Distance: 22.02 km
Max: 41.1 km
Avg: 23.5 km/h
Time: 56:12

CNY day 2 – Bike – Run - Bike
In the evening, putting full gear (running attire) on me at 5pm then did some Yoga stretching in front of the Astro channel before going off.

I decided to go to Taman Gelora for a short run by bike. I cycled for 11km from my house to Taman Gelora, reaching there at 6.15pm, start doing my run after putting my bike aside. Wow… for the first time I tried cycling + running. I guess the Kuantan residents seldom see people cycling with helmet, they looked at me with strange eyes when I arrived at the running area. I did a 7-laps run, which is about 9km run beside the beach and lake, fought with the wind when I was near the lake.

It was so relaxing to run at this peaceful place, you can see seagulls looking for food at the beach, sunset colored the sea and beach into orange and the accumulated sea water at the beach like a mirror reflected every object from the top. Everything is so calm and harmony here. The only drawback that I can ever think of is the sand trail. How nice if I can share this beautiful moment with my running friends!

I was targeting 10 laps, but since it was getting late and I supposed to reserve some energy for my way home, so I stopped at 7pm. Took a short break after the run, then quickly put on my helmet and left. It was 7.15pm, the sky was getting dark and I had only my rear light. It took at least half an hour to return to my house, by the time I reached my home, the sky already total dark.

11km bike + 9km run + 11km bike…
Wow… crazy liao, CNY also ‘work’ so hard, hahaha

Split time: 7’23’’, 7’31’’, 7’31’’, 7’40’’, 7’51’’, 8’14’’, 8’05.
Total time: 54’21’’

CNY day 3 – Run: Walked with Parents, Pace with Hin Wai
Promised my parents last night to have a walk in the morning at Taman Gelora. I brought my jumping rope along, done a 200-time rope jumping while they were walking slowly.

I was like a dog just released from its cage for years, ran along the beach while approaching the beach. I like the feeling of running at the beach, it was a wide and spacious beach with hard ground, not really hard to make a step forward here. I wished I could run along the beach with my future German Shepard or Golden, or even to ride a horse running at the beach :)

Took a nap in the evening, received a call from Hin Wai while he was on his bike on the way to Pantai Batu Hitam, asking me whether to go Gelora for jogging? I was so lazy (cos just woke up mah) then I said, err…

But finally I also ended up meeting him for a jog. Ok la… so today, I paced with him la, since he started to addict to running liao :P

3 laps ran with him, not bad, got around 4km liao even he just did a 15-17km ride. I did not continue running the lap, but out of the track to the beach again! The feel was so great, you can simply run wherever you like, no limit, no route, no track, no rules, and you can breathe in the fresh air and feel the breeze of the wind.

You will never be alone to run with the sun. You will see sunset if you are facing the sun and your own shadow if your back is facing the sunset.

CNY day 4 – Run: 10 laps (13km) at Taman Gelora
I headed to Taman Gelora straight away after visiting my friend’s house. I carried my running suit and shoes before going out, opps, but forgot the split watch and water bottle.

By the time I arrived in Taman Gelora, Hin Wai already did his 2nd lap, then I quickly step my feet into the track. I ran with my regular blue running vest and saw few familiar faces who almost turned up every time I came.

A guy was pacing with me for about 7-8 laps, then I ran alone for the next 2 laps. Hin Wai did his first ever 9km run! Congratulations.

It rained right after I finished my laps, I always love raining, love the feeling of the rain drops keep falling on my head :)

CNY day 5 (Thursday) – Bike: 101.1 km ride to Pekan
Hin Wai and I always think of any new and nice place to cycle to in Kuantan. We already did our ride along the east coast all the way to Terengganu during Interstate 2005 and also to Sg. Lembing during New Year 2006. I was thinking to go Tasik Chini, unfortunately it is more than 100km away from Kuantan in single journey. The only place with 100km distance return trip I can ever think of is Pekan, 50 km away from Kuantan town.

As I said earlier, I guaranteed you will fight with the wind for your entire journey if you cycle in Kuantan at this period. Even the monsoon was over, but the wind still blowing strong from North East.

We met up at 6.45am, over the bridge with thousand lights, Kuantan River is just under our feet. I was such a nice place I like to come at nite ten years ago, just to watch the thousand lights on the surface of the river and along the river bank. After crossing the river, we came to the Peramu Village where the Tanjung Lumpur is just beside the village. It was about 17km away to the main road to Pekan.

After 17km, we made a left turn to the Pekan main road, there was 33km in front to beat. The way was pretty flat, straight and wide, two sides of road were empty wet land or small village, this caused the wind blew stronger and directed to us which made each cycle of move more difficult. The scene was pretty similar to the scene we rode from Teluk Intan to Lumut. We can see the sky covered by dark and heavy cloud easily.

We reached Pekan town (49km) in about 2hrs with average speed 25km/h. Pekan is a royal town where Istana is located there. We cycled around the town and found a restaurant for our breakfast. Unlike Sg. Lembing, there is no famous local dish in Pekan. Hin Wai complained that his front wheel gave him a sound, he just worried can his bike rode back to Kuantan. Hahah… So we stopped at a bike shop, but the boss was too busy and we can’t wait for a minute more, so we ignored the fix and started our way back.

We rode for about 27-28km/h for the first 20km even the wind was strong. We stopped at a makcik’s mini market at the half way, enjoyed 2 sticks of ice creams from her stall. It was so refreshing…

Hin Wai was very far away ahead of me, I was trying hard in fighting with the wind, but the actual reason was my mind still misses the delicious ice creams at the back :P

The weather was pretty nice on the way from Kuantan – Pekan, no hot sun and just a little rain, but now on the way back from Pekan – Kuantan, the sun was hanging there big big at the sky, but I like it :D

We used the same way for return, we found a coconut juice stall at the last 7km to Kuantan. Guess what? We took 2 cups of fresh and icy coconut juice each :P Of cos la, the sun was out and it was pretty hot, the icy coconut juice was damn refreshing!

Hmm… back to the bridge again, I farewell to Hin Wai at the traffic light after the bridge and headed to my home. By the time I reached home, it was already 12.30pm.

In the evening 7pm, Hin Wai sms me that his rear tyre was puncture AGAIN! Kena cucuk wor… damn bad luck la him, dunno puncture for how many times already, everytime also kena cucuk… and I was telling him that I was having serious gastric now lying on the bed cannot move :(

I hate gastric, in fact I was started to get worry, I have been taking care of my body very well, but gastric still like to visit my body from time to time without any notice, how if it happens before KLIM or any race or any event?

Distance: 101.1 km
Max: 41.1 km
Avg: 23.5 km/h
Time: 4:12:38

CNY day 6 (Friday) – Sick: Rest day
Not fully recovered from gastric, felt a bit pain at my internal muscle due to vomiting yesterday. So, rest lo…


CNY day 7 (Saturday) – Run: Bukit Pelindung, I’ll Be Back!
Fully recovered, engine started!

I accompanied my sister to visit a bike shop in Kuantan (Kheng Ho Motors) as she wanted to buy a mountain bike for regular exercise. I saw a superlite bike weighed only about 9kg, wow… eyes and saliva wanna came out liao… According to the boss, this is one of the only 5 pieces in Malaysia, all parts from Italy. It cost about 9k for the original price, now, 6k for sale as 2nd handed.

The boss, Danny and friends also regular cyclists, they cycle every weekend too and planned to go Sg. Lembing tomorrow. I couldn’t join them as I will be returning KL tomorrow. But they will be coming to KL and cycle at Genting Sempah two weeks later. I left my contact and hope to cycle together.

I went to a new running venue this evening called Bukit Pelindung. It is a normal hill with tar road, many people come to this place for exercise. I was so surprise that Kuantan residents were staying in healthy lifestyle, it is getting more people involve in outdoor activities such as cycling and running.

This was the 1st time I came here after years. I even forgot the distance and time to reached to the end of the hill. I ran from the beginning to uphill, but can’t maintain, walked and ran for the way up to the end. In fact it is a very nice place for training, it is even 10x more tougher than TTDI hill. I took about 20 minutes for ascending, a bad performance indeed. Here I met with few Kuantan Pacesetters members, one of them is the Champion of Putrajaya Powerman 2005. His time to reach to the top is less than 13 minutes (phew…) I also left my contact to them so they can contact me for the coming running events in Kuantan.

Since today’s performance was lousy and I have no chance to challenge the hill in next day, so Bukit Pelindung, I’ll be back!

Say Bye to Kuantan and CNY holiday
I was the chef for the lunch at Saturday. I prepared the Italian cuisine, Bolognese and Carbonara spaghetti for my family. Actually, the taste really not bad lo… can prepare the carbo loading pre-race dinner for all liao :P