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Scorpions’ Ride - Voyage to Pangkor

Date: 07 – 09 Jan 2006
Cyclist: Chui Miew, Hin Wai, Rho Wen
Route: 07 Jan, PJ – Teluk Intan
08 Jan, Teluk Intan – Lumut - Pangkor
09 Jan, Pangkor – PJ (Bus)
Distance: 230 km
1. Cross state cycling without support car.
2. Plan and organize the trip by ourselves including the route, itinerary, accommodation, transportation and logistic.

It was a date, a quest that I had been looking forward and had a very strong desire to accomplish the mission since we first talked about it – cycling from PJ to Pangkor without support car and with our backpack at our back.

It was an ad hoc trip where when Rho Wen, Chee Chung and I were talking about it and decided to make it two weeks later at 7 – 9 Jan. Without wasting the time, we never stop finding and getting information from friends and Internet. We had only 2 weeks time to plan for our route, itinerary, logistic and accommodation. Hin Wai, a hardcore cyclist joined the mission. We met up in a café just 3 days before the trip to finalize all arrangements (phew… this was really last minute :P)

Anyway, it was sad that Chee Chung had to pull out from the trip due to his working issue just a day before the commencement of the trip. This was such a shocking news to us, as sportsman, we have equipped ourselves with mental fitness. Mental fitness does not only meant for high determination and never give up attitude, but also involve how fast you could adapt to a unexpected change, and then overcome the situation in a short time.

The adventure quest now left only three of us, Rho Wen, Hin Wai and I to accomplish.

Day 1, PJ - Teluk Intan

After one hour slept, I woke up from the tiredness and realized that it was raining out there. Though the rain was small, but this was a sign of bad start :( We slightly delayed our departure time, when me and Rho Wen got everything ready, then we cycled from her house heading to Kepong’s Caltex to meet Hin Wai. After 10 km rode under the rain, Hin Wai was there waiting for our arrival.

We started the journey at about 7.30 am, followed the way to Sungai Buloh and heading towards Kuala Selangor, our 1st stopping point. Surprisingly we met Chong Wah near Sungai Buloh at 8.30 am, he was on the way back to his hometown, Kuala Selangor. The rain never stop, the traffic was terrible at Jalan Sg Buloh. After passing by Sg Buloh, we entered to the road that has clearer traffic with cleaner air and palm estate at two sides of the road. Our average speed was slow, only about 22-23 km/hr.

Kuala Selangor – Breakfast on Chong Wah
After about 2 hours rode for about 50 km, we arrived in Kuala Selangor, then had our breakfast at a Kopitiam with Chong Wah. Our whole body from the face to the toes were wet and covered by mud and sand. Thank to the rainy day lo…

Delayed no more, after cleaning ourselves and taking our breakfast, we farewell to Chong Wah and Kuala Selangor, then put our foot on the pedal again and continue our quest at 10.30am.

The road from Kuala Selangor onwards was pretty flat and wide, basically it was safe to ride. We met two teams of Selangor cyclists, we passed by each other for just seconds, then they disappeared in the wind. We remained at speed of 25 km/h.

Sekinchang – 100% Mango Juice
After passing by Sekinchang, we found a stall selling mango and mango juice. It was the time to take a break, we had a cup of 100% mango juice with just RM 1 ONLY. The juice was simply the BEST and it was the most memorable moment for the entire trip. Well, let me mention again, the mango juice was 100% pure and extremely delicious yet so cheap!

There was about 30km more to reach Sabak for our lunch break. Rain never stop, three of us never stop, our will also never stop. We shared the same vision, same direction and same determination; nothing could stop us from achieving the target. We looked like the knights riding their excellent horses rushing to rescue their country hundred miles away, hahaha… (in fact, we were more looked like fools in the eyes of the local)

Sabak – Lunch Break
We arrived in Sabak town at about 2pm. A small town indeed, finding the makan stall, none looked nice. Simply stopped at a Chinese stall and had a cin-cai lunch.

Simpang Empat – Junction to Teluk Intan
20 km apart from Sabak, we reached to the junction to Teluk Intan, made a right turn, the sign board mentioned 17 km to Teluk Intan. The rain was following us all the way, the sun once in the sky for short while, and now, it became heavier! The traffic was normal but the drivers were having driving attitude problems. The motorcyclist could just carried a 20m metal stick and overtook us from our left; and the giant lorry could just drove for 100 km/h like a F1 driver!

Teluk Intan – Seafood Dinner
We passed by the junction to Lumut at 8 km away from Teluk Intan town. 4.00 pm, finally, we arrived in the 1st day’s destination, Teluk Intan. We cycled around the town to look for hotel, then decided to stay at a budget rest house with only RM 25 per night. We cleaned our bikes under the heavy rain, yet we felt satisfaction.

The budget rest house was really ‘budget’. Just imagine the place that your dad always goes for mahjong-ing at Hokkien/Hainan/Whatever Association. We all were so refreshed after a nice shower, rest for a while then went out for sight seeing and dinner. Dinner at an air-conditioned seafood restaurant, look and feel like a down graded Tai Thong in KL, the dishes were good and yet… so cheap! We paid less than RM 30 and we could enjoy a 4dishes and a soup dinner for three.

Asked around for the actual distance from Teluk Intan to Lumut, everybody gave the different answer from to the map, they ranged from 60 km – 90 km. In order to make a correct mindset, we assumed it was 90 km away.

After 6 hours and 58 minutes or 163 km rode, we were so tired, there were still some distance to go for tomorrow. We felt asleep at around 9:30pm.

Day 2, Teluk Intan – Lumut - Pangkor

We departed from Kum Ah Hotel at 7:00 am. After 8 km to the junction to Lumut, the sign board showing 59 km to Lumut. Yippee… It was shorter than we imagined. The road was damn flat and straight, beside the palm estate, we hardly saw village or shops. There was a padi field at 22 km from Teluk Intan. We stopped and snapped photos for more than half an hour. Our speed was at average 25-26 km/h.

We were thinking to follow Setiawan before reaching Lumut, but we were told that there was a shortcut or new way at Batu Lapan junction to Lumut without passing by Setiawan. It was such a good news, this could cut down the distance to our final destination. We kept complaining that our buttocks were so painful along the way :P

Lumut – We did it!
Wow… there was 15 km to go after the last junction at 10 am. We start counting down from the last 5 km. After a sloop, we enjoyed speeding downhill and reached to the Lumut town at 10:40 am with victory smile and face. First, we got to settle our transportation and logistic at the bus terminal. As told by Peter, Sri Maju Company always gives him good service to carry his bike, but the sales person kept saying we were not allowed to put our bikes on the bus! So we have no choice and switched to Transnational.

After settling the transportation and logistic problems, next was the ferry ticket. We bought the ticket for RM10 each for return trip from 1 of the 3 counters. After 30 minutes ‘over the sea’, we stepped at Pangkor Island at 12pm.

Pangkor – Just Relax
After arriving in Pangkor, though not exhausting but yet tiring, quickly found a Chinese restaurant at the town to settle our lunch. We proceed to Teluk Nipah to look for accommodation. Finally we took the Lyana Villa because the room was clean and the price was affordable (RM60). Accommodation was the last assignment for the whole trip, now we really in 100% relax mode.

I was ready to go for swimming and sun bathing right after showering. The breeze of the wind attracted me to go into the sea without any second delayed. Hin Wai followed with his SLR camera. He also waited no more to press the shutter button to capture the beauties with bikini on the beach :P Rho Wen only came to feel the sand on the beach after a short nap.

I spotted a great and huge rock far away from here, it was the best place to sun bath and take a nap! I told Hin Wai I’m heading there, but he didn’t follow because it was too far away. Crossed some rocks on the seashore, few Malay children were finding scallops on the rocks.

I met Rho Wen on the way back after the nap. We swam for a while at a beach, but we strongly felt the sting on our body. Then looked carefully, our body was full of the tiny water grass which called lumut… duh… we quickly get out from the sea and cabut.

At late evening, me and Rho Wen took a canoe and canoed across the sea to the Coral Island. While me and Rho Wen taking a short nap on the Coral Island, Hin Wai was hanging around the island by his bike to take photo like a professional photographer.

At nite, we had a very delicious and cheap seafood dinner at Coco Restaurant. The last activity of the day at nite, of course, sat on the beach, enjoyed the breeze of the wind, the sound of the wave and the starry nite with a can of beer. Cheers… we made a little crazy thing that not many people dare to do!

Day 3, Pangkor – Lumut - PJ

Pangkor island isn’t big, but If you think it is relax to cycle round the island, then you’re wrong. Most of the parts are hilly road, 15-20% steep, some are even few km long. Well, among three of us, only Hin Wai managed to cycle all the way uphill and speeding downhill without stopping. This time, no hiking, no mountain climbing, no rock climbing, but tree climbing instead :P Climbed high to the tree to look further and to feel the stronger wind.

Good Bye Pangkor and Lumut
We took 12.30 ferry returned to the main land. Lepak at the restaurant beside the road until 3.30pm.

Recall the whole journey, less anyone of us will be meaningless. Rho Wen always was the one who say ‘GO’ and wore the red hat most of the time; Hin Wai always was the one who can analyze a situation more logically, white hat always on his head; Me always be too optimistic, I believed that every problem can be solved, I wore the yellow hat. By these combination, we had have a balancing point and made it happened.







Ah Meng, for all bicycle services and consultations.
Boon Keat, for the route map.
Chee Chung, for sharing the information and inspired us.
Chong Wah, for the breakfast in Kuala Selagor.
Peter, for the transportation/logistic information. More info at
Richard, for sending us home safely.
Tey, for the Sin Chew logistic information.
Rho Wen & Hin Wai, for making this happened.
All dearest friends, for blessing us for a safe journey.

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ashlight 提到...

nice! sounds like a lot of fun! next time lemme knoe if u need a support car, i'll drive and blast music in my car while u guys pedal! kekeke

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tey, we will try one day! Actually my dream to cycle around new zealand:D

But now my target is to cycle chiang rai at Thailand. Anyone interested?

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Tey 提到...


Sure..may be one day..I will follow u all step....or may be me will more crazy than u all.hehehe !

Suggest Taiwan also not bad...if u all go now..me got so many running kaki there..can jaga sama-sama..hehe !!

But NZ is nice place...!!

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You should try the inland route via Sg Buluh, Kuang, Bantang Berjuntai, Kg Soeharto, the follow the Sg Bernan to Simpang Empat. A lot less lorries. This is my regular balik kg way to bike.
My gang also bike to Lumut, see http://opstupe.blogspot.com/2005/12/le-tour-le-lumut-day-1.html and maybe see you jogging.

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Rhowen & Tey,
My nearest target is to cycle around M'sia first, then only extend to oversea.

Wanna plan for it d, i'm serios!

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Ameba and Rhowen:

U all travel trip use what type cycle ah ? Racing bike also ah ?

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Rhowen & Ameba

I would like to join cycling. Probably after KLIM. My plan is to get a bike after KLIM.

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well done with the trip to Lumut without support car.

we are doing Endau Rompin this coming wesak.


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I enjoyed reading all the aikido video information on your site. You can check out my aikido video site if you like.

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Too bad I completely missed this post some time back. But I remember the phone call you gave me. Good to see you enjoyed it.

Feel free to add your story also to my bicycle website and/or my Pangkor site: