星期一, 1月 23, 2006

Great Eastern and Pacesetters 30km Run

When I told my colleagues and manager that I’ll be traveling back to KL over the weekend for a running event, they were like shocked, eyes and mouth open big big cannot close. hahah…

Recall my 1st ever 30km in Nov 2005, I registered the Great Eastern and Pacesetters 30km Run on the spot. I was hoping the day to come since registration and I did hope more people will try to challenge their limit. My formal colleague, Khin, and my sifu, Loon, were showing their bravery by taking part in 20km, their 1st ever 20km indeed.

Self Discipline
No matter how enthusiastic am I to this run, my self-discipline was not in condition. I’ll remember these regrets.
1. Training was not enough.
2. Wake up late at the race day.
3. Did not prepare the Power Bar/Gel for myself.

Busy work always my excuse for not training and do not get enough sleep. I felt sorry to depend on Chong Wah’s power bar and gel, I do hope he didn’t mind to donate a power gel to me.

2 alarms failed to wake me up on time. I have set the alarm at 3.30am, estimate can get up from the bed at 3.45am. By the time I opened my eyes, it was 4.15am! I was like jumping out from my bed, rushing to the kitchen to prepare a hot drink then to the washroom. I drove 120km/hr all the way from Shah Alam to SS2 to meet with the rest for car pooling as promised 4.45am.

Runners from Penang
We have 2 runners from Penang, Miow Chin and Julita, traveled to KL to take part for the 20km run, thumb up to them!

NB W1060
I wore my new NB W1060 for this 30km run, before that I only did a 5km and 11km test on the shoe. The feel was great! The cushion is just… fantastic! But it still gave me pain on my fore part of my foot (as I told, I have an extreme wide foot).

Starting point
OX contingents are me, Boon Keat, Chong Wah, Miow Chin, Richard, Rho Wen, Phyllis was the volunteer in this run. Wan Lin took Coach Chan’s and Boon Keat’s advice to rest for his knee recovering, he was there as a volunteer too.

Next, our new professional photographer, Hin Wai, finally turned up at starting point at 5.30am. Really thank him for doing this in volunteer basis. I was thinking he might not coming since he was having a hardcore cycling yesterday.

Paced with Boon Keat
I paced with Boon Keat for 22km, really appreciate and respect him for his kindness and sportsmanship. He observed my running pace, posture and breathing, explained and corrected my weak points just like coach. Big thank to him man! I was so slow and he still insisted to pace with me…

For the 1st 10km at double hill, everything looking fine, after 1:14, we back to Bukit Aman junction. My mental started to give me negative messages. Part of the energy had been used up for the double hill, now back to the starting point again and I knew it was a long way to go till Hartamas. Boon Keat reminded me that my pace became slow, then only I realized and stop thinking about it. Don’t think, just run! I concentrated on my breathing in order to freeze the negative influence. Initialized a breathing rhythm for my self, pace started to follow the breathing and back to normal pace again.

At the location about 15km after crossing the Jalan Duta, I strongly felt that my stomach was upside down. I guessed I was going to face the same problem as in Singapore Marathon, diarrhea. Mind started to become weak can’t concentrated on the breathing but my stomach, hoping to see Petronas very much.

I met my sifu in front of Plaza Damas. He was great! He never has enough long distance training before the race and now he managed to run till 12km!

Finally, I saw Petronas, but still need to make a loop before reaching it. I took the power gel at the water point before Petronas and drank a lot of water. Boon Keat was shock, he said I was taking too much water for the entire run. I cannot tahan mah, thirsty la… 2:19 reached to Petronas, I told him not to wait me and I stopped 5 minutes for my toilet break, he was standing still beside the road waiting for me.

The way back from Petronas was suffering, not my legs but my stomach! I stopped running at in front of the mosque, can’t even continue caused I knew there was no toilet at in front. Hold my fist very thigh, I was so sad and disappointed, I got to force Boon Keat to leave me alone.

The rhythm, chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba
I stopped and ran since 6km to the finishing point. I tried to run when I felt better, then stopped when I felt uncomfortable. Tried to move focus to my breathing, created a new rhythm, it is like a rhythm I watched in a Japanese anima 龙猫.

The rhythm was funny and I just followed. It was like singing chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba; chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba; chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba…

It matched my pace and breathing as well. For the two ‘chi’ and ‘bom’, they were 2 steps and 2 inhales. Whereas the ‘cha’ and ‘ba’ were 1 out hale with 2 steps.

Felt better and started to increase my speed at 4km to the finishing point, then rush all the way to the finishing point. Basically you won’t see any mood at my face, but I turned my head and smile to the camera holding by Hin Wai when Chong Wah and Miow Chin calling my name.
I crossed the finishing line at about 3:33, then rush into toilet and forget about my finisher medal. I felt like crying after crossing the line, but not like my 1st Marathon, I was too sad about my stomach condition indeed.

It was a failure!
It was so disappointing, travel more than 300km for the run and this was the consequent, but I never regret to come, it proved that I’m allergic to certain power boost product, either the power bar or power drink, will have to figure it out before KLIM.

Hung around with Khin and Loon for a while, congratulations to both of them, they should proud of themselves as they finished 20km run without any power boost product.

Regroup with OX, met Jason and Tey, chit chat and help Wan Lin to do survey while waiting for Phyllis to finish her task.


Congratulations to Chong Wah, he got sub-3!

Boon Keat paced with me, so he did not get a good result...

I was suffering...

Rho Wen reaching 10 minutes before the qualifying time :P

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rhowen 提到...

guys, due to my bad condition of running, i will switch from full marathin to half marathon in KLIM. See u all there.

ps: Chui Miew, u should get power gels from me yesterday, i have few packs with me.

Wan Lin 提到...

You are well done. I guess your expectation for this run is too high and you give yourself too much of pressure. Relax!!! You can only run well when you are relax so that you can have a consistent pace. I always set a target for myself before the run. But, once I am in a run, I will forget the target because pressure can make me feel stressful while running. I think what Boon Keat done was good. He was trying to be a pacer so that you can follow his pace and gave you mental support along the route. Boon Keat is really a very great pacer!! The photos taken by Hin Wai are great!!! Really professional :-) I will be flying off to Singapore tonight. If you manage to find the park, just come and join me. Remember to have a recovery run.

Tey 提到...


Still not bad,I think u must find out how come b4 ,during and after stomach problem.

For me,once I went toilet settle all b4 left to Lake Gargen,I will not face this problem..may be u meal and pressure must find out a solution.

For myself,eat more fibre or potato or 蕃薯!



Tey 提到...




fhlim 提到...

Well done. You still managed to complete the run within the cut off time. I think you were dehydrated when you reach Petronas station. Under normal circumstances, a runner should not drink too much water unless he or she is dehydrated. Perhaps you should consider carrying your own water bottle to hydrate yourself say, for every 3 to 4 km or whenenver you feel there is a need to do so.

Hopefully, you will be able to overcome your stomach problem before the KLIM.

blueameba 提到...

Remember the pain!
I was sad of my body condition, not my result. I must figure out what caused me diarrhea in the run, this was already the 2nd time!

Tey, thanks for your photo! That was the only photo with smiling face when i crossed the finishing line :)