星期四, 1月 26, 2006

Scorpions’ Ride - Voyage to Pangkor

Date: 07 – 09 Jan 2006
Cyclist: Chui Miew, Hin Wai, Rho Wen
Route: 07 Jan, PJ – Teluk Intan
08 Jan, Teluk Intan – Lumut - Pangkor
09 Jan, Pangkor – PJ (Bus)
Distance: 230 km
1. Cross state cycling without support car.
2. Plan and organize the trip by ourselves including the route, itinerary, accommodation, transportation and logistic.

It was a date, a quest that I had been looking forward and had a very strong desire to accomplish the mission since we first talked about it – cycling from PJ to Pangkor without support car and with our backpack at our back.

It was an ad hoc trip where when Rho Wen, Chee Chung and I were talking about it and decided to make it two weeks later at 7 – 9 Jan. Without wasting the time, we never stop finding and getting information from friends and Internet. We had only 2 weeks time to plan for our route, itinerary, logistic and accommodation. Hin Wai, a hardcore cyclist joined the mission. We met up in a café just 3 days before the trip to finalize all arrangements (phew… this was really last minute :P)

Anyway, it was sad that Chee Chung had to pull out from the trip due to his working issue just a day before the commencement of the trip. This was such a shocking news to us, as sportsman, we have equipped ourselves with mental fitness. Mental fitness does not only meant for high determination and never give up attitude, but also involve how fast you could adapt to a unexpected change, and then overcome the situation in a short time.

The adventure quest now left only three of us, Rho Wen, Hin Wai and I to accomplish.

Day 1, PJ - Teluk Intan

After one hour slept, I woke up from the tiredness and realized that it was raining out there. Though the rain was small, but this was a sign of bad start :( We slightly delayed our departure time, when me and Rho Wen got everything ready, then we cycled from her house heading to Kepong’s Caltex to meet Hin Wai. After 10 km rode under the rain, Hin Wai was there waiting for our arrival.

We started the journey at about 7.30 am, followed the way to Sungai Buloh and heading towards Kuala Selangor, our 1st stopping point. Surprisingly we met Chong Wah near Sungai Buloh at 8.30 am, he was on the way back to his hometown, Kuala Selangor. The rain never stop, the traffic was terrible at Jalan Sg Buloh. After passing by Sg Buloh, we entered to the road that has clearer traffic with cleaner air and palm estate at two sides of the road. Our average speed was slow, only about 22-23 km/hr.

Kuala Selangor – Breakfast on Chong Wah
After about 2 hours rode for about 50 km, we arrived in Kuala Selangor, then had our breakfast at a Kopitiam with Chong Wah. Our whole body from the face to the toes were wet and covered by mud and sand. Thank to the rainy day lo…

Delayed no more, after cleaning ourselves and taking our breakfast, we farewell to Chong Wah and Kuala Selangor, then put our foot on the pedal again and continue our quest at 10.30am.

The road from Kuala Selangor onwards was pretty flat and wide, basically it was safe to ride. We met two teams of Selangor cyclists, we passed by each other for just seconds, then they disappeared in the wind. We remained at speed of 25 km/h.

Sekinchang – 100% Mango Juice
After passing by Sekinchang, we found a stall selling mango and mango juice. It was the time to take a break, we had a cup of 100% mango juice with just RM 1 ONLY. The juice was simply the BEST and it was the most memorable moment for the entire trip. Well, let me mention again, the mango juice was 100% pure and extremely delicious yet so cheap!

There was about 30km more to reach Sabak for our lunch break. Rain never stop, three of us never stop, our will also never stop. We shared the same vision, same direction and same determination; nothing could stop us from achieving the target. We looked like the knights riding their excellent horses rushing to rescue their country hundred miles away, hahaha… (in fact, we were more looked like fools in the eyes of the local)

Sabak – Lunch Break
We arrived in Sabak town at about 2pm. A small town indeed, finding the makan stall, none looked nice. Simply stopped at a Chinese stall and had a cin-cai lunch.

Simpang Empat – Junction to Teluk Intan
20 km apart from Sabak, we reached to the junction to Teluk Intan, made a right turn, the sign board mentioned 17 km to Teluk Intan. The rain was following us all the way, the sun once in the sky for short while, and now, it became heavier! The traffic was normal but the drivers were having driving attitude problems. The motorcyclist could just carried a 20m metal stick and overtook us from our left; and the giant lorry could just drove for 100 km/h like a F1 driver!

Teluk Intan – Seafood Dinner
We passed by the junction to Lumut at 8 km away from Teluk Intan town. 4.00 pm, finally, we arrived in the 1st day’s destination, Teluk Intan. We cycled around the town to look for hotel, then decided to stay at a budget rest house with only RM 25 per night. We cleaned our bikes under the heavy rain, yet we felt satisfaction.

The budget rest house was really ‘budget’. Just imagine the place that your dad always goes for mahjong-ing at Hokkien/Hainan/Whatever Association. We all were so refreshed after a nice shower, rest for a while then went out for sight seeing and dinner. Dinner at an air-conditioned seafood restaurant, look and feel like a down graded Tai Thong in KL, the dishes were good and yet… so cheap! We paid less than RM 30 and we could enjoy a 4dishes and a soup dinner for three.

Asked around for the actual distance from Teluk Intan to Lumut, everybody gave the different answer from to the map, they ranged from 60 km – 90 km. In order to make a correct mindset, we assumed it was 90 km away.

After 6 hours and 58 minutes or 163 km rode, we were so tired, there were still some distance to go for tomorrow. We felt asleep at around 9:30pm.

Day 2, Teluk Intan – Lumut - Pangkor

We departed from Kum Ah Hotel at 7:00 am. After 8 km to the junction to Lumut, the sign board showing 59 km to Lumut. Yippee… It was shorter than we imagined. The road was damn flat and straight, beside the palm estate, we hardly saw village or shops. There was a padi field at 22 km from Teluk Intan. We stopped and snapped photos for more than half an hour. Our speed was at average 25-26 km/h.

We were thinking to follow Setiawan before reaching Lumut, but we were told that there was a shortcut or new way at Batu Lapan junction to Lumut without passing by Setiawan. It was such a good news, this could cut down the distance to our final destination. We kept complaining that our buttocks were so painful along the way :P

Lumut – We did it!
Wow… there was 15 km to go after the last junction at 10 am. We start counting down from the last 5 km. After a sloop, we enjoyed speeding downhill and reached to the Lumut town at 10:40 am with victory smile and face. First, we got to settle our transportation and logistic at the bus terminal. As told by Peter, Sri Maju Company always gives him good service to carry his bike, but the sales person kept saying we were not allowed to put our bikes on the bus! So we have no choice and switched to Transnational.

After settling the transportation and logistic problems, next was the ferry ticket. We bought the ticket for RM10 each for return trip from 1 of the 3 counters. After 30 minutes ‘over the sea’, we stepped at Pangkor Island at 12pm.

Pangkor – Just Relax
After arriving in Pangkor, though not exhausting but yet tiring, quickly found a Chinese restaurant at the town to settle our lunch. We proceed to Teluk Nipah to look for accommodation. Finally we took the Lyana Villa because the room was clean and the price was affordable (RM60). Accommodation was the last assignment for the whole trip, now we really in 100% relax mode.

I was ready to go for swimming and sun bathing right after showering. The breeze of the wind attracted me to go into the sea without any second delayed. Hin Wai followed with his SLR camera. He also waited no more to press the shutter button to capture the beauties with bikini on the beach :P Rho Wen only came to feel the sand on the beach after a short nap.

I spotted a great and huge rock far away from here, it was the best place to sun bath and take a nap! I told Hin Wai I’m heading there, but he didn’t follow because it was too far away. Crossed some rocks on the seashore, few Malay children were finding scallops on the rocks.

I met Rho Wen on the way back after the nap. We swam for a while at a beach, but we strongly felt the sting on our body. Then looked carefully, our body was full of the tiny water grass which called lumut… duh… we quickly get out from the sea and cabut.

At late evening, me and Rho Wen took a canoe and canoed across the sea to the Coral Island. While me and Rho Wen taking a short nap on the Coral Island, Hin Wai was hanging around the island by his bike to take photo like a professional photographer.

At nite, we had a very delicious and cheap seafood dinner at Coco Restaurant. The last activity of the day at nite, of course, sat on the beach, enjoyed the breeze of the wind, the sound of the wave and the starry nite with a can of beer. Cheers… we made a little crazy thing that not many people dare to do!

Day 3, Pangkor – Lumut - PJ

Pangkor island isn’t big, but If you think it is relax to cycle round the island, then you’re wrong. Most of the parts are hilly road, 15-20% steep, some are even few km long. Well, among three of us, only Hin Wai managed to cycle all the way uphill and speeding downhill without stopping. This time, no hiking, no mountain climbing, no rock climbing, but tree climbing instead :P Climbed high to the tree to look further and to feel the stronger wind.

Good Bye Pangkor and Lumut
We took 12.30 ferry returned to the main land. Lepak at the restaurant beside the road until 3.30pm.

Recall the whole journey, less anyone of us will be meaningless. Rho Wen always was the one who say ‘GO’ and wore the red hat most of the time; Hin Wai always was the one who can analyze a situation more logically, white hat always on his head; Me always be too optimistic, I believed that every problem can be solved, I wore the yellow hat. By these combination, we had have a balancing point and made it happened.







Ah Meng, for all bicycle services and consultations.
Boon Keat, for the route map.
Chee Chung, for sharing the information and inspired us.
Chong Wah, for the breakfast in Kuala Selagor.
Peter, for the transportation/logistic information. More info at
Richard, for sending us home safely.
Tey, for the Sin Chew logistic information.
Rho Wen & Hin Wai, for making this happened.
All dearest friends, for blessing us for a safe journey.

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星期一, 1月 23, 2006

Great Eastern and Pacesetters 30km Run

When I told my colleagues and manager that I’ll be traveling back to KL over the weekend for a running event, they were like shocked, eyes and mouth open big big cannot close. hahah…

Recall my 1st ever 30km in Nov 2005, I registered the Great Eastern and Pacesetters 30km Run on the spot. I was hoping the day to come since registration and I did hope more people will try to challenge their limit. My formal colleague, Khin, and my sifu, Loon, were showing their bravery by taking part in 20km, their 1st ever 20km indeed.

Self Discipline
No matter how enthusiastic am I to this run, my self-discipline was not in condition. I’ll remember these regrets.
1. Training was not enough.
2. Wake up late at the race day.
3. Did not prepare the Power Bar/Gel for myself.

Busy work always my excuse for not training and do not get enough sleep. I felt sorry to depend on Chong Wah’s power bar and gel, I do hope he didn’t mind to donate a power gel to me.

2 alarms failed to wake me up on time. I have set the alarm at 3.30am, estimate can get up from the bed at 3.45am. By the time I opened my eyes, it was 4.15am! I was like jumping out from my bed, rushing to the kitchen to prepare a hot drink then to the washroom. I drove 120km/hr all the way from Shah Alam to SS2 to meet with the rest for car pooling as promised 4.45am.

Runners from Penang
We have 2 runners from Penang, Miow Chin and Julita, traveled to KL to take part for the 20km run, thumb up to them!

NB W1060
I wore my new NB W1060 for this 30km run, before that I only did a 5km and 11km test on the shoe. The feel was great! The cushion is just… fantastic! But it still gave me pain on my fore part of my foot (as I told, I have an extreme wide foot).

Starting point
OX contingents are me, Boon Keat, Chong Wah, Miow Chin, Richard, Rho Wen, Phyllis was the volunteer in this run. Wan Lin took Coach Chan’s and Boon Keat’s advice to rest for his knee recovering, he was there as a volunteer too.

Next, our new professional photographer, Hin Wai, finally turned up at starting point at 5.30am. Really thank him for doing this in volunteer basis. I was thinking he might not coming since he was having a hardcore cycling yesterday.

Paced with Boon Keat
I paced with Boon Keat for 22km, really appreciate and respect him for his kindness and sportsmanship. He observed my running pace, posture and breathing, explained and corrected my weak points just like coach. Big thank to him man! I was so slow and he still insisted to pace with me…

For the 1st 10km at double hill, everything looking fine, after 1:14, we back to Bukit Aman junction. My mental started to give me negative messages. Part of the energy had been used up for the double hill, now back to the starting point again and I knew it was a long way to go till Hartamas. Boon Keat reminded me that my pace became slow, then only I realized and stop thinking about it. Don’t think, just run! I concentrated on my breathing in order to freeze the negative influence. Initialized a breathing rhythm for my self, pace started to follow the breathing and back to normal pace again.

At the location about 15km after crossing the Jalan Duta, I strongly felt that my stomach was upside down. I guessed I was going to face the same problem as in Singapore Marathon, diarrhea. Mind started to become weak can’t concentrated on the breathing but my stomach, hoping to see Petronas very much.

I met my sifu in front of Plaza Damas. He was great! He never has enough long distance training before the race and now he managed to run till 12km!

Finally, I saw Petronas, but still need to make a loop before reaching it. I took the power gel at the water point before Petronas and drank a lot of water. Boon Keat was shock, he said I was taking too much water for the entire run. I cannot tahan mah, thirsty la… 2:19 reached to Petronas, I told him not to wait me and I stopped 5 minutes for my toilet break, he was standing still beside the road waiting for me.

The way back from Petronas was suffering, not my legs but my stomach! I stopped running at in front of the mosque, can’t even continue caused I knew there was no toilet at in front. Hold my fist very thigh, I was so sad and disappointed, I got to force Boon Keat to leave me alone.

The rhythm, chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba
I stopped and ran since 6km to the finishing point. I tried to run when I felt better, then stopped when I felt uncomfortable. Tried to move focus to my breathing, created a new rhythm, it is like a rhythm I watched in a Japanese anima 龙猫.

The rhythm was funny and I just followed. It was like singing chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba; chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba; chi-chi-cha, bom-bom-ba…

It matched my pace and breathing as well. For the two ‘chi’ and ‘bom’, they were 2 steps and 2 inhales. Whereas the ‘cha’ and ‘ba’ were 1 out hale with 2 steps.

Felt better and started to increase my speed at 4km to the finishing point, then rush all the way to the finishing point. Basically you won’t see any mood at my face, but I turned my head and smile to the camera holding by Hin Wai when Chong Wah and Miow Chin calling my name.
I crossed the finishing line at about 3:33, then rush into toilet and forget about my finisher medal. I felt like crying after crossing the line, but not like my 1st Marathon, I was too sad about my stomach condition indeed.

It was a failure!
It was so disappointing, travel more than 300km for the run and this was the consequent, but I never regret to come, it proved that I’m allergic to certain power boost product, either the power bar or power drink, will have to figure it out before KLIM.

Hung around with Khin and Loon for a while, congratulations to both of them, they should proud of themselves as they finished 20km run without any power boost product.

Regroup with OX, met Jason and Tey, chit chat and help Wan Lin to do survey while waiting for Phyllis to finish her task.


Congratulations to Chong Wah, he got sub-3!

Boon Keat paced with me, so he did not get a good result...

I was suffering...

Rho Wen reaching 10 minutes before the qualifying time :P

Diary of Makalu Gau to Mount Everest (九死一生 – 高铭和圣母峰登顶记)

I finished the book九死一生 – 高铭和圣母峰登顶记 (Diary of Makalu Gau to Mount Everest) borrowed by Tey in a return journey to Singapore. I complete half of the chapters on the way to Singapore in the bus then finished the rest on the way back to Malaysia today.

It was a fantastic book describes the true story of a mountain climber in Taiwan, Makalu Gau from the moment he organized the expedition since year 1994 to the moment he reached to the summit of Everest and how he got serious injury on the return journey.

Everest, the highest mount in the world (8848m), covered by a thick layer of frost for her whole life, therefore it is well known as Mount of Frost (雪山). In Chinese, its name is 圣母峰 same meaning as the Mother of the Sacred. It has been grabbed many climbers’ life away on the way to the summit, hence, it is also known as the Mount of Death (死亡之山) by the climbers.

Makalu Gau is simply the best and so amazing and at the moment I read his story, I was so admired his attitude towards mountaineering. He showed his strong enthusiasm and determination in organizing the expedition, raising the fund, managing the team and climbing. He chose Nepal as the starting point to the summit.

In 1996, March 8th, he and his team total of 9 people flew from Taiwan to Nepal.

There were another 11 teams also coming to climb Mount Everest at the same period. Makalu’s team decided to reach to the summit on 10th May. He and a team member with another 2 guides start the journey on 6th May from the Base Camp (5340m), over a night at 1st Campsite (6100m) on 7th May and 2nd Campsite (6300m) on 8th May.

While they prepared to head to 3rd Campsite (7300m) on 9th May, his teammate decided to return to 1st Campsite to join the 2nd team due to his physical fitness problem. Unfortunately he passed away on the way decent to 1st Campsite.

Makalu continued his mission with great sadness and loneliness yet the path is getting tougher and more dangerous. Ice wall were the common obstacle in the whole journey. Anyone could kill himself by stepping a wrong step. It was 10th May, the unpredictable weather worsen the path to the summit. There was one point his guides recommended him to give up due to the bad weather when they were at 4th Campsite (7986m), but he never take their recommendation. He had the quest with the strong power of determination to reach to summit.

Finally he stepped at the summit of Everest at 3pm.

Few of the teams reached ahead of him, and there were some coming soon. The weather turned extremely bad, the strong and cold wind lowering the temperature and made every step harder. Makalu’s guides left him alone exposed at the freezing zone. He was helpless, the wind was so strong, the weather was so cold, and he was frozen.

By the time he was rescued, the sudden bad weather incident had taken away 8 lives of the climbers from other teams.

He is alive, but his thumbs, toes and nose had been excised.

The captain of US team, Scott Fischer was one of the victims. His wife informed US teammates, DO NOT move his body down from Everest. Let him rest forever at the mountain he admired the most in his life…

A recommended book to all mountain fevers.

Information of the book:

Title: 九死一生 – 高铭和圣母峰登顶记/高铭和口诉
Language: Chinese
ISBN: 957-99491-6-6
Publisher: 大地地理

星期五, 1月 20, 2006


乘坐在公车上,走在即陌生又熟悉的星加坡道路。远眺The Esplanade,脑海呈现一个月半前的我,是那么坚持又辛苦地跑完毕生首次的马拉松。


'Job is sickening, we have not much time in our life in doing crazy thing. Let's go for cycling around Malaysia this year.'


星期日, 1月 15, 2006

NB W1060

After getting the Pacesetters membership card (thank to all the efforts of the committees), I bought myself a new pair of running shoe.

My current running shoe, just bought in Sept 2005. I suffered a lot by the shoe cause it doen’t fit my foot shape. I have a pair of flat foot with 4E size width, this caused my foot always pain like hell after a long run or even cycling!

Actually my first choice was Adidas Super Nova, too bad it was out of stock, then choose a pair of running shoe from NB boutique at 1 Utama. The shop manager, Manson recommended few pair of running shoes to me, in fact he also worry that can’t get any shoes which fit my ‘k-shape’ foot.

Finally, only NB 1060 meets my requirement.

CNY is around the corner, but no New Year clothes for me this year, cause all money has been spent in buying running shoes and accessories. Nevermind la, I wear the new NB running shoes and accessories in CNY la :P


The Blind of the Road

If you The King of the Road, I’m The Blind of the Road.

I lost in the double hill route while I was having 20km LSD with Chong Wah, Rho Wen and Richard Tang on 14/1/06 Saturday morning :P

It was a working Saturday, the traffic might be heavy when the time reach 8 something. We were discussing which route we supposed to use before the run, in fact I was mentioned no double hill please, cause I don’t know the way! So everybody agreed to go Sri Hartamas.

It was 6:15am. The surrounding was dark, when I came to the Mahameru interchange, I saw nobody at in front and at the back. I guess I was going the wrong way at here. I strongly felt that I was following the wrong way when I saw a big digital clock, I was thinking since when the clock been setting up there har??? Then I continue running forward, I reached to the Jalan Duta main road in a very short time. Opps… the road was so different from last few times I went, and I can’t cross the road, the mosque was missing!!!

I went out to the highway, ran beside the Jalan Duta, hope to find the crossing path to Sri Hartamas… Can’t find, then I made a U-turn and return to where I came out. Dear frens, if you saw a stranger running beside the highway at about 7am Saturday, make no mistake, it was me!

Return to Jalan Tunku, try another road beside, and came a totally strange route where I haven’t been before. Ask around how shall I go to Hartamas, a guard told me follow the uphill! Scary, the road is silent, and there was a dog. I scared of the dog more than everything. No choice, I decided to move forward instead of return. After the uphill road, it was a dead end and the dog was just beside… started to worry la… made a u-turn and right turn, the area called Persiaran Duta.

I just continue running, and I have no idea where am I and how do I get out from here.

Suddenly saw a tall building, then followed by the Stadium Hoki, then the Hentian Duta, and the familiar crossing path. The mosque was just in front of my eyes. The feeling was just like the return of a survivor who lost in the jungle :P

Thank God, crossed the Jalan Duta, the route was so familiar again :)

Met Chong Wah and Richard near the housing area around 7:30, told them I was lost! I continue running heading Petronas, met Rho Wen before Plaza Damas, then I made a return from that point.

Sigh… no mood to run already.
Chong Wah and Richard were left by the time me and Rho Wen reached to the car park.

Just felt this was strange, we mentioned don’t go double hill, but it seemed like there were some spells pulling me to fall into the trap of double hill. Well, not bad, enjoyed a very nice cloudy KL view from the uphill.

星期四, 1月 05, 2006

Scorpions's Ride - Voyage to Pangkor

I'm looking forward the cycling trip from PJ to Pulau Pangkor this coming weekend. Four of us, the knights, Rhowen, Cheechung, Hinwai, and me will be putting our foot on the pedal, luggage on the bike, adventurous spirit on the mind plus no support car at all this Saturday (7 Jan 2006) - Monday (9 Jan 2006).

Total distance covered estimated to be around 250 - 300km.

Not joining the KLIM circuit run this week, wish those joining the run do have fun!

Wish us good luck, have a safe journey, and come back in piece.

星期二, 1月 03, 2006

Sudden Cardiac Death


On 29th December 2005, on a usual MRCC night ride to Kota Damansara one of my cyclist suddenly collapsed. I did not cycle on that night and I was shaken by their call. By the time I rush to the spot, police patrol, ambulance and his relatives already arrived. I was told that ambulance arrived 20 minutes later and confirmed his brain dead. Brain death is the 'ultimate' death after the heart dead. Heart dead can still resuscitate if someone knows CPR.

Chun Chen is a healthy 17 years old boy and a strong cyclist. Due to SPM preparations, he stops cycling for six months. That night is his second ride after the exam. He was training enthusiastically to reduce his slightly over weighted body. That day he went for gym workout, jogging and later join MRCC for night ride. During the ride, he was pushing hard to keep up with some strong cyclists. Out of the sudden, he collapsed and never wakes up ever since. Yesterday we received a call from the police department saying that his death was due some sort of cardiac (heart) problem from autopsy reports.

Chun Chen is a great guy. He is a MRCC regular cyclist, a great protégé and good friend of mine. It's a great lost to the club and to his family. He's the eldest son with another brother few years younger. Some of you may know him where he always joins us for night ride, Sunday ride and 2004 Fraser's Hill cycling trip.

Some of the same symptom death that I'm aware in Malaysia
- 2002 One old man decease when running Penang Bridge full marathon
- 2002 One mid 40's man decease when running Ipoh half marathon
- 2004 One mid 30's man decease when running Hong Leong 5km run
- I personally also heard of two different men decease on the court while playing badminton.

I never take it seriously until now. By searching the net, it's horrified to know that 1 out of 200,000 healthy sportsperson deceased due to "hypertrophic cardiomyopathy". Do spend sometime browsing the followings:

http://www.physsportsmed.com/issues/2002/01_02/maron.htm http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/cardiomyopathy/sudden_cardiac_death.htm

My messages to everyone are:
1. Be healthy to enjoy sports and NOT pushing sports to stay healthy
2. Spend RM200 or less to learn CPR, it's an invaluable skill. CPR does not confirm you can save a life, but at least there is a hope before it's too late. (I felt really bad that I did not join the ride, I'm a trained CPR and First-aid)
3. No one knows the future, appreciate your love ones and spend more time with them
4. Stay healthy, happy and enjoy life to the fullness, live is too short to be waste
I know it's not good news for the New Year; I just want to share all my messages.

Richard Tang
President Midnight Rodeos Cycling Club

No Challenge No Life

Farewell to year 2005 and welcome year 2006. What made me in 2005 and what’s next in 2006 for sports/leisure/outdoor activities?

Highlight in 2005
There were a number of ‘My 1st’ in year 2005.
- Apr, My 1st blog, the Blueameba
- Apr, My 1st solo backpacking to Thailand (Koh Phangan & Koh Samui)
- Sept, My 1st long distance cycling trip, the Interstate 2005 (Kuantan – Batu Rakit)
- Sept, My 1st mountain climbing, 2D1N in Gunung Rajah
- Nov, My 1st road running medal, the IOI Community Run (5.5km)
- Dec, My 1st full marathon (42.192km) in Singapore
- Dec, My 1st Yoga session

I like this theme, ‘No Challenge No Life’, it will be my slogan for year 2006 :)

What’s Next in 2006
- Aim for performance in the next Marathon
- Take part in Triathlon
- Take up the Horse Riding course
- Climb G7
- Cross country cycling trip
- Backpack further from Thailand

There are a lot more in my mind, e.g. Aikido, diving and charity, but due to time, money and unexpected constraints, I might not be able to achieve all of them at the end of the year of 2006.

Anyway they serve as my basic goals, and I’ll just keep going with force and determination, follow what my vision tells, and believe in myself :)

Do hope we inspire each other and cheer up each other along the year of 2006. Your wish list of 2006 is most welcome in my blog, I believe sharing your joy and the force is the most wonderful thing to be done.

New Year Ride 2006 to Sungei Lembing

Date: 1st Jan 2006
Time: 6.30am – 12.30pm
Route: Kuantan – Sungei Lembing - Kuantan
The Knights: Hin Wai, Blueameba
Total Distance: Approximate 90km round trip
Total Time of Cycling: Approximate 03h 55m
Average Speed: 24.6 km/h
Maximum Speed: 55.1 km/h

6:58am (Starting point) - 0
7:30am 10km
7:59am 20km
8:30am (Sungei Lembing Town) 39km

10:33am (Sungei Lembing Town) 0
12:14pm (Starting point) 39km

Nearly end of the year of 2005, we planned to have a cycling trip on 1st Jan 2006 in our hometown, Kuantan. I simply named it as ‘风雨无阻New Year Ride’ (New Year Ride no matter rain or shine) because it is monsoon in Kuantan now, and we expected to cycle in the rain. In Sept 2005, we already rode to the east along the coast in the Interstate 2005, Sg. Lembing then chosen to be our New Year Ride’s destination.

Sungei Lembing is a small village which is about 35-40km from Kuantan town. Majority of the population are Chinese veteran or senior citizen. The youngsters leave their home to Kuantan for better career opportunity. Sg. Lembing was once the famous tin ore mine in 1880s. Now it is well known by the charcoal baked coconut biscuit and the Lembing noodle.

We were so lucky that it was not raining on the 1st day of 2006. The sky was surprisingly clear and the weather was just nice in the morning (sun shine is my favorite but Hin Wai kept complaining that he almost turning into charcoal… hahah)

Hin Wai came to the meeting point on time but I was late. We start our journey at about 6:58am. We passed the Kuantan town which is normally has heavier traffic for about 3km, then entered to the main road to Sg. Lembing, there were 36km to go.

The road was hilly along the way but not as worse as the 1st day of Interstate :P Both of us managed to cycle at about average speed of 32km/h at the beginning. I thought I would dead on a slope, but then I passed through without difficulty, may be my stamina and cycling skill are getting better :)

We reached at the Sg. Lembing town in about 1h 35m, had the local made noodle (Lembing Mee) and yong-tau-fu for our breakfast. Then cycled around the village and crossing the river by cycling on the hanging bridge. As long as Hin Wai bringing his camera and I’m there, he will be the best photographer and I will be the best model :P

The village does have a nice view, the wide river is separating the village and the busy town, it is surrounded by forest, one of the most famous sun rise view point, Bukit Panorama is just located at behind of the busy market. There is a climber’s favorite, Mount Tapis which is about 35km away from Sg. Lembing town.

We farewell to Sg. Lembing at 10.33am. We crossed another hanging bridge again in order to return to the main road. Sun was right up in the sky and shining bright, Hin Wai was showing this, :( and I was showing this, :D at our face, hahhaha…

Riding under the hot sun, don’t play paly, we would be easily get dehydrated, so must refilled our body by consuming water frequently. I was really boh-lat liao at the return trip, few slopes were really almost killing me!

We back to Kuantan town at about 12:14pm, had some rest and drinks at a coffee shop, that’s the end of the New Year Ride 2006.

It rained at noon 2pm, and whole morning the next day, so, we were just lucky.




我就凭着执著与坚持,特地老远从新加坡赶回来参加报名了的Great Eastern & Pacesetters 30km竞跑。



如今,决定已作,交通也已经安排妥当,1月22日,你还是会在Great Eastern & Pacesetters 30km Run 看见我。

I will have to based in Singapore for 2 weeks right after Haji (10th Jan) until 24th Jan (Tues). Unfortunately the Great Eastern & Pacesetters 30km run is fall on 22nd Jan (Sun). I was struggling whether to give up this run? Eventually I have made a decision to pay extra for the transportation and come back to for the run, then back to Singapore on Sunday evening, lastly return to Malaysia again on 24th Jan (Tues).

Determination is the key point to make this happened!
You will see me in the 30km run!

p.s: Not to show off, just to share with you the spirit of not giving up.