星期三, 12月 28, 2005

Attack in TTDI Park

When I was doing my 10th loop at TTDI Park beside the lake, it was already about 8.20pm. The park was so dark even there were few road lights along the track. When I almost reaching to my finishing point, suddenly ‘something’ in black was approaching me and it really caught me by surprise!

I was ‘attacked’ by a bird. It hit me and kissed at my left cheek, then flew away…
Hahahaha… so pai seh :P

I have no idea why the bird has to do that? It did not seem like attacking me, cause I don’t feel pain and I did not get hurt. It has been trying to get my attention during the previous few loops by getting itself into the lake.

I think there are only 2 possibilities, either the bird is ‘fat-kai-mang’ (bird blind) or I’m too beautiful :P (no vomit please!)

3 Lazy Scorpions in Fraser’s Hill

Another 2 scorpions and I actually stole a little moment for relaxation in Fraser’s Hill while people were training hard during the Christmas holiday.

I miss the cool water, fresh air, blue sky, green view, and the breeze of freedom since I have not been traveling/backpacking for couple of months, and I strongly feel that my body and my mind need a break! My last climbing trip was a month ago to Mount Datuk, but I really miss the feeling of into the wild.

Rho Wen aka the Scorpion #1; Chee Chung aka the Scorpion #2 and me aka the Scorpion #3 heading towards Fraser’s Hill on Christmas day at about 10am. Luckily we managed to catch the up going time gap in odd hours at 1pm, else we will have to wait until 3pm.

Guess who we met in Fraser? Joey the babyKangaroo. We suppose to meet last week or next week for canoeing course, but due to certain issue, we have to postpone the course until further notice, and the instructor, who is her brother also will be returning to Singapore.

3 of us went out for a jog at about 5.30 pm, we planed to run to the Jelai Waterfall which located at 5km from our resort. We were impressed by the Christmas decoration at The Smokehouse on the way to our destination. It is an English-style resort with real Christmas trees at in front of the house, and there were chimney inside the house too. Our buttocks like sticking on their soft sofa and not willing to leave this sweet place. In fact it is a very warm place to hang around with your loved one.

How nice if it was snowing instead of raining now!

After running (easy jog only la.. hahah) all the way down hill for about 2km, the rain was getting heavier, and we decided to turn back because it was too late. Then we ran all the way up hill under the rain, phew… exhausted. We were wet, and trembling sheltered under a hut.

We made a joke to ourselves and insulted each other, saying that others who are same age with us might be spending quality time with their family and kids, whereas three of us still playing around under the rain like kids…

hahah… but this is not funny at all, we just accept the fate and get use to it.

At night, we curi-curi masak steamboat in the room :P It was so warm…

We have agreed to wake up at 7am tomorrow, then go to the Pine Hill Trail for a walk, but the next day, everybody woke up at 9am :P

The Pine Hill Trail suppose connected by the Mager Trail which is only few minutes far from our resort, unfortunately we saw the road sign, but the trail was missing. So we just drive to the entrance of the Pine Hill Trail, then have an about 1hr walk since nothing special along the trail. It supposes to take 3-4 hours for a return hike to the summit.

Into the car, we followed the way we ran yesterday in order to reach the Jelai Waterfall. What a mini and Teh Tarik Waterfall, but we still have had some fun soaking our legs in the cold water and felt the force of the waterfall.

There is a golf course at the hill further up from the waterfall, we stealth into their field and laid down on the green green grass, toke a deep breath, release all the stress.

This is how we revitalized and recharged ourselves in Fraser’s Hill, then pia, pia, pia again after returning.

The force of the waterfall, if not like teh-tarik, i'll just dive myself into the cold water!

This is called freedom... :)

Warm steamboat.

星期五, 12月 23, 2005

I have not been running for 1 week

This sad to tell you that I have not been running for one week :(
The most recent run was last Sunday, did a about 15km LSD run with Phyllis. I was like a working zombie after that, working day and nite with coffee as my companion. Sometimes i took a nap for about 3-4 hours in the midnight, then wake up at 4 or 5am to continue working. Prepare for work at 7am, working until 6pm. At night, then continue working until midnight and repeat the routine.

This is not a life.

Everytime when i was driving on the way to office, I just can't stop thinking of running. I have strong desire to put on my running shoes, but felt helpless cause I realised there was an more imprtant task awaiting for me to complete.

From that point onwards, I made up my mind, this isn't the life that I wish. After this round, I'm going to adjust my life to a better lifestyle and STRICTLY say NO again to this kind of lifestyle . I have lost the efficiency of my work and lost my personal time due to exhaustion of my brain and body! The only excersice that I managed to do is a little bit of Yoga stretching at early in the morning.

Right now, it is the cut off time to farewell to that lifestyle, I'll be putting on my running shoes and back to the road again!

I made a wish to Santa, to get some personal time and relaxation in Christmas.

Wish all of you have a Merry Christmas :)

星期四, 12月 22, 2005

Flaming Lamborghini

Ladies night with free flow of tequila and vodka. I only took a cup of vodka lime + few sucks of Flaming Lamborghini...

ended up become like this...

Dear my beloved x-colleagues (especially Karen), wa-ka-lu-kong, I'll not do that again!!!!
(Confession: As a runner and sport woman, we can't do this!!!! Hope this will be the last attempt...)


What a nice moment to catch up with all x-colleagues where we have been together for strong team spirit before :)

星期日, 12月 18, 2005

The Best Martial Artist

I'm a martial artist, but I'm not the BEST, because I know the award winner going to...

King Kong!

He can fight in Judo, Aikido, Karate-do, Kick boxing and 'lan-chai-kao' like Jacky Chan and Ong Bak in the movie. phew... very geng! Somemore I thought he going to be like Rambo at the end of the movie liao :P

星期五, 12月 16, 2005

Woman in Running

As usual, I was doing my 10km run alone around the UM campus on Wed nite. Due to the uncertainty work schedule, it’s not easy to compromise my running schedule with others in weekday.

It was about 9pm, a lot of vehicles passing by me and I believe some of them were public from outside like me.

Well, I’m wondering what’s wrong with a lady running alone. Most of the time I was mentally harassed by the horns/whistles/funny words coming from guys in their cars/motorbikes when they see a lady is running. They were showing their childish attitude and poor moral in their personality. Did our education system teach them to have fun by doing so?

I felt very sad and disappointed to this scenario… *sob*sob*

First of all, we (female) are not being respected.
Secondly, they never respect or appreciate the sports.

We can’t expect everyone in the country to have pleasant personality, yet I still feel it is unfair to women. Why most of the times women are the victims?

This leads me to another question, women, why are we always being the victims? Being a victim is not supposed to be our destiny, we have to be strong and brave, do not be afraid of standing up to defend ourselves if the people trying to challenge our limit.

I feel glad that every time I can have a safe run in UM campus at nite especially after passing the hilly road at the back of the campus.

Some of you might want to comment that I should run in appropriate time and venue. Yes, I agree, but I also want to comment that, to those people, please behave yourselves!

星期三, 12月 14, 2005

Reward for S'pore Full Marathon from my Sifu

A scoop of Baskin Robbins, just nothing.
But it is a finishing compliment for my S'pore Full Marathon from my sifu,
the scoop of Baskin Robbins is meaningful.

(In work, he is my sifu, The Magic Loon, my boss in the previous company. Thank you so much!)

星期日, 12月 11, 2005

You Will Not Manage to Make It!

The KLIM 1st circuit run this morning, poor response instead.

There were only 3 candidates in Women Open Full Marathon category, me, Phyllis and a professional runner. Registration fee will be sponsored by AmBank for the first 3 places in each category. Basically there was no competition at all among three of us and we all knew the result even without racing.

Yes, I got the LAST! (hahahah…) and 3 of us will be sponsored by AmBank in KLIM Marathon 2006 :P

I only managed to finish 4 laps in 53 minutes. When I came to the marking point in 53 minutes, the officer told me that I have only 7 minutes left, and then next he said,

‘You can stop now, because you will not manage to make it for another lap in 7 minutes…’

I was like
Well, I was a bit upset because of the word ‘you will not manage to make it!’ Although I know I won’t be able to finish 5 laps in 1 hour, but you just can’t stop me from running or completing my 5th lap! :(

Fine then, you motivated in different way. I felt stressed in running this morning caused all are elite runners. This inspired me to train harder if I want a better performance in KLIM 2006 3 months later.

This is the first time I met with few of the web bloggers in the pacemakers network for example PM1, Runwitme and Dinesh, and the most fantastic, Martin who can recognized me ran in Shah Alam Lake!

NEXT Circuit run - 07th January 2006, Saturday (Full-2hr, Half-1hr 30min)

星期五, 12月 09, 2005

Evil spirit

I feel so guilty because I have not been putting my running shoes on my feet for past few days.

I set my alarms (handphone alarm and alarm clock) at 06:00 am since Wed, they alerted and woke me up every morning, but due to tiredness, I have missed the golden time for running by continue sleeping after off my alarms.

Regret is the only feeling after waking up and I kept shouting to myself, “Where is my self discipline?”

I was in Singapore past Wed, planned to wake up at 6 to have a final run in Singapore along the river side. My body just refused to do that, I ended up woke up at 7 and swam in the transparent pool for only 30 minutes. I can’t have running on the bus on my way back to KL in the evening.

Thursday morning 6 am, I was on my bed in Shah Alam apartment, my both alarms rang again, it was so natural to wake up to off my alarms, I was pretty tired then continue laying on the bed. By the time I woke up, it was already 8 am, time to work, it fact I was late!

Thursdays evening is not my running time, I have to attend Yoga class every Thursday night. After the Yoga session, whole body’s muscles were fully stretched. All were into relaxing situation and prepared to build up a stronger muscle in next day. Mind was sleepy; body was tired after the yoga session. I gained an excellent sleeping quality at night then.

I suddenly feel like putting on my running shoes last night at 11 am after reaching my apartment, but I did not do that.

This morning, I missed the time AGAIN!

I will say this is “Evil Spirit” instead of “Listen to Your Body”. Training is even harder than racing. If one lacks of self discipline in the training, basically the person is OUT.

I got to analyze my body again, either to restructure my biological clock or to change my training schedule.

Good luck to all of you, may the force be with you.

星期二, 12月 06, 2005

Marathon Photos

Singapore Marathon 05

Singapore Marathon 2005

It’s was tough and suffering to finish the 42.195km.
Yet, it was so satisfying when I crossed the finishing line.
At the beginning, I wonder why I was here in Singapore Marathon
At the end, I proud of myself that I finished the Marathon.

Anyway there were few disappointments which can’t be avoided and predicted…
This was my 1st Marathon, but I was not running under my name;
I was having bad diarrhea all the way in the 42.195km, went into the toilet for 6 times;
I was suffering by blister since 10km.

I’m still fine with the replacement, in fact it was an opportunity for me instead of disappointment. I just started running in September, it was impossible for me to take part in 42.195km Marathon in such a short time of training. After a few LSD training with Pacesetters and encouragement from Wan Lin, Chong Wah, Boon Keat, Rho Wen, Phyllis and Mr. Tey, I decided to take the challenge and opportunity to take over the bib from Seok Jiun.

The day before the race and the time I reached to 20+km, I was wondering why am I here for the marathon?

I started looking for toilet from 11km onwards. The journey from 20km to 30km was really tough and suffering, my mind started to be weak, stomachache made me can’t think much, just kept running and kept looking for toilet. After taking the first power gel at 24km, I gained much more energies to push me forward.

I took another power gel at about 32km, did some stretching to release tension on my legs muscle so that I can push more for the rest of 10km. I had been left at very behind, sigh…

It was not fun at all to count down from 30km, 12km still a long way to go. I was so tired at 35km, yet, there were 7km more to go… When I reached to 36km, the cheers from a cheer team were so motivating, spirit increased again.

Suddenly I felt like crying…
It caused by neither suffering nor tough, but because I knew I’m going to make it.
It was only 6km apart from the finishing line.

I had been running for 5 hours and more, and the time elapsed minute by minute. The will of crossing the finishing line was getting stronger and stronger. I kept pushing myself at the last 4km.

I just can’t wait to cross the finishing line to get my first Marathon medal and the finisher t-shirt. Surprisingly I still had energy and strength to speed at the last 50m, overtook at least 5 men before the finishing line and I heard a very loud cheers :)

When I stepped on the red carpet, the time showed 05:41…
I ignored the time, crying was my first feeling after crossing the finishing line, because…

What’s wrong with the lousy timing? The most important is I made changes to my life, may be, I also inspire someone?

This was the ONLY picture that we managed to take before the race.
Top left: Wan Lin, Chui Miew (me), Rho Wen
Bottom left: Chong Wah, Boon Keat

Here’s my split time every 10km and 12km at the last (thanks to Mr. Tey for borrowing the split time watch to me)

1:09:19, 1:14:47, 1:32:43, 1:26:01
Total time: 5:41:02

Official result:
Chip time/Gun Time: 5h:40m:40s / 5h:41m:54s
2739th / 4808 in entire Full Marathon category
304th / 589 in Women Open Full Marathon
24th / 52 in MAS Women Open Full Marathon
Average km 8m 4s

星期五, 12月 02, 2005

1st Full Marathon in my life

I have yet finish my work but my mind has been flying away to S'pore Marathon and start counting down the time to Race Day!

Yeah, feel so worried and excited, the 1st Full Marathon in my life.

...42.195km :: 4 Dec 2005 :: Singapore...
...Don't think, just run....

You must cross the finishing line with a smile!